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Powerful Call To Action Phrases With Proven Examples

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  December 14, 2020  in Conversion Rate Optimization

Have you ever tried and experienced the magic of Call to Action phrases?

If not, I would say you are missing out on something important for your business. Making customers proceed in your desired direction is like herding cats.

They may abandon their shopping carts, do not proceed with your email newsletters, do not respond to your referral program, etc.

If you are the one who has been affected by the above-said scenarios, then you have to give a different trial now. Rather than saying it new, it is a flexible and convertible way to simply trigger your customers to take a step forward that you might have planned for.

So, what’s that?

Nothing but, the CTA (Call to Action) buttons.

CTAs not only provide prospects to your business but also catalyzes your marketing campaigns more effectively than before.

Let us have a detailed discussion about the CTA and its importance. And, guess what?

I have summed up the article with a heap of CTA examples that might help you to give a try. Don’t miss it out!!

What is Call to Action?

Probably, you might have heard marketers and other website owners humming their success through CTAs. Full-screen CTAs like exit-intent popups used in websites perform better than other CTA positions. Luckily, it also provides around a 25% conversion rate.

CTA is not a twist and turn jargon that cannot be understood or implemented. Instead, Call to Action phrases are an invitation to the customer to take the desired action. Often, Call to Action phrases come under persuasive writing.

Importance of Call to Action in Marketing

When CTA becomes the chance of improving your conversion rate, who hates to pick them and use it in their websites? CTAs are the powerful warrior that combats with the ranking hurdles. Every website or newsletter includes attractive CTA buttons that make the customers take further action.

Skipping the CTA is a grave mistake that will not bode well for your business. There are myriad reasons why a business website or a product page or an email campaign needs a CTA button. CTA button is such a staple on the site and in the ad copy. Three reasons have been enlisted to denote the importance of CTA in the current marketing realm.

CTAs and sales funnel goes hand in hand

Do you believe this? Undeniably, CTA helps in boosting up the conversion rate and thereby increasing the sales. Using attracting call to action phrases, the buyer’s journey has been truly confined. It is such a wonderful way to prompt customers to take the action that we actually need from them.

For example, if you are a blog owner willing to get more subscribers, instead of using “Subscribe” in your popup, try to use “Get More Tips for Free”. This is how CTA actually works!

CTA triggers the customer in an indirect way

Call to action phrases become the customer’s most wanted and expected button on any website or an email. Many people depend on the CTA at the end of the page to take their next step. Some visitors might have read your ad copy and are willing to proceed further. In that case, they will go for your CTA button and learn to do what’s next.

Omitting the CTA buttons will confuse the readers and most probably it will make customers deny your brand too.

CTA – the successful booster of digital advertising

The CTA is the missing puzzle piece to emphasize the customers to take the next step. Without the CTA button, your efforts will fall flat. In order to have a final hook at your customers’ decisions, make your Call to action phrases more attractive and eye-catching.

Added, inserting a CTA button in your ads or email copies will convey the right intent to your customers. Eventually, it results in increased sales and the number of sign-ups.

For these reasons, we cannot just blind-fold the importance of other digital marketing efforts. Still, CTA buttons are one last chance to grab your customer’s attention to grab them back to your site.

How to Write an Eye-Grabbing Call to Action Phrase?

After knowing the importance of CTA, the next thing to concentrate on is your Call to Action phrases. Before indulging in your Call to Action write-ups, determine your goal to achieve through the particular CTA. For example,

  • Are you in need of an increasing subscription?
  • Increase business revenue
  • Move readers to another content piece
  • Make your customers grab your limited deal

Whatever your goal may!! But, try to know it before drafting the call to action phrase. It is necessary to use brief and strong verbs. It has the capacity to gain audience attraction.

AWS Call to Action Button Example

Let us consider the above image as an example. There is a special magic in the word “Free”. When you add words like Hurry, Free, Limited Offer, and other tempting words to your Call to action phrases, there are high chances of getting more response. When you are running out of time, you can depend on the plugins and software available. Plugins like Optinly lets you to create exit-intent popups with multiple forms. Added, you can also create CTAs and attractive floating bars that satisfy your marketing needs.

As long as you include CTAs in your marketing efforts, you will eventually gain the results i.e. increased conversion rate.

Powerful Call To Action Phrases to Increase Clicks & Leads

From the days of a magazine till the digital ad era, every call to action phrase matters a lot. And, a vast area has been changed. The powerful call to action phrase yields multiple benefits to the business.

But, how to make CTA more powerful to grab more leads?

Nothing big! Just focus on the enlisted three elements.

