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21 Best WooCommerce Popup Apps to Boost Sales in 2022

Posted by Ramadevi Chelliah on  August 17, 2022  in Business, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Marketing

Are you the one looking for the best WooCommerce plugins to increase your sales in 2022?

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Creating, managing – online stores simple – flexibility – vital features – secure payments and shipping integration.

WooCommerce has hundreds of extensions and over 1,000 plugins. But by itself, WooCommerce doesn’t come with many of the features that are required to run a successful online store.

WooCommerce has attracted significant visitors because the base product, in addition to many extensions and plugins, is free and open-source

Currently,WooCommerce powers 99% of all WordPress stores. 

Since WooCommerce has a low degree of difficulty,it is easy to use for beginner site owners.

Before getting into the best WooCommerce plugins, Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a WooCommerce plugin (whether it’s free or paid).

You should be looking for a few qualities, including:

  • Security
  • Documentation
  • Support
  • Performance

In this blog, we will be sharing you the best WooCommerce plugins that have been loved and used by many e-commerce owners which will also make more money on your WooCommerce site from the traffic you already have.

Benefits and need of Woo-Commerce 

  • WooCommerce provides a complete e-commerce solution – fast, easy access,adaptable, compatible to the needs of your ecommerce business.
  • Is WooCommerce free?

             Yes,it is. WooCommerce – open source -limitless customisation -great SEO – ecommerce sites.

  • WooCommerce offers many helpful features like 
  1. order tracking
  2. customer engagement
  3. delivery status updates
  4. inventory management, and more. 

 Why should you need woocommerce?

  • The first reason to choose WooCommerce is that it 

is free and modular to use.

  • WooCommerce and WordPress are one at the same 

as WooCommerce inherits all of the strength and reliability of WordPress  to build a world-class ecommerce experience for retailers and their customers.

  • Does WooCommerce really sell anything?

The reality is that you can make any website to sell products — and that means just about everything. 

 To Sell something – Use WooCommerce dropshipping – creating digital products -one and only flexible way – WooCommerce.

  • As  it has widespread use, a large network of developers,achieving optimal WooCommerce security becomes much easier.
  • WooCommerce provides an extensive set of WooCommerce analytics displayed in a clear and intuitive interface.

Also provides external analytics services like Google Analytics ecommerce with extensions.

For instance,you can learn how to create a customer profile to sell your product.

  • Woocommerce supports stores ranging from small to immense.  

Small products – thousands , from a handful of shoppers -hundreds of shoppers per second. 

As your WooCommerce website starts growing, the functionality of your store also gets leveled up.

  • Over 100 payment gateways  can be easily integrated with your store with the help of WooCommerce.
  • Multiple WooCommerce shipping methods, 

configurable shipping zones and shipping classes are available.

  • An instinctive backend for stock management, order management, email

management, and everything else you need to manage for your ecommerce store is provided here.

  • Choice to use thousands of configurable, mobile-friendly free and premium

WooCommerce themes that can help you build a custom theme which will make your store unique from the rest.

  • World-class documentation that provides guidance for new ecommerce retailers,optimizing contents for content search.

Table of Contents

  • Optinly
  • Gozen Growth
  • Gozen Forms
  • Push Engage
  • All in one SEO
  • LiveChat
  • TheWP forms
  • Woocommerce Waitlist
  • Booster
  • Beeketing
  • MonsterInsights
  • WP Mail SMTP
  • Store Customiser
  • Woocommerce Bookings
  • Woocommerce checkout Manager
  • The product import export
  • YITH Woocommerce wishlist
  • YITH Woocommerce Ajax product
  • Woocommerce smart coupons
  • The Woocommerce Shipping service
  • Mailchimp for WooCommerce


Optinly is a goal based WooCommerce popup plugin that helps in meeting all your business requirements from audience building, increasing sales,Optinly performs all roles.

  •  This plugin has highly optimised and customizable templates to reach your targets.
  • This plugin requires no coding.
  • This plugin helps in increasing lead generation, discounts, customer retention, creating feedback, polls, collecting surveys etc.

