10 Common Email Subscription Form Mistakes You Do Everyday (And How to Fix Them)!

Posted by Akshy Anbu on 15 July, 2019 in email marketing   |  10 min read

How many seconds do you think your visitors would be looking into your email subscription form?



or 6 maybe?

These couple of seconds are profoundly climacteric (translated - extremely crucial)!

Your email subscription form either gets filled or just gets ignored like most of the other forms out there!

All those pain and efforts taken to write a blog post, create an email subscription form, configure it and you get nothing but an empty subscribers list and high bounce rates.

Embarrassing right?

Even though you’ve double-checked all the common mistakes (that you feel are mistakes), you still don’t get to see any spike in your email subscribers count.

It’s because your email subscription forms are failing to make the expected theatrical appearance.

Put in other words, you are making the most common mistakes that simply stops your visitors from giving up their email id.

Which is why, in this blog post, you’ll be getting to know the 10 most common email subscription form mistakes you (and others) are making and how you should be overcoming them.

10 Common Email Subscription Form Mistakes

1. You Fail to Look at the Timings

No one wants to be disturbed when they are in the middle of something. The same applies to your website’s visitors (and of course, you would be preferring the same).

Imagine your email subscription form pops up just when your audience are getting more indulged into your content. Or what if we do the same this moment asking you to sign up (even though you aren’t halfway through the content).

It would be annoying right?

That’s how it’ll be for your visitors too.

So make sure that your email subscription form gets displayed at the right time.

What is the Right Time?

It actually differs. The right time is a lot interrelated with logic.

Here, in this blog post, it would be ideal if we keep a subscription form when you reach the end of this page (if at all we were about to keep one).

Whereas in other cases like a visitor who is coming to your homepage, a discount popup that appears immediately would do.

Like said before, the right time is something that is closely related to logic. It’s you who has to do the planning to keep an email subscription form for your visitors (at the right time).

2. You Include Too Many Subscription Forms

When we mean too many, it’s actually too many.

You might be obsessed with the fact that you want to build your email list and you eventually end up creating a lot of email subscription forms.

You might think that a lot of subscription forms are going to increase your email subscribers list.

But the truth is, it actually will not!

When you tend to keep a lot of subscription forms, you are disrupting the user experience to a great extent.

Visitors eventually lose interest over whatever content you’ve put up even though it’s of good quality.

And if you wonder how to fix this, the answer is quite simple!

Limit the number of email subscription forms on your webpage. You don’t have to be displaying them all over.

One email subscription form (at the right time) that’s perfect and optimized to drive conversions is more than enough to grow your email list.

3. You Fail to Offer Value to Your Visitors:

Nowadays, It’s not enough if you put up an email subscription form that’s flashy. You’ve got to be doing something more.

In order for visitors to give up their email address to you, you have to be giving them back something, something that’s useful and valuable to them.

On failing to do so, your popups will seem less attractive and will be ignored.

So, make sure you offer your visitors something useful. Giving away free pdf’s, discount coupons, checklists, cheatsheets, ready-made templates could be useful.

And again, a lot of websites have already been doing this, To be a step ahead of them, offer something very relevant to your users.

If your visitor is reading something related to weight loss, offer him/her a pdf that has tips & tricks related to losing weight.

The more value you offer to your visitors, the more they tend to sign up for your email subscription forms. Kaboom!

4. You Ask Too Much Information

Email Id? Okay maybe.

Telephone number and Contact Address? No, Never!

Your visitors feel annoyed if you ask too much of information from them.

In fact, you should be thankful that people are taking the trouble to leave his/her email address just for you (and also because they find what you offer useful to them).

So, don’t try to barge in the very first time and ask too much.

Pro Tip: An email subscription form with two fields is considered as the optimal number among most of the marketers.

Here’s a popup that has deviated from its actual task and goes on asking for more details.

popup that has deviated from its actual task

Image Source: PinPointe

The goal of your email subscription form is to capture emails and let it remain just like that. For a while at least!

5. You Use Bad Colors

Colors can influence people to a great extent. In fact, the reason why we have chosen blue for our website is because, blue gives a calm user experience and promotes the trust factor.

