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7 Best Spin the Wheel Popup Plugins You Should Use to Boost Conversions in 2020

Posted by Akshy Anbu on  May 25, 2020  in Marketing

“It’s Spin the Wheel” the guy exclaimed! And he just couldn’t wait to spin the discount wheel popup that was in front. It was only a matter of seconds before he received a 20% discount. All he had to do was “spin to win”. And as for the website, it was the 20th optin wheel conversion in a row..satisfying enough right?

But before we get down to the part where I’ve handpicked some of the best spin the wheel popup plugins, let’s get through with some basics.

Why Should You Use Discount Wheel Popups?

Discount wheel popups aka spin to win wheel allows websites & eCommerce stores deliver the instant frenzy moment to visitors (clearly evident from what we read above) which eventually leads them to your goals. It could be your visitors giving up their email addresses or purchasing a product from your store or anything that matters.

In fact, a lot of eCommerce stores and websites have nailed their sales numbers & email list growth using spin to win popups. Speaking of eCommerce stores using spin to win popups, here’s an example of Amazon, the eCommerce giant having used spin the wheel popup on its website (happened on a prime day sale and you wouldn’t believe the results they saw).

Amazon Spin to Win Wheel
Image Source: Shamnadt

This gives you even more reasons to start using a discount wheel popup plugin on your website. All you need is a spin the wheel marketing plugin that’s robust, reliable and power-packed enough to boost conversions and sales on your website. Now, let’s get to the most awaited listicle part. It’s right below…

Best Spin the Wheel Popup Plugins You Should Use

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster, one of the most powerful WordPress popup wheel plugin allows you to create spin to win optins with extreme ease. OptinMonster has three pre-existing spin to win popup templates to choose from. Also, you can fully customize existing templates with the drag and drop builder.

OptinMonster Spin the Wheel Templates
Image Source: OptinMonster

Customizations include changing the colors of call-to-action buttons, lucky wheel template, copy texts and more. With OptinMonster, one can create spin to win popups for WordPress websites, WooCommerce and Shopify Stores.

Though OptinMonster seems promising with its cool features, one huge downside is that the option to create a spin the wheel campaign is available only in the Growth Plan of OptinMonster which costs businesses a hefty $49 per month. Whilst there are other spin the wheel popup plugins available at a much affordable price or even free, one should think twice before choosing OptinMonster.

2. Optinly

Optinly Spin the Wheel Popup Plugin

Unlike the other discount wheel popup plugins, Optinly is a whole package. Wait, let’s stick to the point (we’ll speak about that later). Optinly like Optinmonster has pre-existing spin to win popup templates that users can fully customize using the drag and drop editor.

Spin the Wheel Popup Template from Optinly
Image Source: Optinly

The highly responsive spin to win templates are suitable for grabbing visitor’s attention, increasing cart value & conversion rates and growing your email list. You can use inbuilt popup triggers like timed delay, exit intent & more to display your spin to win popup at the right time to the right audience.

What’s even more special about Optinly is, it’s the first goal-based marketing WordPress popup plugin that allows website & store owners to choose their marketing goal. Also, pre-existing handcrafted popup templates that correlate with marketing goals make Optinly a to-go choice if you want to create spin to win templates or even other types of templates for instance.

Optinly Goal Based Popup Plugin

The fact that Optinly can be integrated with 10+ top Email marketing service providers (MailChimp Constant Contact, Aweber, ActiveCampaign and more) and that discount wheel popups can be created with ease makes Optinly a top pick when it comes to discount wheel WordPress popup plugins.

3. WP Optin Wheel

Next comes WP Optin Wheel, a WordPress and WooCommerce spin the wheel popup plugin that allows you to create and run multiple spin to win wheel campaigns. You can either use pre-existing templates or customize the same. And as for the integration part, WP Optin Wheel can be integrated with some of the top ESP’s like MailChimp, Klaviyo and GetResponse.

WP Optin Wheel Plugin
Image Source: WordPress Repository

One thing that makes WP Optin Wheel a really good option is its customization features and an easy to use interface. But again, the downside being WP Optin Wheel lets you create only spin the wheel promo popups and costs $49 for the same which brings the question should you actually go for it (you might wonder if the plugin is so good in creating spin to win popups then why not choose it? Well, that shall be explained below).

