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Thank you for downloading Uber Popups This guide will assist you in the installation of the plugin.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Admin section and go to Dashboard -> Plugins.

Step 2: Click the “Add New” button

This will bring the “Upload plugin” button. Click on it

Step 3: Now you will see the Upload plugin section. Click the “Choose File…” button and choose the Plugin Zip file you have just downloaded.

Hit the “Install Now” button. This will install the Uber Popups plugin.

Once the plugin is installed click on Activate as illustrated below: Image

This would activate the plugin.

You can verify the installation of the plugin as illustrated below

Click on Plugins->Installed Plugins

This will navigate you to the page where the installed plugins will be listed as shown below

Hope, the guide helpled you in the installation of the plugin.

Next, will get into how to create meme popup.