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10 Best Email Newsletter Practices to Follow

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  February 05, 2021  in Email Marketing

Are you looking for the best email newsletter practices for your business? If yes, we have covered you with enriched information.

Email newsletters become effective when you share precise information to your audience and keep them engaged. Can you believe that a forty-word subject line with a 100-word passage drives massive results to your business?

If planned right, email newsletters will skyrocket your business and increase your subscriber’s list. According to Radicati Group, the number of emails sent each day has been increased to 3% in the past two years.

Email Newsletters will vary depending on the type of business. Before starting the newsletter campaign, you can determine the goal and develop engaging content. Optimizing the newsletter also helps you to engage your audience and make them visit your website.

Let us dive in knowing more about the importance of a newsletter for a business and the best newsletter practices to follow.

Why Is Email Newsletter Important For A Business?

Newsletters are a great way to engage your audience and enhance your communication with them. It helps in generating leads and make your business stand out from the crowd. There are some reasons why businesses send newsletters often. Let us reveal some of them here.

  • Even busy people love to read triggering newsletters. Subject Lines matter!
  • Newsletters drive unpredictable sales to the business
  • Newsletters are the way to deliver relevant and trustworthy information
  • Newsletters are a great way to offer discounts to your audience

Other than the enlisted reasons, the marketers have been effectively handling the newsletter campaigns to drag more visitors to the business. Rather than being a visitor, the newsletter helps in great conversions too.

Spicing up the above point, let me list out the top 10 email marketing practices that can actually help in great conversion for your business. Let us start now.

Top 10 Email Newsletter Practices To Follow

Undeniably, email newsletters are an amazing way to reach your audience with a personal touch. But, there is no need to rush your email newsletter practice. Instead, you can put your effort and time into following the best out of the rest.

Do not forget to implement the practices to know how well your newsletter campaign helps in boosting your conversion.

Pick The Right Time To Send Your Email Newsletter

Have you ever experienced the best email rates for your newsletter campaign? If not, then you are not sending your emails at the right time. No need to search for specific timing to send emails. Google has the answer. There are statistics and researches that state that 8.00 to 9.00 seems the best time to send emails to the subscribers.

Email Marketing Best Time
Image Source: CoSchedule

The above image gives you an idea about sending the newsletters at right time. According to Google, Tuesday is the best day and time to send emails to the customers.

Wait, are you going to send your emails on Tuesday? Don’t do that. There are already tons of businessmen following the same pattern.

What if I follow the same Tuesday pattern as others? There are high chances for the subscribers to leave your emails unread. In the thousands of emails bombarded in their inbox, they dare not open your email and read.

Make a twist in the usual flow and stand ahead from the row. So you can start your emails from 6 AM or at 8 PM.

Send Welcome Emails With Attractive Discounts

Welcome emails are the way to give a better first impression to the subscribers. According to GetResponse’s research, the average open rate of welcome emails is above 80%. And, the click-through rate is around 22 to 25%.

You can consider the below Welcome email as an example. They have framed their mail with the relevant information and an invite to make them register on their website. Such a cool move!

Welcome Email Sample

The welcome emails reassure that the signup has already worked and the information you want to convey has reached their inbox. Your welcome email can include,

  • A thank you and a warm welcome message
  • Introduce your brand
  • Set expectations to the customers
  • Deliver incentive information
  • Explain about your referral program

Automate And Personalize Your Emails

Every subscriber loves to get personalized emails from the brand they love. Why not make their first name in the subject lines to keep it more personal?

Automate and Personalize Your Emails
Image Source: Getsitekit

According to the recent survey, when you add the recipient’s name in the subject line, you can increase the open rate to 35%. Can you believe it? Just adding a name can drastically raise your conversion too. Think about it.

You can consider LinkedIn as an example. Here is the way how they personalize their emails with a personalized connection.

LinkedIn Automated Email

And, know the peak timings that increase the open rate of your email. Try to automate the mails with the best email marketing tools available online.

Tips for an eCommerce owner: You can depend on a particular abandoned cart recovery plugin to automate all your emails to recover the cart and retain the purchase. So act accordingly in such cases.

Focus On The Subject Lines Of Your Email Newsletter

As discussed before, subject lines do play a huge role in increasing the open rate and the engagement rate of the newsletters. When a subscriber receives a mail, he/she will focus on the enlisted factors.

  • From whom they are getting the email
  • Subject line of the email
  • Preheader of the email

You can also use emojis to improve your open rate. Here are the ideas to look at before you try using emojis on your subject lines.

Most Used Emojis in Email Subject Lines
Image Source: MarketingProfs

As the mobile open statistics have been increasing simultaneously, it is always necessary to depend on the device before you frame a subject line for your newsletter. Try to stick around 30 to 60 characters that include a subject and the preheader text. Mix different types of subject lines like humor, seasonal, questioning, and personalized subject lines to increase the open rate of the newsletters.

