How to Grow Your Email List 3x Times by Using Website Popups?

Posted by Akshy Anbu on 30 June, 2019 in email marketing   |  7 min read

Some online websites find this whole idea of email marketing and growing email lists by using website popups less attractive. Some even feel that it is not going to do any good for their business!

It’s because they think that it would disrupt their website visitor’s user experience and force them to leave their website.

Instead, they prefer adding a link to their employee’s email signature, host offline events and carry out all other traditional email list growing methods.

All these humongous efforts just for a couple of hundred email ids?

Really not worth the effort and definitely not results driving.

But, trust us, there’s one better alternative technique to grow your email lists and that’s by using popups on your website.

Let’s not start speculating what’s best here. We are putting this forward to you because we already tried this out and we’ve been able to grow our email lists way fast.

So, the question that should be asked here is not why website popups, it should be how and this article tells you exactly that (and with examples of course).

But before that, before we start looking into examples (like we always do), you should be knowing about something else.

The Reason Behind Why Website Popups Can Help You Grow Your Email List

1. Website Popups are Extremely Personal

There could be nothing more personal than a popup flashing on your face, giving exactly what you want. This establishes a connection between you and the website. And if things work out pretty well, you end up signing for the email list.

2. Website Popups are Not Spammy

True! We know that’s weird but that’s how it is!

Websites that have used popups for collecting email lists and conversions have reported witnessing an increased conversion rate through their popup campaign.

A popup that’s clean, well-designed and purpose-driven will never fail to collect emails.

The spammy and the non-spammy factor totally depends on how your popup is and how much your popup is able to get under your visitor’s skin.

Did You Know: Website popups are a great handy tool when you want to decrease your website’s bounce rates.

3. Finally, Website Popups Make Things Happen

A website or webpage will always have too much information. But sometimes, people get carried away by the in-depth information you give them. They’d feel happy (maybe even appreciate you deep within) and leave once when they are done.

Nothing’s happening here! They don’t connect or reach out to you and let you know their email address.

Which is why, introducing a popup would do the job clean and smooth. Your visitor will be directly drawn to your popup, eventually making him sign up and at the end of the day, that’s one more to your private email stash (subtle enough)!

That’s three solid reasons explained to you as to why you should be using website popups if you want to grow your email list and below are a few examples of email capturing popups.

Examples of Popups that Can Help You Grow Your Email List Effectively

1. Welcome Popups

This usually works best for most of the websites looking forward to growing their email list. Welcoming visitors with a special gesture or offering them something unique with a welcome popup helps you grab your visitor’s email id with ease. Here’s one fine example of a welcome popup…

Welcome Popups

Image Source: Printful

Highly Captivating ain’t it?

The popup clearly states its purpose and the phrase “first time here?” and “we’ll never share your information” seems to be promising.

What’s special here is that this popup is exclusively for first time users who visit the website. And a 50% off on their first order would immediately want him/her to sign up (goal achieved)!

Let’s move on to example number 2.

2. Free Giveaways and Contest Popups

Contests and give-away popups are always intriguing!

If you are offering something to your visitors, it immediately sets them thinking about the free product that is being given or the possibilities of becoming a winner in a contest. And they definitely wouldn’t mind signing up!

But remember, you should make it worth the while. Don’t lure your visitors into something they wouldn’t love just because you want to build your email list. This is something that you wouldn’t be benefitted from in the long run. Chances are that you would look spammy in the eyes of your visitors!

Here’s an example…

Free Giveaways and Contest Popups

Image Source: Wisepops

Casper has done it the way it should be!

They offer their visitors a chance to win not one not two but twenty pillows if they sign up (and if you ask what happens after signing up, we haven’t tried that yet!). Doing it this way with the help of a website popup, Casper not only gets to increase their email list but also becomes the talk of the town (for a while at least).

3. Newsletter and Exclusive Content Popups

Perspective Number One: Thinking it from the reader’s point of view, why would any reader want to visit your website on a frequent basis just to check out whether your next content update has been done or not.

It doesn’t matter even if you are one of the industry’s thought leaders. Readers would forget because they’d be too preoccupied to check out your website frequently. They always look out if there’s any other easier path.

Perspective Number Two: Thinking it from the writer’s perspective, what’s the point in writing and publishing content on a regular basis if he/she has got no one to read? The writer always looks out for some ways to reach out their content to his/her audience.

A signup popup could get both things done just like this one here…

Newsletter and Exclusive Content Popups

Image Source: WisePopups

This popup is something the user exactly wants. A visitor who’s interested in your website and your content will definitely sign up for it!

Guess what?

If your popup is out of the box and trustworthy chances are high that a visitor who has less or no idea about your brand and website would opt-in.

4. Membership Popups

Letting visitors become a part of your brand and allowing them access premium content is itself a driving factor. And with a popup right in front of them, things become easy for them (and for you).

Websites that asked visitors to sign up in exchange for free membership using popups were successful in increasing their email list in a very short time. This is an example of a membership popup here…

Membership Popups

Image Source: Printful

Here, Gilt has used a popup asking visitors to sign up for free membership and also has mentioned some key factors about them which seems pretty convincing. It’s a win-win situation!

5. Exit Intent Popups

We’ve already seen what exit-intent popups are and how useful it could be to you. So, we’ll just get directly to the example here…
Exit Intent Popups

Image Source: VWO

There are many reasons why your visitor would prefer to go AFK! But before he/she goes, asking them to sign up for something valuable using an exit-intent popup might want them to reconsider their decision and thereby you eventually get what you want. The popup above literally screams the visitor to wait and offers them an e-book on signing up. Who would want to resist? None!

Everything Considered…

Website popups allow you to establish the much needed personal connection between your brand and your brand visitors.

And thereby, you get to build for your business an email list with which you can drive conversions, grow brand reputations, send out weekly newsletters, issue personalized discount coupons …. it never ends. Growing your email marketing lists using website popups is easy, funtastic and definitely promising.

If you haven’t tried already, here are some best WordPress popups plugins for you to start off with!

Happy List Building!

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