How to Choose the Best WordPress Popup Plugin for Your Website?

Posted by Akshy Anbu on 06 June, 2019 in wordpress   |  6 min read

“This popup plugin or that one over there?” asked an ambitious store owner who has less or no idea about how an ideal WordPress Popup Plugin should be!

“Go with this one! The logo looks good and colorful!” said his instinct!

And that’s one more to the humongous list of websites showing annoying popups!

Little did he know that he was about to lose a ton of loyal brand advocates in the near future! Sad but the desperate truth!

That’s one perfect example of what would happen if you choose a popup plugin for your website without putting enough groundwork.

And if you are thinking about why Popup Plugins again, remember that the world has changed!

Popups nowadays are not being viewed as a hindrance factor but reliable sources of offers & information (not always though) by visitors!

So, It’s time that you make good use of the spread leverage and use popups to showcase what your business has got and go big while you actually can.


At the end of the day, it’s all about creating loveable experiences for your loyal customers and visitors.

Too many words?

Let’s break some ice, here’s a fun fact:

“The world’s first Popup appeared on , a hosting website during the late 1990s!”

Let’s get back to some meaningful stuff!

The stuff that could help you choose the best WordPress Popup Plugin that would

  • Reduce Your Bounce Rate
  • Drive More Conversions
  • Increase Your Subscribers List and
  • Be Your Ultimate WordPress Lead Capturing Plugin

Does that give you enough hype to continue reading what’s below? Hope it does 😉!

So, to answer the question put up at the top, here are a few things you should look into before you choose a popup plugin for your website.

The Customization Options

One common mistake most of the marketers and eCommerce Stores do is they stick to what is being practiced and miss out some of the best popup plugins.

Imagine wearing the same attire for a week. The thought itself makes you edgy doesn’t it?

The Customization Options

It’s no different here. Your visitors tend to get annoyed by seeing the same kind of common popups over and over again all over the Internet. Which is why you should see how much you are able to customize your popups in the new WordPress Popup Plugin you choose.

And by customization, we not only mean attractive copy lines and the designs but the entire idea and the concept of the popups itself.

Maybe you could even go out of the box and try meme popups for a change (pretty sure you’ll get stuck to it)!

Popups Should be Highly Responsive

This one’s super important!

Missing out this could whiplash every single effort of yours and turn them into dust, Poof!

Your popups should be able to give the visitors a good user experience irrespective of the device they use. In fact, most of the websites who were able to give visitors a good user experience with their popups reported that they were able to witness higher conversion rates.

Still not getting the point?

Let’s look at an example.

Try zooming this page to the maximum and scroll up and down.


Now, that’s an example of a proper responsive website (that gives you a good user experience). The same applies to a WordPress popup too!

This is an example of a responsive email subscription popup from Nike.

Highly Responsive Popups

And here’s a non-responsive popup example…

Non Responsive Popup

Make sure you and your popups don’t end up like this popup example above (annoying & outta the picture).

Multiple Targeting Options

You have a perfect WordPress popup designed with you now!

What do you do next? Yes, you target.

A popup plugin without proper targeting options will be of no use to your business. Choose a plugin that has the following targeting options:

  • Page Level Targeting Options
  • Device Targeting Options
  • Re-Targeting Options
  • Audience Segmentation & Targeting
  • Pop-up Scheduling Options and more.,

That sums up almost everything. Your WordPress Popup Maker should be able to do all of the above mentioned. And what’s more important is that you take calculative efforts and put these options into effective use IRL.

Popups Display Based on Time

Make sure your WP Popup Plugin does have an option to display popups based on a time schedule.

Let’s see why this is important!

Example: Take two websites A and B. Website A displayed popups immediately when visitors entered the site. Whereas website B displayed popups a few seconds after the visitor spent on the website. Over a period of time, website B had more conversations when compared to website A.

The Magic - It’s simple. When a visitor stays on your website, it means that he/she has already found something engaging. Displaying a popup after a few seconds which offers them something more valuable will only increase the trust factor and results in higher conversions. Clear enough!

The Point Being Made Throughout Is…

When an individual (most probably a loyal customer) visits your site with a definitive purpose, chances are high that he/she would complete the task however annoying your website popups are (not too annoying but)!

It’s not them you should be worrying about. It’s about those fresh wanderers and potential customers who lurk into your website with the prospect of gaining something worthy. It’s these people who you should not annoy with distressing popups if you want to scale up your growth.

And if you are to impress and retain them, you need to gear up and have on your shelf the best WordPress Popup Plugin!

You now see why it’s important to choose a WordPress Popup Plugin that’s best and does the trick don’t you?

And, remember, the best plugin doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that’s on the top. It could be anywhere! All you have to make sure is whether your chosen plugin is capable of doing everything mentioned above!

To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of Best WordPress Popup Plugins available in the market!

So, that’s it from our side! It’s up to you now!

Choose wise and show your competitors what you’ve got!

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