Key features:

  • 10+ marketing goals, 75+ pre-built templates are available.
  • 6 different types of popup forms available with gamification popups.
  • Easy to use popup plugin.
  • No development skills required.
  • Pre-existing shortcodes- display customer names.
  • Targeting options to display popups to visitors at the right time.
  • Seamless integration with 10+ email marketing service providers like MailChimp, constant contact etc.
  • The pricing plans of Optinly plugin are suitable for all kinds of businesses.
  • Also, a forever free plan is available for businesses who want to initiate their growth on a small scale.

2.Gozen Growth 

GoZen Growth is an outcome-driven email marketing plugin that makes email marketing simple thereby making better growth of audience and sales in business. 

  • This plugin automatically increases your revenue by outreaching to the majority of the audience through the email marketing software.
  • This plugin increases customer value, increases sales through customized and personalized email marketing software for all industries.
  • This plugin improves email marketing with a low cost option that is affordable to everyone.

Key features :

  •  400+ email template collection with both plain text and HTML templates – enable organizations to create industry.
  • Drag and drop email editor is available  to customize email templates – suit your campaigns.
  • Integrated with popular ESPs so importing of contacts becomes easy.
  • Comprehensive dashboard with key performance indicators.
  • Monitoring and managing all market campaigns at one place.
  • Multi-user access is allowed.
  • Collaboration is easy with GoZen Growth.
  • Mobile friendly Email templates,email scheduling and email campaign reports.
  • Unlimited contacts and 5000 emails/month on free plan and 15000 emails/month on payment of $99.00.
  • Seamless integration with top email marketing service providers like MailChimp, Square space and more.

3. GoZen Forms

GoZen Forms simplifies data collection by creating best forms from the templates available.

  • This plugin helps to create forms by selecting templates.
  • This plugin creates, modify questions and share them on site, thereby analysing responses in no time.
  • This plugin requires no coding.

Key features :

  • 175+ pre-designed templates are available that covers every sector and can be used for any industry.
  • Customizing and sharing forms are very easy.
  • No-code form builder lets you create dynamic and interactive forms.
  • Speeds up form filling process and responses actively to the right answers given by the visitors.
  • Integration is simple which helps to connect with your favourite apps.
  • Embeding options are available through which forms can be added to your site and can also be shared through emails.
  • Analyses response in single click.
  • Seamless integration with 10+ service providers like Google Sheets,MailChimp, etc.
  • Engages with customers and increases conversion rate.
  • GoZen Forms can be signed up for free if you haven’t used yet.

4.Push Engage

Push notification software is an extraordinary tool to gain visitors coming to your site.

Key features:

  • This push engage software gives your customers notification when you post anything on your site,even when they are out of it.
  • Easy to setup and doesn’t ask users their personal information.
  • You have direct access through this plugin that enables you to share company updates,new content releases,info about events, flash sales, coupons, and special offers etc.
  • This is used to send WooCommerce notifications like when a customer picks your product,but doesn’t buy then you can send an abandoned cart alert which will increase your conversion rate.

Free version of push engage is available with the limit of 2500 subscribers.

5.All in One SEO

All in one SEO plugin is the best plugin to increase traffic to your site and also to improve your SEO rankings.

Key features:

  • This plugin allows you to create better content -improves user experience (UX)- drives more sales(traffic).
  • This plugin helps you to set up wizards,sitemaps, on-page analysis etc.
  • Helps in optimising your product pages,so that you can connect to your customer faster.
  • Because of the optimization of the product page on your site, and getting more traffic your SEO rating will also get higher.


Is there a chat software to connect to customers? Is it possible?

Yes it is, LiveChat is the best chat software that gives instant replies to the queries of customers,while they surf your store.

Key features:

  • This plugin converts your visitors to customers by finishing their sales before they abandon their carts.
  • This plugin works with the best email marketing services, Facebook Messenger, Google analytics,CRM software etc.
  • This plugin has different templates and designs of chat widgets which helps to add a new chat box to your site.
  • This plugin helps in creating feedback forms and adding to your site,so that it helps you to know what your customers expect.

7.The WPForms

Whether it is a website or WooCommerce Store contact form plugin is important and necessary.

Contact page- essential- to everyone.

Why do you need a contact page?

Contact page is required to understand the needs of customers, replying to their queries, resolving the issues,making them happy,so that you could retain and gain more customers.

Key features:

  • This plugin helps you create contact forms,online surveys,order forms.
  • This plugin allows complete control over the way by which the data is getting collected.
  • This plugin helps to create simple and advanced WordPressforms with pre- built templates.
  • This plugin requires no coding skills and also to stay in touch with your shoppers, resolve issues etc.
  • This plugin offers best visualisation with real time results on your site.