SumoMe Email

SumoMe has handled the right subject line thereby increasing the curiosity of the readers to know more about the tool. Such a good example to implement subject lines for your newsletters.

Reward Your Loyal Email Subscribers

Rewarding your loyal email subscribers with discounts or coupon codes increases the credibility of your brand. Rather than putting effort into getting new leads, smart marketers always focus on the loyal customers and expand their business likewise.

There are myriad ways to reward your loyal subscribers. You can send the links to your e-books, booklets, and other essential resources for free. You can offer them a coupon code once they successfully register on your website. Look how Orchard has been doing it in a good way.

And, you can send a newsletter reminding your subscribers about the on-going referral programs on your website. Not all subscribers take the initiative suddenly. Reminding them at specific time intervals may make them take favorable action.

Email Newsletter Sample

This is how Moo sends invites to their loyal customers through their email newsletters. Getting into the play and using email newsletters as an option makes many brands successful. Hope you are next on the list.

Use Videos To Increase The Open Rate Of Your Email Newsletter

An email newsletter with a video can increase the click-through rate up to 300%. It also reduces your unsubscription rate to 75%. Not as a text, but according to research, email newsletters with video have increased the open rate by 19%.

MailerLite Webinar Invitation

You can consider MailerLite as an example. When it comes to personalization, emails and videos work hand in hand. Both the concept blends together and provides a convincing email to the subscribers. It makes them understand the whole information without any lag.

Focus On Actionable Call To Action Phrases In Your Newsletter

CTAs are the main triggering component in your newsletters. When you pick powerful call to action phrases for your newsletters, you can witness a drastic increase in your traffic and lead generation. A call to action phrase has the magic to make your subscribers take action instantly.

Look at the below email newsletter by Casper.

CTA Example from Casper

But, the thing is you need to add curiosity in the email. It is important to frame a curiosity-rich email to make your subscribers click the CTA button to know more. For example, if you are launching a new brand or a new course, create a buzz among your subscribers and make them click the CTA to explore it.

Use Lead Magnets Wisely In Your Email Newsletter

When you draft an email newsletter, do not forget to include the lead magnets in it. Lead magnets are nothing but the reason given to the customers to visit your website. Though it seems daunting, when you have convinced your subscribers with a flattening approach, there are many advantages gained out of it.

In the below image, Search Engine Journal has been promoting their blogs with a perfect email newsletter.

Email Newsletter Example from SEJ

You can use lead magnets like offering incentives, free ebooks, rewards, referral bonuses, coupon codes, and other benefits to make customers visit your website. Keep on sending relevant information along with the lead magnets in it. You can also include google forms to give their opinion about your brand or the service you provide.

Keep Your Design Simple And Attractive

Every brand has a diverse audience. Marketers often forget it and design high-end email newsletters for the campaign.

You can eye at the image to know how well an email newsletter can be designed.

Simple Email Newsletter

But, making the design simple drags many visitors to your site. As long as your email newsletter is simple and engaging, your website gets back its benefits. You can tune your email newsletters to an amazing mail to your subscribers in minutes. Here is how.

  • Place ALT text to your images that you ought to use in the newsletter
  • Add a period after the image text. It gives a pause and makes the reader understand better
  • Check on the image contrast ratio to improve readability
  • Use humour in your images. It makes the image funny and memorable

Do Not Forget To Do A/B Testing For Your Newsletter

Mistakes are a great barrier for your brand. Do not lower your brand value by making simple mistakes in your email newsletters.

You can keep an eye on the enlisted things and forecheck before starting your newsletter campaign.

  • Check your subject line and preheader text
  • Check your email sender’s list after proper segmentation
  • Check whether CTAs direct to the target page
  • Check whether you have placed the right ALT text for images
  • Check whether your mail looks good on all devices

This is how A/B testing actually works. Performable have changed their button colors after their AB testing.

A/B Testing for Email Newsletter

This is the time where A/B testing actually works. Send emails to you before sending them to your subscribers. You can make necessary changes before it hits your subscribers’ inbox. Take time to preview your email and make sure it works.

Wrapping Up

Sending a newsletter has become a common thing now. Every brand sends newsletters to its subscribers.

As of now, we have glanced at different best email newsletter practices to follow. Let us wrap it up.

  • Time always plays a crucial role in email newsletter campaigns.
  • Welcome mails makes an attractive first impression among your subscribers
  • Email automation and personalization always work hand in hand
  • A proper subject line always helps in getting an increased open rate
  • Rewarding your loyal email subscribers doubles your business growth
  • Using videos in your email newsletters increases the engagement rate
  • Actionable Call to Action phrases has the power to trigger the subscribers to the target page
  • Lead Magnets in email newsletters always carves the best way to attract more leads
  • An easy and user-friendly design grabs the attention of the subscribers
  • A/B testing helps you to tune your final email newsletter draft and send a perfect newsletter to your subscribers

Hope the list of best email newsletter practices will help you draft your newsletter perfectly. Cheers!

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