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9 Proven Ways to Increase Email Click-Through Rates (With Real-Time Examples)

Email click-through rates are a key metric to find how successful your email campaign is. Learn how to increase your average email open rate and email click-through rate in this read!

“How to increase email click through rates”? That’s probably the million-dollar question marketers and eCommerce store owners have been…

Akshy Anbu  |  
09 November, 2020

email marketing

10 Best Exit Intent Popup Hacks That Will Help Grow Your Email List (With Examples)

Exit Intent popups are a powerful way to increase your conversions and grow your email list. Make use of these 10 popup hacks to fine tune your exit intent popups and grow your email list like crazy!

The other day, we were on our competitor’s website, seeing how they were working out things to thrive and compete. And suddenly, we noticed…

Akshy Anbu  |  
05 August, 2019

email marketing

10 Common Email Subscription Form Mistakes You Do Everyday (And How to Fix Them)!

Have you been wondering why your email subscription forms aren't doing any good to your email list? Well, you could be doing one of the 10 most common email subscription form mistakes. Read to know what they are and how to fix them!

How many seconds do you think your visitors would be looking into your email subscription form? 1… 2… or 6 maybe? These couple of seconds…

Akshy Anbu  |  
15 July, 2019

email marketing

10 Insane Popup Hacks that Could Fasten Your Email List Building Process

Email list building could be exhausting at times and it might seem that you're not getting any further. But not anymore! These 10 insane popup hacks can help you boost your email list building process right away!

On reading the topic, don’t skip to the conclusion that “email list building” is a walk in the park process. These three words (which could…

Akshy Anbu
  |  11 July, 2019

email marketing

How to Grow Your Email List 3x Times by Using Website Popups?

Your Email List can be a huge contributor for your business growth provided you put them into efficient use. If you haven't started building one, know how to grow them by using website popups.

Some online websites find this whole idea of email marketing and growing email lists by using website popups less attractive. Some even feel…

Akshy Anbu
  |  30 June, 2019

email marketing