8. WooCommerce Waitlist 

Anyone selling limited products can provide little excitement and enthusiasm on their sites by just trying out Woocommerce Waitlist.

Key features:

  • This plugin tracks the demand of stock for your products, immediately after the stock is over.
  • This plugin enables your customers to be aware of the products they need.
  • This plugin helps to create exclusivity around new product launches that keeps your customers engaged with your site.
  • Notifies customers through email when the product they waitlisted is ready for purchase.
  • Automatically enables/disables guest users.

9. Booster

Booster is a free and open source plugin that provides you a solution for an all in all one WooCommerce related queries.

Key features:

  • This plugin increases your sales by allowing cross selling and managing prices.
  • This plugin contains more than 100 modules that helps in invoicing ,tracking orders and adjusting currencies.
  • Booster offers a paid version too with many tools to customize your store and optimize your products.


Beeketing is a marketing automation platform for eCommerce websites. 

Beeketing is committed to provide unique solutions that helps to increase conversion rates and boost sales in your WooCommerce sites.

Key features:

  • This plugin is excelling especially in upselling and cross selling.
  • Prevents cart abandonment and creates product bundles.
  • For marketing automation,beeketing is a worthable plugin to use.

11.  MonsterInsights

Looking for a real time plugin?

MonsterInsights is the best real time analytics plugin available for WooCommerce that you can readily use in your store.

Key features:

  • This plugin keeps track of all critical data like conversion rate, transactions, revenue, average order value,and more.
  • This plugin helps in tracking customers visiting your site.
  • This plugin helps in tracking about the products your visitors have gone through.
  • Google analytics plugin helps you to unleash the pages visited by your customers,which helps you in taking decisions related to your products,that will ultimately increase your sales.

12.WP Mail SMTP 

WP Mail SMTP is the best WordPress SMTP plugin that allows you to easily send WordPress emails using a secure mail transfer protocol

It includes mainly order confirmations and invoices.

Key features:

  • This sends email to both WooCommerce store owners and also customers.
  • Proper SMTP configuration helps increase email deliverability by using authentication.
  • Automated tracking of every email sent from your WordPress site.
  • SMTP ensures that WooCommerce emails are delivered only to inbox and not to spam anymore.

13. StoreCustomizer 

Want to edit your WooCommerce store without writing any code like html?

Then, the StoreCustomiser plugin is the right tool to design labels,edit text and pages.

Key features:

  • This plugin helps in customising the theme you want,for your store related to your products and customers.
  • It can help you to customize tabs and create your own tabs across your store.
  • It helps in customising thank you pages which retains more customers.
  • Enables popup for all products to browse easily and quickly.

14. WooCommerce Bookings

Instead of making your appointments, bookings via calls,emails and text messages,you can look for WooCommerce Bookings.

This plugin is especially for bookings and appointments.

Example : If you are owning a restaurant, providing accommodations, reservations,or any health care facilities,then this plugin can attract you a large number of customers through bookings.

Key features:

  • WooCommerce Bookings are compatible. 

It has new Cart and Checkout blocks — a customizable, conversion-optimized checkout experience.

  • Saves your time and fills up your calendar by letting your site to do the work for you.
  • Set up booking confirmations, allowing you to review before making the booking official. Automatically sends reminder to show up a booking, and set whether bookings can be cancelled.
  • Bookings lets you customize pricing in any way you want.
  • To take care of your other works it creates buffer between bookings, to make sure the schedule works for you.

15. WooCommerce Checkout Manager

Looking how to add custom fields to a WooCommerce checkout page?

This plugin will help you in dealing with that!

Key features:

  • Add custom fields related to billing, Shipping / Additional field sections.
  • Allows to reorder, remove or change the field type of the WooCommerce core fields.
  • Provides field info to customers.
  • Checkout Manager for WooCommerce supports conditional checkout fields allowing you to show/hide the fields based on any value of its parent fields.
  •  Customised checkout experience enables you to know the info about your audience better and thereby providing them with the fields only they wanted.

16.The Product Import Export

This WooCommerce has a built-in  product Importer and Exporter. 

There is no need to enter data every single time about your products.

