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12 Best LightBox Popup Plugins You Should Use in 2020

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  August 07, 2020  in WordPress

“A picture will tell you thousands of narrations than words.” I bet, surely, you might have come across this saying once in your lifetime.

In your store, just adding images will not give you a razzle-dazzle sales. Instead, get in-depth attention of the customers.

But how is this possible?

Lightbox Plugins has come to be the new mantra for the eCommerce store owners.

Just imagine how it would be when your sales curve surprises you with a constant increase. Splendid right?

Beyond the scenes, the lightbox plugin also has some good news for you.

Top convincing reasons to use lightbox popup plugin

Every online store needs a lightbox plugin. But, not all the store owners have realized it.

Don’t be the next one on that list! Often, eCommerce business slides upon the opinion and the preference of the customers. The more they attracted to your site, the more they have increased sales rates.

Coming down are the reasons why people have been relying on the lightbox plugin.

Let us assume a visitor has been entering your site. An image pops up! Oh, the visitor is interested in knowing about it.

When he clicks the image, it will navigate your customer to the image tab.

But, this is not a smart marketer thinks!

Instead of it, you can make the visitors stay on the page. Here is where the lightbox enters into the scene.

When you implement the lightbox plugin, you will eliminate the unnecessary click backs from the user end.

Few users won’t bother about it. But, the majority are the sons and daughters of laziness. So, lightbox is none other than your handy solution to keep your users engaged and continue with the site where they left. Lightbox plugin shouts out easy navigation for the customers entering your store.

Instead of styling different images separately, you can depend on the lightbox Popup plugin.


Almost 40% of the people are getting attracted by visual images rather than plain text. Lightbox Popup Plugins are itself easily customizable ones. Many lightbox image Popup Plugins are the saviors that consist of a plethora of customizations.

It is a splendid way for the marketers to take a lightbox Popup plugin for granted. The lightbox form the Popup plugin would open doors to a unique level of customization. You can hand in your talent to customize the color, animations, theme, slideshows, and other necessary templates.

Once the customizations are over, the lightbox will stick to the same thing all over the site. It saves your time in bringing up the uniformity in the images of your website.

Another great benefit of using lightbox popups is to eliminate the image downscaling. Optimizing your images always comes front. Necessarily, considering the image size still falls first. You do not want to rely on the large images in your media library.

Do you know that large file sizes would impact your thumbnail size and page load times?

But, when you jump into the lightbox popup, you can still enjoy having high-quality images. A lightbox will work by opening the full-size image. So, your initial page time will not impact while using the bigger images.

Multiple WordPress lightboxes will offer an attractive and responsive design. You can adjust your lightbox popup according to the screen size. So, it would go hand in hand with all the desktop traffic and mobile traffic too. Someone, let say, the mobile freaks would enjoy the whole image on the screen without scrolling or moving to the next tab.

But why do this matter? Why is it necessary for us to concentrate on both mobile and desktop users?

Do not forget that we are living in a mobilized world. Almost 55% of internet users are mobile users. If your site fails to become mobile-friendly, it may become a great degrading factor during your ranking. Get it mobile friendly and make it responsive using the lightbox popup plugin.

Other than the listed ones, there are many more things to focus. Using lightbox plugins, you can generate deep linking, social media shares, and more.

What’s next?

The list of best lightbox plugins has enlisted here.

Delve into the best lightbox plugins for your website

A WordPress plugin is always versatile in its way. Marketers use WordPress lightbox plugins in images, social media shares, websites, and photo galleries too.

Especially, when you wish to make your visitors stay on your website, it is ultimately necessary to rely upon the lightbox image popup. Added, here is the list of top lightbox plugins for your website to make it amazing and attractive at the same end.


OptinMonster, the most powerful lead generation tool, also supports the new lightbox popup plugin. A beneficial hitch is that they offer the entire suite of other tools that effectively help you get more leads and customers for your website and the responsive lightbox popup.

OptinMonster Lightbox Popup Plugin


  • Share specific messages to specific people through the lightbox popup.
  • Deciding authority is always you. You can choose when to show up the lightbox image popup
  • Everything fades into the background where there will be a null distraction
  • Pick up the fantastic templates or build your lightbox popup plugin from scratch
  • Exit-intent technology will grab your customers who are about to leave the site


Price starts from $9 per month.


Optinly, the most-rated plugin, comes under the list of the most favorite and effective one. All the lightbox plugin types will increase engagement among your visitors and increase customer retention too.

According to a recent study, around 84 visitors out of 100 turns into valuable customers when they stick to unique ideas. Using a goal-based WordPress popup plugin like Optinly will help you grab your visitor’s trust.

In Optinly, you can dive into the pool of lightbox popup plugins, including gamification popups, exit-intent popups, notification popups, and much more. Optinly is always easy to go Shopify lightbox popup plugin to use to scale up your business.

Optinly Lightbox Popup Plugin


  • Displays completely non-obtrusive lightbox popups
  • Diverse range of lightbox popups to choose
  • Powerful triggering options
  • Shortcodes for names
  • Multiple ESP integrations


Free 500 sessions per month. Pricing starts from $4/month i.e., billed annually.

Simple Lightbox

Simple Lightbox, one of the best WordPress image lightbox popup plugins, is free. A free version with filled up features will attract the marketers. Using the lightbox image popup, you can easily style galleries for people’s pages and posts.

Simple Lightbox Popup Plugin


  • Tons of customization process at ease
  • Mobile friendly and are of course responsive
  • Adjusting the setting for your WordPress lightbox plugin to match your brand
  • Add-ons to extend the lightbox plugin’s functionality
  • Lightbox animations are a gift


Free version

Easy Fancybox

Easy Fancybox is one among the flexible WordPress lightbox plugins. It comes up with the aesthetic solution to create a wide variety of lightbox popups on your website.