  • Bring it as an attractive statement
  • Sense of urgency around responding in the right way
  • Crispy information to the users within few words

Now, let us get into the good stuff. As a call to action phrase has been used in multiple ends, why not distinguish the CTA according to their usage.

Call to action phrases that boost email signups

Using a colorful popup with a crispy CTA has immense opportunities to grow your email signups. Many CTAs have won the hearts of the customers that lead to a happy face for both ends.

Are you wondering whether a single call to action phrase has the power to incentivize your customers for signups?

Try to use the enlisted the call to action phrases listed here. And, you will not think about it again.

  • Get our secrets in your mailbox – Excite your customers to think about your brand. Give them a hint about your offer or services and make them know more about it.
CTA Button Example
  • Get Instant Access – Use the free trial form to gain email signups
Powerful CTA Button Example
  • I am in – Make customers think that they are missing something out
CTA Button Example
  • Become a conversion master – Business-made words to forward them to the next step
Lead Magnet CTA Button Example

And, the list goes on!! When you determine your goal, it is highly essential to make your CTA more appropriate to your goals.

Call to Action Phrases for Social Media

A call to action is not just limited to your website. Instead, it has affluence over every part of your marketing. Every page of your site must contain compelling CTAs that helps in lead conversion. If the visitor reaches the end of your ad, they will leave without responding to your CTA. Using CTA in the right place also matters a lot.

When it comes to Social media, you can use CTA either way. We have covered up enough CTAs and have listed them below.

  • Try it for free now – Quoting the “freebie” concept discussed earlier, try to use the word to persuade them
Try It for Free CTA Button
  • Order now and receive a gift – Make your customers think about your unique gift thereby your brand too!
Order Now CTA Button
  • Invite your friends and earn – An amazing CTA that helps your brand to reach nook and corner of the social media
CTA Button Example

In a similar vein, you can use CTAs to establish a connection or communication with your social media audience. You can use social media ads to execute your goal using attractive CTAs.

Call to action phrases for Landing pages

From the marketer’s point of view, every landing page must look attractive with the brand essentials and other optimization needs.

However, there are high chances of skipping the CTA button over that results in a high bounce rate. It is easy to leave your CTA button just by pointing” Submit”. But, this doesn’t make the customers make the next move.

Your CTA must have a clear meaning that convinces the customer to take further action or to spend time on your website.

Here are the picked call to action phrases to be used in landing pages that increase the lead generation and conversion as well.

  • Get Started – The best CTA that urges the customer to take the next step. It also helps in easy navigation
Get Started CTA Button
  • View Demo or Try it Now – When the customer is new to your site, the CTA like Learn more, view more, or get a demo will help in making them clear about our services or products
Get a Demo CTA Button
  • Talk to our expert now – The call to action phrase has immense opportunity to increase the online chat ratio. When the customer engages with online chat, there are high chances of them to be converted into a lead
Schedule Now CTA Button
  • Grab X% more today – Create an emergency for the customer. Using discounts, limited offers in the call to action phrases boosts the engagement rate.
Kissmetrics CTA Button Example

Call to action phrases for Ecommerce

Both a business and an eCommerce website knows the importance of using CTAs. Though your eCommerce store is well designed, CTA is an effective way to make your customers go forward in their purchases.

As the eCommerce store involves the buy and sale criteria, it is necessary to divert the customers to your recent offers, blockbuster sales, and other discounts, especially during the Holiday season.

Let us go with the flow and learn more about the call to action phrases for eCommerce sites.

  • Buy Now – Of course, the CTA with “buy” will always become the prior thing to consider when it comes to an eCommerce store
Buy Now CTA Button
  • New Collections are out – When it comes to beauty and apparel, every customer wishes to get unique collections beforehand. Try to notify them using the attractive CTAs
New Collections Popup CTA Button
  • Explore More – Instead of buying, you can showcase your customers about the products and the varieties you have in your store
Explore More CTA Button
  • Add to Cart – Do not forget to include the “Add to Cart” CTA. In your call to action phrase, make a business move, and keep the customer engaged with your site.
Add to Cart CTA Button

11 Super Cool Call To Action Examples

Compelling CTAs will help you grow your customer base and increase your conversion level. Using CTA helps you to gain hope and prospects for your business.

Have you ever used a simple CTA button on your website and experienced massive results?

If you have picked up the right CTA for your website, you might have experienced the same without any doubt.

Compared to other marketing levels, the call to action marketing is harder than it sounds. Luckily, there are millions of companies who have been working in CTA marketing and are achieving heights. So, you are not alone!!