If you are handling an e-commerce store with a lot of products from multiple suppliers,then this plugin is for you!.

Key features:

  • The Product Import Export plugin makes edits and  updates easy for a larger number of data.
  • Existing store owners can update tens / hundreds of products with new info or place them on sale, or sync multiple stores at one go.
  • This tool supports most product types, including  variations.
  • This lets you keep your margins safe, even when your suppliers change their prices.
  • Imports products from CSV files.
  • Include reviews, SEO data, etc.
  • Export complete product details, including images.

17. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Want to wish your friend,family or loved one on their birthdays/any special occasion?! 

But, couldn’t figure out the way ?

Then this WooCommerce Wishlist is just for you!

With YITH WooCommerce Wishlist you can create and share wishlists quickly to your loved ones,so they are never left surprised.

This wishlist is similar to the “Favorites” list that you can see on larger e-commerce stores, like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Key features:

  • This wishlist helps to add on to the cart.
  • These Wishlists are shareable by email and social media.
  • Enables to create multiple wishlists (premium mode).
  • Customers – keep a list of things they want to buy from you- in the future.
  • And you can use the info regarding wishlists to reach out to shoppers when there are sales about their wishlist items.

18.YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Search Utility is an essential component of any website,

that you should never miss in your ecommerce store.

Key features:

  • This plugin lets your audience surf easily on what 

they are looking for, without wasting much time.

  • Customers can sort products by rate, price,popularity, and most recently, so they can make purchases easily, which will help you succeed with your online product  ecommerce store.
  • Much helpful to owners who have a lot of products to sell in different categories.

Also, offering wishlists, adding user accounts, letting your shoppers to change currencies can drive more audience to your site. 

Think about this, to include in your next new Store.

19.WooCommerce Smart Coupons 

Do you know that coupons are a great way to attract new customers and get loyal ones for your store?

Yes,It’s possible with one of the best WooCommerce  discount plugins in the world.

That’s the WooCommerce Smart Coupons.

WooCommerce Smart Coupons thinks right out of the box — which means you can start offering coupons with WooCommerce in just a few clicks.

Smart Coupons provide a powerful, “All in one” solution for gift certificates, store credits, discount coupons, and vouchers.

Key features:

  • These WooCommerce Smart Coupons can generate thousands of coupons at once, email them to customers, and add them to your WooCommerce online shop.
  • The plugin automatically issues coupons on product purchase, provides “Apply Coupon with One Click” technology and more.
  • Offers  discount on other products with the purchase of a specific product/ selling gift certificates.

20. The WooCommerce Shipping Service

WooCommerce shipping is the most efficient way to start printing domestic and International shipping labels.

Key features:

  • This shipping can fulfill orders from all over the world, as well as those closer to home. 
  • This shipping service can help you save your time and money.
  • This service does not indulge in copying and pasting order details.
  • Saves up to 90% on USPS shipping rates.
  • Saves up to 67% on DHL labels.
  • Flexible, user-friendly, and lets you manage your shipping smoothly so your shoppers have a fantastic checkout process.

If you are the one who is shipping your products to others ,then you can also set up shipping as a discounting strategy, like offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount using this plug-in which will attract and retain customers.

21. Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Are you the one who is using Mailchimp? 

Then, definitely you have to know about using Mailchimp for WooCommerce.

Linking Mailchimp to WooCommerce is one of the best ways to boost online sales and connect on a more personal level with your customers.

What can you do with this plugin?

  • Sync to your Audience in Mailchimp with purchase data.
  • Sync new subscribers to your Audience when they create an account and choose you.
  • Use this for sending targeted campaigns, regardless of the fact whether they buy from your online store or not.
  • Send post-purchase follow-up emails, recommend products, and  recover abandoned carts emails.
  • Embed a pop-up form that will change your visitors to subscribers.
  • Addition of discount promo codes, beautiful landing pages with this plugin can help you grow your audience.

Finally,Mailchimp for WooCommerce comes at free of cost.

What Else are you waiting for? Start using this plugin to reach more people.




At last, we are here!

Running an e-commerce site is not an easy task, but now you have a great list of the best WooCommerce plugins to make it easier and smarter to work for you. 

Use this opportunity now,and thank us later.

Anyways,Did we miss any of the best plugins?  Let us know your favourite one in the comments

Author Bio
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Ramadevi Chelliah
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