Though Easy Fancybox is available in the free version, when you go for Pro, you can gain more benefits from the features enlisted here.

Easy Fancybox Lightbox Plugin


  • Automatic content detection
  • Additional styling options
  • Priority support and automatic trigger options
  • Display multiple file types


Pro plan starts from $29 and goes up to $119


Foobox, one among the WordPress lightbox popup on click plugin, helps in engaging the visitors with its attractive and interactive lightboxes. Because of its modern look, it highly surprises the visitors.

Foobox Lightbox Popup Plugin


  • Social friendly display of media files with attractive social icons
  • Responsive lightboxes look great on all smart gadgets
  • Supports videos, YouTube, and other forms as well
  • HTML content that helps in triggering the lightbox to open
  • WooCommerce compatible will show your products in a lightbox


Free version available. The paid version starts from $59/year

NextGen Gallery, a popular WordPress plugin, has been building an awesome WordPress lightbox. The lightbox feature will come up with a robust plugin. It works great for the images with the thumbnails.

Nextgen Gallery WordPress Lightbox Plugin


  • Supports multiple galleries like video, thumbnail, mosaic, blog style, and in your websites too
  • Automatic print fulfilment to sell online
  • Extremely customizable options
  • Image commenting and social sharing available


Starts from $79

WP Featherlight

Compared to the other lightbox popup plugins, WP Featherlight is the lightest of them all. WP Featherlight would bring in a new and stylish lightbox popups.

WP Featherlight Lightbox Plugin


  • In-built support for images and galleries in the WordPress site
  • Displays video, frames, and ajax content
  • “Lightbox disable option” to restrict the usage of a lightbox for separate sites


Free version

Responsive lightbox and gallery is a user-friendly interface making the WordPress lightbox plugin a super easy one. The plugin has increased flexibility and easy customization.

Responsive Lightbox Gallery Plugin


  • Eight responsive lightbox scripts
  • Options to display single post images as galleries
  • Options to use image’s title, description, caption, alternative text in the lightbox


Free and paid extensions are available.

Modulo Box

Modulo Box, a powerful plugin, lets you create efficient WordPress lightboxes. It is also incredibly customizable, with tons of different things with your lightboxes.

Modulo Box Plugin


  • Both the lightbox galleries and popups are entirely responsive and look awesome
  • Social sharing options are available for the visitors to your site
  • Infinite scrolling option
  • Different modes like slideshow or fullscreen are available
  • Smooth animations and resizing options are available


Starts from $20

Quick view

Quick view, an AJAX friendly plugin, would let you put content into the WordPress lightbox and brings you amazing visual animations and effects.

Quick View Lightbox Plugin


  • 11 different templates are available
  • One-click easy installation
  • Custom CSS selector to match the lightbox to your brand
  • Compatible with WordPress shortcodes
  • Different four lightbox sizes


Starts from $15

WP Video Lightbox

WP Video lightbox, a free WordPress lightbox plugin, will let you not only display the lightbox; instead, it also helps show the videos.

WP Video Lightbox Plugin


  • Customizable lightboxes for videos and images
  • Easy and flexible
  • Display flash, YouTube, and other video files
  • Control things including opacity and animation speed


Free Version

ARI Fancy Lightbox

ARI Fancy Lightbox, an excellent WordPress lightbox plugin, provides excellent customizable options. It gives a solid choice for the marketers, especially if you have been looking for a WordPress lightbox shortcode.

ARI Fancy Lightbox Plugin


  • Mobile responsive factor helps images to look awesome on all devices
  • Web pages and custom HTML display in lightbox
  • Social and viral features like sharing buttons
  • Shortcodes to open the lightbox once the page loads
  • Easy installation and no manual coding


Starts from $12

Now, it’s your turn

Lightbox popups, a creative and appealing way to catch your user’s attention, has taken the mainstream to display any media files. Using the lightbox popup plugin listed here not only integrates the images but also brings in an innovative way to transform your site with increased attractiveness. Having the best full-screen popup enables you to convey the message without any hassle.

Lightbox popup plugins have thrown a trend in the last couple of years with more advancement in the sites. It has become effortless to understand why it is essential to take into account. Those who have a keen eye towards the best Shopify WordPress lightbox popup plugin will find this piece of content useful.

Each plugin has its own benefits and gives the users with the best online experience. Make the images look cool on your website using the lightbox popups.


How to use simple WordPress Lightbox popup plugins?

One can handle the WordPress Lightbox popup plugins in different ways. For example, you can create a discount wheel popup to engage your visitors. You can visit optinly that involves in providing multiple lightbox popup plugins.

How to add a lightbox plugin to your website?

Adding a lightbox popup plugin for your WordPress site is quite simple. Follow the steps. To get elaborated details, visit here.

  • Log in to your WordPress site
  • Install Optinly and activate it

Go to the plugin settings page and configure the plugin options

How to add a lightbox plugin to your Shopify store?

When it comes to installing the lightbox plugin in the Shopify store, you can follow the enlisted steps.

  • Create a campaign using the lightbox plugin
  • Edit the campaign if needed
  • Set up the coupon delivery, discounts, and your email list
  • Publish the campaign in your Shopify store

How to auto pop-up a lightbox plugin?

To pop-up the lightbox plugin automatically in Optinly, you can enable “ALL” in the triggering rules. It is as simple as that.

Does Convertkit support the lightbox popup plugin?

Yes, Convertkit, with its impressive features, supports the lightbox popup plugin.

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