Welcome Popups

A survey states that 60% of visitors who abandon a site never come back! They need a reason to stay onto a website.

Welcoming visitors with a tinge of humor and offering them incentives & special offers would do the trick. Doing it this way would increase both the retention & subscription rate!

Discount Popups

8 out of 10 stores show a popup with discounts in it. But they don’t convert well. Because users either find it lame or annoying.

But try displaying popup that’s funny and see the difference for yourself! Here’s an example for a discount popup.



Popups to Unlock Featured Videos

Compelling videos always manage to find their way around visitors. In fact, good videos make visitors stick around for a long time.

Using Popups to unlock featured videos can be a great way to increase the subscriber base, like this one here!

Newsletter Popups

Popups that are innovative & creative have a proven track record of a high conversion rate.

Create simple but efficient eCommerce newsletter popups that convert visitors. And convince even the most reluctant users to subscribe!



Webinar Popups

Webinars are extremely engaging and informative. But stats show that most of the webinar popups fail to serve its purpose.

It’s because they are boring and less attractive. Notifying visitors via humorous Popups is one great way to convince them to sign up for webinars!

Free Shipping Popups

Help visitors save money. And they’ll be forever loyal. Create popups asking visitors to sign up in exchange for free shipping.

In fact, one of the leading eCommerce stores used this technique. It actually worked out for them. They ended up having a huge subscriber base later.



Exit Intent Popups

If there’s any hope left, this should be it! Exit Intent Popups are one last effort made by online stores to convert visitors.

Doing this the right way prevents annoyance and helps increase subscribers. Trigger FOMO, create urgency or make visitors laugh by creating unique eCommerce exit popups.