Why You Should Use Game Popups for Your Website?

Your website is unique and so are your website visitors. And when potential audience come visit your website, they need a reason to stay, something that would make them signup/subscribe to your website. Game popups give your website visitors exactly that - extra curiosity & next level engagement factor.

Optinly gives you two unique game popups (for now), Spin the Wheel & Find the Ball popups that helps you take the engagement factor to the next level. Try it out for yourself.

Toss the Coin

Spin the Wheel

Gain Complete Control Over Game Popups

Optinly gives you advanced configuration options which allows you to stay in complete control of your popups. Decide the number of times a visitor can play a game or what reward he/she gets out of it.

Increased Engagement & Conversions

Game popups are known to convert 2x more leads when compared to traditional popups. Introducing something engaging to your website visitors eventually increases engagement followed by conversions.

Advanced Triggering Options

Display game popups to your visitors at the most crucial moments. Because a visitor once lost is lost forever. Use Optinly’s advanced triggering options and make every interaction on your website count.

There’s More to Come

Our team is working tirelessly to come up with an endless number of gamification popups. While we continuously push ourselves, we want you to stay tuned and make the best out of what Optinly gives you.