How to reduce bounce rate on your WordPress Website using Popups (examples included)

Posted by Akshy Anbu on 22 June, 2019 in wordpress   |  7 min read

Baffled right? We too were at the beginning.

How could WordPress popups help decrease your website’s bounce rate?

Afterall, popups are nothing but flashy decorative triggered windows that sabotages the user experience factor.

Yes, maybe right. But, if planned well and placed properly, popups could be way more than that and decreasing your website’s bounce rate is one of that!

But before that, what is website bounce rate?

(Note: We’ve always wanted our readers to understand things better and we do not mind about the risks involved in doing that!)

It’s only been a couple of seconds since you started reading this blog and for some unknown reasons if you leave this webpage, that’s a bounce and it would affect our overall bounce rate. The bounce rate of a website is calculated by the total number of one-page visits divided by the total number of entries to a website.

Let’s debunk a myth….

Popups and bounce rates have a very long history together. Website Popups have always been considered as a prime factor for bounce rate. Visitors who visit a website get annoyed by the popups and tend to leave the page. This is how it’s being perceived to date.


  • A survey states that a website that does not have a popup also has a similar bounce rate to a website that has a popup.
  • Few websites even stated that popups were able to significantly decrease their website’s bounce rate and,
  • Websites that used popups were able to see a considerable increase in conversion rates and click-through rates.

That makes it clear enough. Clear enough that popups do not have anything to do with the bounce rate of a website.

So, how could a WordPress popup help in decreasing a website’s bounce rate? Let’s see!

4 Ways WordPress Popups Can Be Used to Decrease a Website’s Bounce Rate

  • Welcome Popups
  • Personalized Discount Popups
  • Engaging Popups
  • Exit-Intent Popups

1. Welcome Popups

When an individual is performing a search, chances are high that he/she has multiple tabs open in their browser and it’s only a fraction of seconds before they decide whether to stay in your website or not. It’s highly recommended that you use this opportunity because your window is too small and the first impression always matters.

Welcome your website visitors by giving them a pleasant surprise in the form of a popup.

Take a look at this popup here by Monoset.

Welcome Popups

Image Souce: Optimonk

Monoset welcomes its visitors with a pleasing popup and gives them a 10% discount offer. And added value, they let their visitors know that there’s worldwide free shipping. Would you leave this webpage now? You at least would consider to go inside and get to know what’s it all about.

How Does this Help Reduce Bounce Rate?

Showing your visitors how much they value to you is one strong way of not letting them drift away from your page. Getting directly to the point with the help of such welcome popups could be an effective way to decrease your bounce rates. It’s not mandatory that you have to give a discount offer always, anything that would be of value to your visitor will do and Monoset has just done the same.
You could do this with the help of timed delay features in popup builders.

2. Personalized Discount Popups

Never expect every single visitor of your site to stay on to your site and add an item to their cart (considering the e-commerce industry). Remember that yours is not the only store having all fancy stuff out there.

There are tons of competitors who are just equal and ambitious as you. But before they could even get the tiniest thought of venturing into your competitor’s website (if they do leave, you know what happens then), make them stay by giving them a discount popup like this…

Personalized Discount Popups

Image Source: PriceWaiter

How Does this Help Reduce Bounce Rate?

This popup above gives the particular visitor a 20% off on his/her purchase and also sets a 30-minute countdown timer, ensuring that the potential visitor not only stays but will also attempt to make a purchase. That’s like milling two seeds with one stone. The one is, there’s going to be no spike in the website’s bounce rate and the second being the high chances of a purchase being done. Cool right?

3. Engaging Popups

Often visitors look for a reason to stay on to your website unless and until he/she has some definitive connection to your website. That’s quite natural! Being a new visitor to a website, would you not expect the same? And if the website is not any different from other websites, you abandon the page.

Maybe, inducing popups that are quite engaging would work most of the the time. Here is an example:

Engaging Popups

Image Source: Optimonk

How Does this Help Reduce Bounce Rate?

Does this need any explanation? Never mind!

MILSIG has definitely gone out of the box. This virtual spin wheel definitely would want visitors to try out their luck. That gives MILSIG all the sweet time a visitor needs to spend on their website, sufficient enough that their bounce rate doesn’t spike up. Maybe you should try this out for your website too. But make sure that your visitor gets something rewarding at the end of the spin. If not…. well, you know what’ll happen.

Installing a good theme on your website can also help decrease bounce rate on your website. In case you’ve come across a theme and you like it, Gochyu theme detector can help you with it!

4. Exit Intent Popups

We’ve saved the best for the last.

Exit Intent Popups are one last effort to make sure that your website’s bounce rate doesn’t go up. You’ve already realized that your visitor is about to leave your website so why not give one last try using popups.

Here is one example of a fine exit-intent popup…

Exit Intent Popups

Image Source: Sellbrite

How Does this Help Reduce Bounce Rate?

Asking your visitors to wait before he/she leaves your website gives you an extra opportunity to make your visitor stay on to your website. And finally, everything comes down to what your exit-intent popup has to say to your visitor. If you are able to design a clean compelling popup, you can save the day by retaining your visitor and thus your bounce rate stays the same (In case you are quite not the expert in creating nice popups, read our blog 6 best practices to create highly converting popups so that you get to know how to create one).

Final Words…

There’s no good bounce rate nor a bad bounce rate for a website… But, this one is for sure.

“The Lower Your Bounce Rate Is, the Better It Is for Your Website”

And popups could be an ideal and an alternative approach to decrease your website’s bounce rate.

But there’s a catch!

Only if your popups are worth the while, there’ll be reduced bounce rate and more interactions on your website. Else, there’s no real point in having them on your website. And to create such popups, you need to have the best WordPress Popup Plugin that’s out of the box, easy to create, and at the same time power-packed with all the features. We’ve already compiled a list of the best WordPress Popups Plugins! Fail not to have a look so that your bounce rates are always kept at bay!

The more you retain, the lesser is your bounce rate!

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