Getting Started

Popups are the perfect solution to show important messages such Discounts on your website, popups increases your social followers, increases your mailing lists by adding a form like mailchimp or to display any other important message in a simple way.Popups are also helpful because they simplify the decision-making process and reduce anxiety for your visitors.

Do you find difficulty in obtaining customers email address? Then, lets create intresting and interactive popups to achieve it.

Let's get started

  • Normal popups - Normal Popups are just like the ordinary popups you see on websites. A standard template that has a headline, a subscription form box, a call-to-action button and suitable images.
  • Meme popups - Meme Popups are a little out of the box where you won't be seeing any normal headline and images. Meme popups helps you engage with your visitors with the help of conversational texts and funny images

Will get in detail with creating the popups once the plugin installation is completed.

Next is to get in detail with the installation of the plugin.