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7 Best Exit Intent WordPress Popup Plugins to Create Exit Popups In 2020

Posted by Akshy Anbu on  May 26, 2020  in WordPress

Do Exit Popups Work? Well, that’s a question I’d never ask if I were you. Because Exit popups are being widely used by eCommerce stores and websites. To be honest, they’ve already understood how significant exit-intent popups can be for their growth.

Put in a few words, Exit popups can help eCommerce stores and websites reduce bounce rate by offering visitors something interesting, reduce cart abandonment by displaying last-minute striking deals, notify audience about new product launch and anything that’s worthy enough to grab attention at the last minute. Just Imagine 10% of your total abandoning traffic getting converted – that’s pretty good for starters right? (since the question why you should use exit popups has been answered, let’s move to the next one).

How Exit-Intent WordPress Popup Plugin Works?

Let’s assume Jim is visiting an eCommerce store. And he spends quite some time to find what he was looking for. At one point, Jim comes across his exact desired product and adds it to the cart. Proceeding to the checkout page, a diverted Jim tends to close the webpage (cart abandonment happening) and sees a below like popup just when he is about to exit.

Example for Exit Intent Popup
Image Source: Optinly

Take a minute to think – what would you do if you were Jim? Yes, that’s what he did! He rushed to his cart and purchased it in the blink of an eye. And that’s how an Exit popup works – powerful & instant.

On the technical side, exit popups appear when a user moves his/her cursor to the close button of the webpage. You can get this done by installing an exit intent software. And this brings us to the part where you’ll be seeing some of the best Exit Intent WordPress popup plugins around. Buckle up, let’s get started.

Best Exit Popup WordPress Plugins in 2020

1. Optinly

Optinly is one of the best exit intent popups plugin you might have come across. With Optinly, you can either use available exit popup templates or create free exit popups using the drag and drop editor. One thing that really sets Optinly apart from other exit intent softwares is, Optinly is the first goal-based WordPress popup plugin with relevant popup templates. Which means, you can easily target your audience with exit popups based on your marketing goals.

Optinly Goal Based Popup Plugin
Image Source: Optinly

Assume your marketing goal is to collect feedback from your visitors before they leave. Optinly comes with an inbuilt exit popup template like this

Exit Intent Popup Template
Image Source: Optinly

And what’s left for you to do is to just add the exit intent trigger for this popup. Similarly, Optinly comes with exit popups for a few other scenarios like cart abandonment (the one Jim saw), quick surveys, anniversary giveaways and more, making your job a whole lot easier.

With 6+ popup types (including gamification popups), advanced targeting options, 10+ Email Service Provider integrations like MailChimp, ConstantContact, Aweber and more, you should consider Optinly for creating your next exit popup.

As for the pricing factor, Optinly gives exit popups feature for free which is actually great! Also, there’s a growth plan which costs only $25 which is pretty low when compared to popup plugins with this magnitude.

2. OptinMonster

The standard widely popular lead generation software is known for its many in-built features and exit intent popup is one of them. Also, OptinMonster is one of the industry leaders when it comes to Exit popups. Having introduced exit popups much earlier than most of the other WordPress popup plugins, OptinMonster has helped a lot of businesses win back their about to abandon visitors. Here’s an example of OptinMonster having used exit-intent popup on their own website

OptinMonster Exit Intent Popup Plugin
Image Source: OptinMonster

Sure OptinMonster is reliable and is a popup powerhouse having every existing feature but, let’s face it – OptinMonster still considers exit popups as one of its premium features whilst other Exit Popup WordPress plugins don’t do that.

Though OptinMonster was one of the early introducers of exit popups, these days almost all popup plugins come with this feature. Also, OptinMonster bills its users $29 per month for this feature while one could get use this feature for free in some of the exit popup plugins like the one we saw above.

3. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is another reliable WordPress popup plugin. Also an exit popup creator, Thrive Leads is known for its advanced targeting options and easy to design and deploy features. With 8 different types of popups, an A/B testing engine and a huge number of ESP integration options, Thrive Leads is a pretty good choice when you are looking for an Exit popup creator that comes as a whole package.

