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Powerful Call To Action Phrases With Proven Examples

Monisha Thangavel
  |     |  15 min read

A sucessful business owner knows the importance of CTA in their marketing part. After extensive research, we have complied the top and powerful CTA phrases with proven examples. Implement it in your CTAs and exprirence the change.

Have you ever tried and experienced the magic of Call to Action phrases? If not, I would say you are missing out on something important…

6 Best Customer Retention Strategies You Should Implement for Your Business

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  11 min read

Learn how to improve your customer retention rate and to grow your sales in this read. We've come up with 6 best customer retention strategies that works!

Let’s be honest! This is definitely not the first time you’re coming across the word “customer retention strategies” In fact, I did hear it…

10 Proven Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Website

Monisha Thangavel
  |     |  13 min read

A high bounce rate is always not a good sign for a successful website. Why not try our proven tips to reduce your website bounce rate and increase your conversion rate simultaneously? Check out here.

Bounce rate! It is one of the most important barometers to take into account. Even so, it is also known as the most misunderstood metrics…

9 Simple Hacks to Skyrocket Your Blog Conversions

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  14 min read

Having trouble increasing your blog's conversion rate? Well, it happens often! Learn how to increase your blog traffic and conversions in this read. It's simple, easy and effective!

This should be disheartening! Coming up with new blog posts every now and then, expecting a healthy conversion rate but left with utter…

11 Floating bar examples you should use today [with FREE Templates]

Monisha Thangavel
  |     |  10 min read

Floating bar WordPress plugins have become the handiest solution to grab the customers' attention. Why not try placing a floating bar on your website? Just glance at how other brands are attracting their customers with the sticky navigation bar

Sticky menus! Floating bars! And a quite few sliding navigation bars add up to the recent trend. Sticky bars or floating bars are nothing…

How to Drive More Conversions With Mobile Pop-ups?

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  10 min read

Learn how to drive more leads and conversions with mobile popups. Studies show that mobile pop-ups are an effective method to grow your business.

“There’s no way am letting this holiday season slide away!” said John, an eCommerce owner while setting triggers for his mobile pop-up. His…

How to Create a Lightbox Popup to Skyrocket Your Email List Growth

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  19 min read

Lightbox popups are a great way to grow your email list and drive conversions. Learn how to create effective lightbox popups and how to drive more conversions using them in this read.

It happened a couple of days before. When I started to draft this blog about lightbox popups, one of my fellow workmates asked me, “Lightbox…

20 Best Pop-up Design Examples - Made by Optinly

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  11 min read

Website popups are known to have higher conversion rates when they have good design aspects. Here are a few best popup design examples you should consider taking a look before you create the next one.

“Pop-up designs play a huge role when it comes to conversion rates. In fact, your pop-up design and conversion rates go hand-in-hand.” You…

20 Best Exit Intent Popup Examples to Increase Your Conversions

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  12 min read

Searching for some of the best exit-intent popup examples? We've come up with 20 best exit popup examples in this read to help increase your conversions seamlessly.

Exit-intent popups? We love them one hundred percent because exit popups convert really well. In fact, a massive 73% of eCommerce stores…

5 Simple Floating Bar Hacks to Boost Conversions

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  8 min read

Floating bars, also known as hello bars are one of the best website popups around because of their zero annoyance factor and proven conversion rates. Start creating floating bars that convert using simple yet effective floating bar hacks in this read.

Floating bar optins have always been among the top choices for a marketer/store owner who wants to run a popup campaign. It’s because…

6 Best Practices to Create Highly Converting Email Popups

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  8 min read

Knowing how to create Email popups that convert can help you drive conversions, promote products, build an email list and do everything else. Read this article to know the 6 best practices that can help you create highly converting email popups!

We’ve been speaking about WordPress popups for a while now! Right from what is Optinly to how to choose the best WordPress popup plugin for…

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