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How to create a sticky floating footer bar in WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

Monisha Thangavel
  |     |  9 min read

Creating a sticky floating footer bar plugin for your website helps you to bring fortune to your website. The floating bar is a silent convincer to make your customers know your brand power and keeps them engaged. Why not try using a sticky floating footer bar now?

Are you fed up with using your boring footer? If yes, then it is the right time to renovate your footer into something that might give a WOW…

How to Create a Popup Form in 8 Simple Steps?

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  8 min read

Using a WordPress popup form is one of the best ways to capture leads and drive conversions for your business. Learn how to create a WordPress popup form using a WordPress popup plugin in this read.

WordPress Popup forms - good or bad? Chuck the latter because WordPress popup forms are without a doubt good (and inevitable) for your…

10 Best Notification Bar WordPress Plugins to Use in 2020

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  15 min read

A notification bar plugin helps you drive conversions and sales without disrupting the user experience. Find out the best WordPress notification bar plugins you should use in 2020 for your webiste.

What made you look for a WordPress notification bar plugin today? Is it the fact that WordPress notification bars can help/guide visitors on…

12 Best LightBox Popup Plugins You Should Use in 2020

Monisha Thangavel
  |     |  13 min read

Lightbox plugin is way ahead in attracting the site's visitors. Indulge in knowing more about the lightbox popup plugin and start increasing your conversion rate. Check them out here.

“A picture will tell you thousands of narrations than words.” I bet, surely, you might have come across this saying once in your lifetime…

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Spin the Wheel App for your Website

Monisha Thangavel
  |     |  12 min read

Spinning the wheel always excites your customers. Why not handle it effectively to turn your conversion ration high? Unlock all the reasons behind using the spin the wheel app for your website

A discount wheel!! Fingers crossed!! Praying for the best outcome!! It’s always been the scenario when you spin the wheel. Discount popup…

How to Grow Your Email List Using a WordPress Popup Plugin?

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  12 min read

Start growing your email list using a WordPress popup plugin. Check out some of best ways you can use WordPress popups on your website to grow your email list in this read.

Email list building has never been easy especially when you start from scratch. In fact, the phrase “how to build an email list” has an…

15 Stunning Email Pop-Up Examples You Should Use for Your Website

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  10 min read

Popup forms are one of the most effective ways to grow your email list. Check out 15 best email pop-up examples in this read and create email popups that convert visitors like crazy

Email pop-ups aka email collection pop-ups are being widely used by websites and eCommerce stores to grow their email list (and for a number…

7 Best Exit Intent WordPress Popup Plugins to Create Exit Popups In 2020

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  8 min read

Exit-intent popups are a great way to stop visitors from abandoning your webpage and to improve your conversion rate. Here's a list of best Exit Intent WordPress popup plugins you can get started with.Check them out now.

Do Exit Popups Work? Well, that’s a question I’d never ask if I were you. Because Exit popups are being widely used by eCommerce stores and…

How to reduce bounce rate on your WordPress Website using Popups (examples included)

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  7 min read

Website bounce rates can really be annoying when it comes to the ranking factor. Read this article to know how to decrease your website's bounce rate by using Wordress Popups

Baffled right? We too were at the beginning. How could WordPress popups help decrease your website’s bounce rate? Afterall, popups are…

How to Choose the Best WordPress Popup Plugin for Your Website?

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  6 min read

Popup Plugins have the power to make or break your website. In this article, we’ve given you a few factors that would help you choose the best WordPress Popup Plugin for your website!

“This popup plugin or that one over there?” asked an ambitious store owner who has less or no idea about how an ideal WordPress Popup Plugin…

5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins You Should Use

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  10 min read

Searching for the best WordPress Popup Plugin for your website? We've given you here 5 best WordPress Popup Plugins that could help your business grow. Take a look for yourself.

What are WordPress popup plugins? Long story short, WordPress popup plugins are lead capturing tools that are used to display popups on your…

Optinly - Your Go-to WordPress Popup Builder

Akshy Anbu
  |     |  16 min read

Optinly is the world's first goal-based WordPress popup builder that helps businesses capture leads, drive conversions, engage visitors and do more on the go. Create WordPress popups that really convert with Optinly popup plugin. Check out the features and create your first popup today.

Popup builders? Well, this is nothing new because the market place is already saturated with WordPress popup builders. And one wouldn’t find…

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