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Posted by Akshy Anbu on 21 July, 2019 in lead generation   |  9 min read

We came across what’s below in a recent podcast we were listening to (and we didn’t like what came up).

Here goes what…(just to make things interesting, try imagining the voice coming out from a World War II broken radio).

“Online stores and websites that use WordPress Popup Plugins are facing a steep decline in conversion rates!

And as for the email lists, there have been very few or no additions for a considerable period of time.

As a result, a huge number of businesses have lost hope on WordPress popup plugins.”

Not exactly the kind of thing you’d want to be hearing do you? But you see what?

That’s only one side of the story. We or no one knew why this happened!

So, we started digging out to find how the other side was.
We did find (after doing some hefty groundwork) and it was so not pleasant.

The reason behind why the conversation rates were quite low was

  • Most of the popups were annoying and managed to carnage visitors in huge numbers.
  • Popups were unable to capture the attention of the visitors and interact with them (which is pivot for conversions and sign-ups).
  • And the most important of all, popups were simply created with one purpose - email capturing (the user experience factor was totally left out)!

Serves right!

Now, who’s to be blamed - the WordPress popup plugin or the end-user?

It’s understood that every business needs to build an email database in order to keep it running. But we often see online stores and websites showcasing all fancy features of their WordPress popup plugin. And in doing so, they not only become a hazardous website with annoying popups, but they also kick out people who were once their loyal customers.

So, how should a popup be - Informative? Precise to the Point? Aesthetically Designed?

No one exactly knows, but we can give you this.

The right formula for any popup to work would be

Purpose of the Popup + User Experience Blended Within = Conversions & Email Opt-ins, which most of the businesses fail to implement thus resulting in few or no conversion.

So, as long as the purpose and user experience factor stays intact, it really doesn’t matter how your popup is!

Getting to the point, in this blog here, you get to know how you’d be able to use Optinly to grow your business by creating popups that are funny and with zero annoyance factor.

7 Ways You Could Use Optinly WordPress Plugin to Grow Your Business

7 is just a number. Whilst there are a lot of other ways, we just wanted to give you a jump start on this so that you’d be able to do the rest and come out with more on your own.

Note: Below mentioned are popup examples that do not revolve around any specific industry and are solely created for your better understanding. You can create new or tweak them to serve your purpose by using our WordPress Popup Plugin - Optinly.

1. Welcome Popups

The sweetest form of popups on earth can also turn out to be annoying at times if it doesn’t work out the way you want them to!

Welcome popups tend to have a great influence on your audience because you are engaging with them the moment they enter your website (you should be extra careful here because when you spoil user experience, you get to suffer the aftermath).

While it’s always the usual where one is asked to sign up for a discount coupon or something similar, why not try something like this…

Welcome Popups

You might be asking this has nothing specific in it? But there is one - curiosity (user experience)!

On a survey, 55 out of 100 people said that they would be signing up for this particular popup, while 25 of them said they would think about it. And the remaining of them were reluctant saying they have never signed a popup in their entire browsing lifetime.

The approximate conversion ratio seems to be good and you’ll be growing your email list. This actually means you could get to grow your business!

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

2. Newsletter Popups

Newsletters popups are another excellent way to grow your business. Because newsletters have been proved to be greatly useful to target audience and also because they are a vital source of relevant information.

But again, don’t expect your target audience to be signing up for your newsletter popup just like that! On average, 6 out of 10 websites display newsletter popups asking the audience to sign up. So if you are going to do the same, make sure you do something different like this popup here,

Newsletter Popups

Cool ain’t it?

The more newsletter subscriptions you get, the more you get to share about your business/blog updates and more which directly results in growth (but make sure that it is not always about your business).

Pro Tip: This type of popup works best when you display them a few seconds later after your visitors enter your website. You can make use of the time-triggered popup display option in Optinly to do this).

3. Giveaway Popups

Giveaways are always tempting! And chances are high that a popup that’s giving something to the audience will be capturing emails. Giveaway popups stand third when it comes to capturing emails. You are actually building the trust factor between you and your audience by giving them something useful (and you are rewarded)!

What if you could just take this to the next level and make every visitor sign up your giveaway popup. Here, take a look at this…

Giveaway Popups

The popup has served its purpose letting the visitor know that he/she is about to get a guide that has tips & tricks about Email Marketing. And with Ygritte asking you to do something, there’s no doubt about user experience (and the definitive call-to-action button).

That’s what we are talking about, purpose serving & user experience put together.

Now to the next one,

4. Discount Popups

It’s common that people look out for offers all the time. And when discount popups are implemented, it can be of great use. Right from retaining a customer to list building a discount popup (that complies with the above formula) does it all!

Here’s an example…

Discount Popups

Like already said, the purpose of the popup is clearly visible. A 50% off on his/her next purchase provided they subscribe. Not to mention the user experience factor when your audience reads those captivating & rhyming lines at the end of the image.

5. Free Shipping Popups

Free shipping is how most of the e-commerce stores try to close a deal. In most cases, the potential customer would be asked to meet a minimum order value to avail free shipping. What is being achieved here is a few extra dollars which only gives short term benefits.

Here’s a better alternative that would help you grow your business throughout…

Free Shipping Popups

An email-id is far more valuable than a few dollars and with a popup like this, visitors have nothing to lose. They really wouldn’t mind signing up if they are being given free shipping.

And you on the other side, you get to grow your email list in the most subtle way possible!

6. Access Private Content & Videos

When you put up a content or video that’s really driving a huge chunk of traffic, you should consider putting it in private. Because a content or a video that’s worth the read or watch will definitely be pursued no matter what you ask your visitors to do (but if you ask them to shell out money, that’s entirely a different thing).

You may as well ask your visitors to sign up to access private content.

Here’s an example of a popup we created…

Access Private Content & Videos

And if you ask whether there would be people closing your website, YES!

But does it matter?

Every single opt-in you get are people who take your content seriously, in other words, potential customers, leads, loyal subscribers, etc., And that’s what’s more important than building a huge email list that literally has very little or no use!

So, go for this popup technique and see the email-ids flowing in.

7. Webinar Popups

Webinars to date have been useful and one of the most promising ways that could grow your brand reputation and business growth eventually. In fact, an average professional spends around 57 minutes watching a webinar. That’s huge when you compare with the time people spend on other marketing mediums.

So, why not a webinar?

And that’s where your WordPress popup plugin - Optinly would be doing the trick. The fact that there’s about to be a webinar held is already captivating and when you let people know the same with a meme popup, the atmosphere suddenly becomes electrified and your visitor eventually ends signing up for the webinar.

You get two things done here:

  1. An ideal opportunity to grow your brand reputation and business through the webinar.
  2. Your email list gets huge over a period of time.

Here’s an example of a similar popup,..

Webinar Popups

Do you think people would intentionally skip this if Email Marketing means something to them? Definitely not!

The Final Wrap…

Like said already, every business in order to grow should be having with them an email database because it is nothing less than a gold mine.

All you have to do is exploit it strategically!

The above-mentioned examples would have helped you understand how you can start growing your business using Optinly (a free email subscription and responsive WordPress popup plugin).

So, it’s your turn to create out of the box popups that are optimized for conversion (Before that, you should be reading our blog - 6 best practices to create highly converting email popups to have a better understanding as to how you should be creating a popup.)

At the end of the day, what’s more important is whether you are able to collect email ids to grow your business or not! It doesn’t matter how!

So, forget all about the podcast clip we read above, all those things you’ve been hearing about WordPress popup plugins because - THEY DO WORK!

Stop giving it a second thought and start creating popups that collect emails like crazy!

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