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What is a Popup? Beginners Guide To Successful Popup Implementation

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Are you a marketer or business owner? Then you surely know the importance of popups in the world of eCommerce. Many online businesses consider it annoying for users and never try this amazing strategy. However, popups are one of the contentious tools which are great for all types of online businesses. Every WooCommerce or Shopify […]

Top 20 Lead Magnet Ideas With Examples

Sajitha Banu  Sajitha Banu   |    |  

Email marketing never fades and is still one of the effective techniques to collect visitor’s contact information. Marketers agree that the email marketing trend will explode in 2021 and beyond.

How to Integrate Optinly With FluentCRM to Capture Leads

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FluentCRM is a WordPress plugin that has been receiving a lot of praise for its email marketing automation functionalities. Thanks to its features and affordable pricing, over 9000+ WordPress-based businesses have already adopted FluentCRM. If you own Optinly and FluentCRM together, integrating these tools would open up a whole new world of automation possibilities. Optinly […]

How to Use Targeted Popups to Boost Your Call to Action?

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Have you ever thought that marketing popups are the most noticeably awful and irritating ones? Yes?? Then, welcome to the club. A lot of individuals believe that popups are an older style and annoying way of marketing. Many large and reliable organizations drive high website traffic and acquire increasingly more leads each day by utilizing […]

7 Best Practices for Using Popups Effectively on Your WordPress Website

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Popups are an effective way of intensifying your WordPress websites. Following proper pop up best practices with the right WordPress pop up message can create a huge impact on your visitors.  Starting from a page pop web design to email pop up best practices , every single one of the popups have its own way […]

How to Collect More Leads for Your Business in 2021

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Lead generation is incredibly important for marketers and the businesses they want to grow. Building leads means building brand awareness and interest in your products or services, building a marketing funnel, and interesting prospects through your marketing funnel. At best, lead generation strategies develop strong relationships with qualified customers who will invest in your business […]

5 Effective Tactics to Grow Your Email List With Optinly

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Today, email advertising is perhaps the best and productive type of marketing. Truth be told, a B2B list builder! Email is a demonstrated, savvy method for building a brand and producing income. Email campaigns outflank social media at producing qualified leads, and profit from the venture makes email list growth an essential move for most […]

10 Easy Content Upgrade Ideas to Help You Grow Your Email List

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Content upgrades are likely the best techniques to add additional value for your perusers and increase your subscriber. Check out 10 easy content upgrades to grow your email list.

What’s New at Optinly?

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Hey, how are the conversion rates holding up? We all know lead generation is not as easy task but with the right kind of help, lead generation can be a walk in the park. Know what new features Optinly has got and how it can help grow your business in this read!

Best Marketing Software For Every Business

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Looking for the best marketing software to grow your business? We’ve come up with 15 best marketing softwares that’ll help you create super cool marketing campaigns with ease. You can find them all in this read!

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