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Optinly Blog

Tips & Tricks to Convert Website Visitors Into Potential Leads.


10 Proven Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Website

A high bounce rate is always not a good sign for a successful website. Why not try our proven tips to reduce your website bounce rate and increase your conversion rate simultaneously? Check out here.

Monisha Thangavel  |  
10 September, 2020

conversion rate optimization

10 eCommerce Email Marketing Hacks to Double Your Sales

Learn how to double your store sales using simple eCommerce email marketing hacks. Find some of the best email marketing strategies, tips and best marketing practices for eCommerce in this read!

Akshy Anbu  |  
08 September, 2020


9 Simple Hacks to Skyrocket Your Blog Conversions

Having trouble increasing your blog's conversion rate? Well, it happens often! Learn how to increase your blog traffic and conversions in this read. It's simple, easy and effective!

Akshy Anbu  |  
04 September, 2020

conversion rate optimization

How to create a sticky floating footer bar in WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

Creating a sticky floating footer bar plugin for your website helps you to bring fortune to your website. The floating bar is a silent convincer to make your customers know your brand power and keeps them engaged. Why not try using a sticky floating footer bar now?

Monisha Thangavel
  |  02 September, 2020


How to Create a Popup Form in 8 Simple Steps?

Using a WordPress popup form is one of the best ways to capture leads and drive conversions for your business. Learn how to create a WordPress popup form using a WordPress popup plugin in this read.

Akshy Anbu
  |  31 August, 2020