Thrive Leads Exit Popup Plugin
Image Source: Isitwp

You can start using Thrive Leads from as low as $67 (1 license for 1 website) or you can become a Thrive Member and pay $19 per month (and gain access to all Thrive products).

4. Wisepops

Coming with the tagline “Intelligent Website Popups”, Wisepops is definitely one. It’s one of the exit intent software that’s clean and easy to use – no clutter stuff or what so ever. Fully compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce stores, WisePopups has a loyal audience base who adore its simplicity.

Wisepops Exit Intent Popup Plugin
Image Source: WordPress Repository

Wisepops allows new users to try the product free for 14 days (with no credit card requirements) post which a user has to pay $41 per month for the basic version (1 website & 100,000 pageviews). The basic version has Exit popup creating options and comes with 30 free templates. And the Expert version costs $166 per month (5 websites & 1,500,000 pageviews) which makes it a quite expensive exit popup plugin in the lineup.

5. Popup Maker

Popup Maker, one of the long existing WordPress popup plugin is another exit popup generator we’re going to see. Popup Maker allows you to create unlimited responsive exit popups (and so does all other mentioned popup plugins). Also, you can customize them using the visual editor. Other options include popup analytics, device-based targeting, multiple triggering options, popup campaign insights and more.

Popupmaker Exit Popup Plugin
Image Source: WordPress Repository

For a plugin that’s been in the industry for quite some time, the availability of Exit-Intent feature only at the higher end plan which costs $247 (for 5 websites) is quite disappointing. But at this price, you can enjoy features like unlimited popups, age verification models, terms & conditions popups, advanced targeting conditions, multiple integration options and more.

6. Icegram

When speaking about Exit Popup WordPress plugins, Icegram is one you should never miss out. This exit popup creator like others comes with features like basic targeting rules, action bars, a simple popup template gallery and more for the free version. But what makes Icegram stand out is its features to use badges, stickies and ribbons which is available in the pro version.

Icegram Exit Popup Creator
Image Source: WordPress Repository

And as for Exit popups, users can avail this feature by paying $97 per year. The pro version has additional features like user behavior targeting, top 5 campaign reports, inline messages and more. Also, Icegram has introduced a prime membership option where one can make use of all existing Icegram products at a cost of $199 per year. Icegram is a must try Exit Intent WordPress popup plugin and should be taken into consideration with other choices.

7. Ninja Popups

Last but not least, it’s Ninja popups – a WordPress popup plugin that’s equally competitive with everything that’s mentioned above. Ninja popups is a reliable exit popup creator that comes with other features like a drag and drop theme builder, multiple email marketing integrations, page level targeting options and more. Existing popup templates can be customized with drag and drop builder and popups are WPML ready.

Ninja Popups Exit Popup Plugin
Image Source: CodeCanyon

You can buy Ninja Popups from CodaCanyon and the pricing starts from $27 for a regular license with 6 months support and $35.25 for a regular license with 12 months support.

Which Exit-Intent Popup Plugin Should You Choose?

Though Exit popups have always been a controversial popup theme, finding a WordPress popup plugin without it is too hard, thanks to its proven conversion rates. And as for which exit popup creator you should be choosing, you should have known this by now.

From what we’ve seen above, you might have come across popup plugins that consider exit popups as a premium feature and also popup plugins that give the same feature for free. Take some time, check out the features and come to a conclusion based on factors like pricing, how easy the plugin is to use, and finally, how instant the solutions are available for your business growth!

So, what are you waiting for? Start capturing visitors who dare to leave your webpage right away!

Author Bio
Akshy Anbu 
Akshy Anbu
Akshy is a Content and Growth Marketer who loves to peddle dreams across the globe. And he specializes in the eCommerce Sector. His blogs are mainly focused on the E-commerce sector, Content Marketing, Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking Techniques. When not glued to his notebook, Akshy loves to watch movies, cook, read and explore the wilderness all by himself!

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