4. Wheel by Crazy Rocket

Crazy Rocket is kind of more like a gamified popup hub giving users three types of gamification popups and spin the wheel generator being one of them. You can either choose from existing spin to win popup templates or customize them according to your needs.

Wheel Crazy Rocket Spin the Wheel Plugin
Image Source: WordPress Repository

Popups can be placed in one of the three layout modes given by Crazy Rocket. And the option of adding a coupon code makes Crazy Rocket stand out from the crowd. As for the pricing, Wheel by Crazy Rocket starts from $9 per month and users can run up to 2 campaigns at a time. Crazy Rocket is a pretty good choice for website & eCommerce store owners who wants to put all their eggs in the gamification popup basket.

5. OptinSpin

OptinSpin is a completely dedicated WordPress and WooCommerce discount wheel popup plugin. One thing that makes OptinSpin super cool is you get to email coupon codes to your subscribers which most of the other spin the wheel plugins lack. And other features include customizing the popup template, adding your business logo to the template. Going for the higher version gives you options like timed delay and exit intent triggers.

Optinspin Wheel Plugin
Image Source: OptinSpin

OptinSpin can be integrated with MailChimp, Mailster, ActiveCampaign and a few other email marketing service providers. Also, OptinSpin is one of the cheaper wheel popup plugins costing only $99 with 6 months support and $134 for 12 months support.


Wheelio is another premium competitor when it comes to discount wheel popup plugins. Boasting as the first spin to win popup plugin that has an exit-intent trigger, Wheelio does everything when it comes to creating spin the wheel popups. Existing templates are catchy and at the same time can be customized.

Wheelio Spin Wheel App
Image Source: Shopify App Store

With Wheelio you can start creating lucky wheel popups in minutes thanks to its easy to use platform. Though Wheelio seems to be promising it’s pricing factor and availability makes its existence a huge question.

Yes, Wheelio as of now is available only for Shopify stores and doesn’t support WordPress or WooCommerce stores. Also, the basic plan ($14.92/month) offers only basic features and you have to go pro ($54.92/month) to avail features like advanced analytics, custom fields like name & telephone, campaigns, segmentation and more.

7. Wheel of Popups

Wheel of Popups is a pretty cool discount wheel popup plugin that works in all platforms – WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and more. Existing spin to win templates, high customization options and 10-day free trial makes Wheel of Popups promising. Also, you have options to display your popups to specific devices – mobiles or desktops or both.

Wheel of Popups Spinwheel Plugin
Image Source: Wheel of Popups

Wheel of Popups comes with 4 plans to choose from.

  • Personal Plan which costs $19 per month – 1 website
  • Developer Plan which costs $49 a month – 5 website
  • Agency Plan costs $149 a month – 20 websites
  • Reseller Plan which costs $249 per month – 50 websites

Which Discount Wheel Popup Plugin Should You Choose?

If you’re reading this, then it’s pretty sure that you’ve come across some of the best reasons for using spin the wheel popup plugins around.

Before you choose a plugin for your marketing campaign you should be considering a few things.

If you’re someone who thinks spin to win discount templates is going to be your ultimate conversion machine, then you’re totally wrong.

Sure spin to win discount popups have a higher engagement and conversion rate but you definitely cannot use them under all circumstances. It could turn out totally annoying and spammy for your visitors which is why you always need to have a balanced marketing strategy.

Try choosing a wheel popup plugin that comes as a whole package – that includes all other types of popups and especially the one that could help achieve your marketing goals with ease.

Also, do not forget the pricing factor – Why go for the hefty pricing plugins when you can get a spin the wheel plugin which is highly cost-effective?

And while you were through this article, the website (the one where the guy was exclaiming) should have crossed its 54th conversion! That’s how powerful spin to win popups are! It’s high time that you start using a discount wheel popup plugin for your website.

To Spin Conversions and to those who are about to create custom spin wheels!

Author Bio
Akshy Anbu 
Akshy Anbu
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