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5 Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins

Posted by S Sarath on  September 08, 2022  in eCommerce, Email Marketing

Content theft is inevitable to every site, but this doesn’t mean there is no way to prevent it. In fact, many plugins are all set to secure your valuable content. If you own a membership site, a content protection plugin is a must-have item for your business success. 

It would be a shame not to mention some benefits of using a security plugin. Obviously, you’re able to save the premium content from being plagiarized and retain its uniqueness. That’s also a feasible practice to improve your brand awareness through signature content. 

There are absolutely other merits to protecting your WordPress content. However, this article will only focus on introducing you to some WordPress content protection plugins. We’ve hand-picked five plugins which are considered the best. Are you ready to know?                     

#1 Protect WordPress Content

Protect WordPress Content (PPP) plugin provides a solution for keeping your content private by protecting its URLs. In other words, unauthorized users are not allowed to directly access your protected posts, pages, or custom post types through their original links. 

This way, only users with permission can view your private content, warding off the condition of content theft from unauthorized access. 

Compared to membership plugins that require account logins, PPP allows anyone with the generated private links to access private content directly. This simplifies the workflow of your membership sites and gives users more flexibility at the same time.

Let’s take a teacher of hundreds of students as an example. Instead of having to instruct each student to log in to his website by accounts, it’s more convenient for him to send his lessons through private access links. 

In order to prevent students from sharing private lessons with those outside of the class, he can set expiration dates or clicks for his lesson. Once expired, the private links are no longer accessible even to the students themselves. 

Key features

  • Protect multiple WordPress pages & posts
  • Support protect WooCommerce products
  • Grant access to certain roles
  • Prevent Google and other search engines from indexing your private content,
  • Prevent users from printing private posts,
  • Customize the “No Access” page
  • Create unlimited private links
  • Restrict access by IP addresses

Price: The plugin costs $169.90 per year.

#2 Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) 

Instead of restricting access by protected URLs, Password Protect WordPress (PPWP) plugin offers you another solution with passwords. PPWP allows users to password-protect multiple posts, content sections, and even an entire WordPress site. 

Integrated seamlessly with WooCommerce, the PPWP plugin also gives you a hand in securing your WooCommerce store and products effortlessly. 

You can set up a private WooCommerce store for each segment of customers. Each group of customers can only access the products you have set up beforehand. For example, the PPWP Pro plugin can prevent underage people from viewing and purchasing age-restricted products such as cigarettes and alcohol beverages.

Also, PPWP works well with time-limited ads promotion. The advertisements’ images or videos will be inaccessible when the promotion campaigns expire or the number of sales reaches the maximum quantity for products.

In short, PPWP Pro is the top solution when it comes to sitewide and WooCommerce product protection.

Key features

  • Password protect unlimited posts, pages, and custom post types, including WooCommerce products
  • Password protect multiple pages at once
  • Password protects all posts under a category
  • Restrict access by whitelist roles
  • Restrict password usage by time, clicks, or cookie
  • Bypass password-protected content with Quick Access Links
  • Customize the password form
  • Integrate with many page builders (Elementor, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, WPBakery)

Price: Free with the Lite version. To utilize more advanced functions, take the Pro version at $178.80 per year.  

#3 WP Content Copy Protection

As its name indicates, WP Content Copy Protection plugin provides you with an excellent content security level. From halting text selection to disabling image drag & drop, the most common content copy methods via mouse or keyboard are already blocked by this plugin. 

Key features

  • Disable right-click context menu on all content
  • Disable text selection and image drag/drop/save on PC and mobile devices
  • Disable keyboard copy controls (CTRL A, C, X) and key functions (Source View, Save, and Print)
  • Protect uploads directory and sub-directories from public access

Price: Free version is available with essential functions. The yearly cost for a single site is $29. 

#4 Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking

The next plugin appearing in our list is Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking. Frankly, this plugin is kindly similar to WP Content Copy Protection as it also eliminates copy-paste or right-clicks on all post types to safeguard the website content from plagiarism at ease. However, an amazing feature making it different from others is a copyright warning message whenever there’s a copy attempt. You can easily show this warning message by its default function. 

Key features

  • Disable keyboard copy controls (CTRL, C, X) and right-clicks
  • Disable image drag & drop
  • Disable developer tools
  • Block content access by IP or country
  • Restrict access to user roles

Price: The plugin consists of three packages. While the Personal package is totally free with fundamental security functions, the Business and Developer ones cost $29 and $89, respectively.

#5 Watermark WordPress Files (WWF)

Another way to prevent content theft is watermarking. Digital watermarking enables owners to superimpose logos, names or phone numbers on their document and image files. Watermark WordPress Files (WWF) plugin is created for this purpose.

Thanks to WWF, you can watermark and embed files directly into content without worrying about piracy or illicit copying. 

In the ecommerce world, product image theft poses one of the most serious problems for online shop owners. WWF can ease their minds by preventing their competitors from downloading and reusing original images without permission.

Another prominent feature of WWF is dynamic watermarking with an extra layer of protection for your content by displaying details of viewers. In particular, users’ information, e.g name, ID or email will be automatically shown on PDF files when they attempt to share these documents outside. 

By including watermarks with school name or student ID in the content, hardly anyone wants to share these confidential files without credits. In addition, WWF makes copying and downloading the others’ work become much more difficult for students. As a result, schools can ensure the highest transparency in learning and teaching.  

In short, WWF provides a comprehensive way for those who are seeking a solution to protect their content online.

Key features

  • Watermark PDF documents and other file types, including PNG and JPEG
  • Auto watermark new files uploaded via Ninja Forms
  • Protect content with dynamic watermarking
  • Style watermarks’ position, color, opacity, and font size
  • Embed PDF files into WordPress content without hassle
  • Export WordPress content into PDF
  • Disable right-click and prevent image theft

Price: The plugin costs $149.90 for an annual subscription

Choose The Right WordPress Content Protection Plugins

We call these five plugins the best because they are packed with powerful features to block online thieves from stealing your precious content. While WP Content Copy Protection and Secure Copy Content Protection plugins appear the same with similar functions, the rest are more likely to level up your content copy protection. 

Among them, the PPP and PPWP plugins are more impressive since they protect content against direct access by private URLs and passwords, not only by right-clicks or keyboard shortcuts disabled. 

The WWF plugin is also highly recommended to give credits to your content if you’re working mainly on PDF files. 

Content theft has become a worrying trend in the modern online world. However, when taking prompt actions, you can hinder this problem from deteriorating further. Use these WordPress content protection plugins to secure your work now, or you will only regret it later. 

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S Sarath
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