Let us glance at the list of companies that have been using CTA marketing in the most successful way.


It is not necessary to use a hectic way to show your care to your customers. Even the laziest way works!! This is how GiftRocket has been attracting its customers using its attractive CTA.

Giftrocket CTA Button Example

GiftRocket manages to combine the two into a surprisingly compelling package that results in a decent fit for the customers you love.


No secret! Contently comes out with the best content around and thus incorporates with the landing pages. It incorporates some great call to action examples. Contently have been using their popups effectively and are placing the CTA in it.

Contently CTA Button Example

Though it is not generic, it highly concentrates on the Contently brand and thus becomes the prime factor to grab the attention of the audience. It brings a user-friendly and flexible approach that strengthens the relationship between contently and its audience.

Less Accounting

Getting leads to your business may become a risky process. But, when you use CTA in the right way, it will become a great benefit for your business. Eventually, Less Accounting has been using the same way. It becomes a great competition for the other SaaS companies.

LessAccounting CTA Button Example

Less Accounting with its attractive CTA has been really shining across. Offering financial software seems easier for Less Accounting with its attractive CTA option.

WordPress Engine

WordPress Engine uses CTA in an excellent way that brings a clear face to their customers. It uses strong CTA phrases like drive, grow, build, and power. It emphasizes the user to make their move faster than before.

WordPress Engine CTA Button Example

Using it twice in the ad and in their landing page will help in rapid growth. It is hard to deny this fact. Instead of encouraging immediate signup, they will help customers to learn more about their product. Such a cool idea, isn’t it?

Point Blank SEO

Now, let us talk about the newsletter sign-up CTAs. Asking them to sign up in a clever way is what the Point Blank SEO has been doing. If you have been struggling with the readership of your newsletter, then take the Point Blank SEO as an example.

Pointblank SEO CTA Example

The CTA is a highly effective aid for Point Blank SEO. Instead of asking normal sign-up or a submit button, Point Blank SEO makes a fun and even somewhat comical piece of content.


Every blog post with the CTA will become renowned. But, KISSmetrics is one of the simplest yet attractive of all. The homepage is more persuasive. Rather than breaking down into bells and whistles, Kissmetrics have been handling the CTAs effectively.

Kissmetrics CTA Button Example

However, the CTA with compelling actions will get more attention as little input to the users as well. The effort from Kissmetrics to the CTAs have been benefiting the users.


VoiceNation describes its audience in its CTA. The CTA, “Experience the Difference”, becomes the powerful CTA of VoiceNation.

Voice Nation CTA Example

It displays the confidence that gives their customers the prime superior policy and helps them to experience their free trial. Supported through a smaller and subtle text, the CTA of the VoiceNation has been demonstrating high ratings.

Quick Sprout

Quicksprout CTA Example

Quick Sprout has been encouraging users to engage with their educational content. It can be a quite challenging state to particulate the traffic to their site. But, with their amazing CTAs, Quick Sprout has been making it more ideal for the users. It does not require a different approach as the current state itself has been the right path to go ahead.


BigStock’s CTA in their image search box becomes a great example to give equal importance for CTA. Compared to the other marketing efforts, CTA marketing through BigStock will encourage immediate conversion.

Bigsstock CTA Button Example

Through comparison, BigStock ‘s CTA, you can find the exact image that you are looking for. And, hence it implies that finding the exact image will bring a good touch to the customers. It also drives engagement on their site thereby resulting in paying customers.


Salesforce with its fantastic homepage brings the best call to action examples that helps to drive uses to navigate the customers on the site. Salesforce’s homepage will bring in amazing top-of-the-fold content.

Salesforce CTA Button Example

The site also has multiple CTAs to ensure whether the users have been signing up. Using the CTAs, you can be able to funnel up the information that may change the expectation of the audience visiting the site.


Moo, an outstanding business card website, has an amazing quality to take into action. If you have not seen their first-hand collections, you might miss the chance to make the claim.

Moo CTA Button Example

With the ideal CTA, the customers will get an idea about Moo. It brings in an additional way to make their customers feel literal. The texture of the card is what the Moo has been concentrating about.

Time to draft your own CTA

The best call to action phrases are clear and thus drives the user to action. Your CTA must sell its value to your customers. It must insist on the customers take the next step. Getting an approachable CTA creation is important and thus focus on the goals.

Now, it’s time to inspire others with your own CTA and spin it for your own business. Try to create a more promising and compromising call to action phrases that help in conversion rate and boost your revenue.

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Monisha Thangavel 
Monisha Thangavel
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