When you make proper and efficient use of colors in your email subscription form, it becomes a great email capturing machine.

Here’s an email subscription form example that has got mixed up colors with it and makes it hard for visitors to read.

You Use Bad Colors

Image Source: Sumo

Make sure your subscription form’s color highlight the content within and perfectly blends to your website’s background (and is also visually appealing to the user).

6. You Draft a Weak Headline

It should be accepted and appreciated.

There are a lot of email subscription forms that have managed to get everything right. But they fail on one thing that’s super important - A Dashing Headline!

Now a dashing headline doesn’t mean that it should be having all sorts of fancy words. It should help the visitor understand what it is about clearly.

Look at the title of this blog. This is one of the very first thing you would be reading when you enter this webpage. You are continuing to read this only because the title has served its purpose.

Here are a few examples of headlines that are clear and concise,

  • xx Best Fitness Workout for Weight Loss
  • xx Best Tricks to Boost Your Website Traffic
  • Free Guide: On Page & Off Page SEO Optimization
  • xx Free Meal Plans to Muscle Building
  • Learn How to Skyrocket Your Email List in a Week
  • xx Surprising Ways to Prepare a Salad

And that’s how the headline of your email subscription form should be!

7. You Make the Closing Process Hard

You make it hard for your visitor to close your subscription form so that he/she will have no other choice but to opt-in.

How thoughtful?

But, have you ever thought about the close button that’s on the browser’s tab. Yes, that’s what happens when you make things difficult for your user.

You should not start pushing your visitors to do things. If he/she wants to close the opt-in form, let them.

Your prime focus should be on producing quality content and email subscription forms with no flaws. The rest will just happen eventually, all by itself.

8. You Keep Too Much Text

We’ve already discussed this before in our previous blog, 10 insane popup hacks.

You think that you want to be more clear to your visitors and you end up having huge paragraphs of text.

This, on the other hand, makes it hard for your subscription form to draw attention.

Remember that you should always keep it short, precise and to the point. Because your visitors have a less attention span and you’ve got to make things work within that!

9. You Fail to Use Images

Why are images important? It’s because

  • Research says that visitors tend to spend a few more seconds on a subscription form if there are some visual components in it.
  • On a survey, it was found out that email subscription forms that had an image in it had more conversion rates than those subscription forms that did not have them.
  • Adding images within email subscription forms grabs the visitor’s attention which helps increase conversion rates.

Whilst there are a lot of reasons that could be listed out, here’s one email subscription form that has harnessed the power of images.

You Fail to Use Images

Image Source: Dribbble

Captivating and creative ain’t it (do not mind the spelling mistake)?

This subscription form doesn’t have a lot of images within it. Just a couple of images that sure would grab the attention of the visitors. And so should you be doing the same!

Make use of relevant images that could make your email subscription form more attractive.

10. You Fail to Test and Notice What’s Happening

Let’s be honest here, How many of you really do test, optimize and have a track of how your email subscription forms are performing?

Not many right?

Email subscription forms are not a create and forget thing.

You have to be making changes to your opt-in form, look into the performance metrics and go with what’s best. Make use of analytics tools like Google Tag Manager, A/B Testing and other third-party tools to calculate metrics.

Set goals to see whether your subscription forms are achieving the same. It could be the number of conversions or click-through rates or anything for that matter of fact.

If not, analyse what and where have things gone wrong. Even a tiny change in the color of your subscription form could result in a huge difference in metrics.

Example: HubSpot during the year 2011 discovered that a red button was able to convert more readers than a green button. And the conversion rate was an incredible 21%.

You now see how important it’s to fine-tune your email opt-in forms every now and then. Don’t you?

To Conclude,

When you create an email subscription form, everything matters right from the display time to the performance metrics. And what’s more important is, you should be able to find the right balance between every single attribute that is required to craft a perfect email subscription form.

Even if there’s too much contrast or cluttered images, chances are high that you’d be losing potential opt-ins.

Now that you’ve come to know the most common mistakes you do (or maybe you don’t), it’s time that you take a look and fix them right away. And maybe, you could use some extra knowledge as to how email subscription forms can help reduce your website’s bounce rate and more.,

Now, go and do some much-needed optimization work!

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