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How to Integrate Optinly With FluentCRM to Capture Leads

Posted by Optinly on  July 23, 2021  in Conversion Rate Optimization

FluentCRM is a WordPress plugin that has been receiving a lot of praise for its email marketing automation functionalities. Thanks to its features and affordable pricing, over 9000+ WordPress-based businesses have already adopted FluentCRM.

If you own Optinly and FluentCRM together, integrating these tools would open up a whole new world of automation possibilities. Optinly helps you capture more email leads, and FluentCRM is the perfect tool for automating email conversations and increasing sales.

Before we begin…

In order to integrate Optinly with FluentCRM, we’ll use the webhook functionality of both tools. Note that the webhook functionality is only available in FluentCRM Pro. Currently, they are offering a 20% discount on the plugin. In case you haven’t bought FluentCRM yet, you can buy FluentCRM Pro in a couple of clicks. 

So without further ado, let’s start our journey to integrate Optinly with FluentCRM.

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Integrating Optinly with FluentCRM

Although Optinly doesn’t have FluentCRM integration yet, we do have an easy-to-configure webhook. Our webhook is as simple as pasting a URL to send data to other platforms; you don’t have to do anything except that.

However, you need to generate a webhook URL from FluentCRM first. So if you have installed and configured FluentCRM. Here are the steps to generate a webhook URL:

1. Open FluentCRM and go to Settings> Incoming WebHooks.

CRM Setting

2. Click the Create Webhook button to create a webhook configuration. A webhook configuration window will appear.

Webhook setting

3. Here, give a name to your webhook and select the List and Tags to add the contacts to the lists and tags you want. In the status field, you can choose Subscribed or Pending. If you choose Subscribed, FluentCRM will accept the contact without sending any opt-in confirmation email. However, we recommend choosing the Pending status so that your contacts can confirm their subscription before receiving emails from you.

New Webhook

4. Click Create and close the configuration window. Then, click the tiny copy button to copy your webhook URL.

New webhook setting

Now that you’ve got your webhook URL, you need to configure a webhook integration in Optinly to send contacts to FluentCRM. To do that:

5. Login to your Optinly dashboard and go to Integrations. Here you’ll see all the possible applications you can integrate with Optinly.

Integeration selection

6.Scroll down and click the webhook integration. This will bring up a pop-up window.

Optinly Selection

7. Paste the webhook URL you’ve acquired from FluentCRM and click Save.

Edit webhook Credientials

That’s it! Now all the leads that came through your Optinly campaigns will be automatically added to FluentCRM.

Checking the integration

Before finalizing, it’s a good practice to see if the integration is working properly. So let’s test the integration!

Here we have submitted a sample form:

Contact Form Check

Our contact gets added to FluentCRM automatically:

Fluent CRM

Easy, right?

Over to you

We hope this tutorial helped you integrate Optinly with FluentCRM. Once you’ve integrated both tools, they’ll work seamlessly towards improving your online marketing experience. So go ahead and broadcast email campaigns, set up your email sequences and automation funnels to make the most of your contacts!

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