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Top 11 B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2021

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  December 24, 2020  in Lead Generation

Lead Generation is easy!

Have you ever seen someone rolling their tongue with this phrase? Not much!!

Even sarcastic businessmen will think before uttering this line. Because it is not impossible but a tough one though.

Like a down-proof training in swimming, businessmen who wish to generate B2B leads will experience difficulties initially.

Many of you are really bombarded about the b2b lead generation ideas. It is mainly due to,

One.. Increased research conflicts to find better B2B leads

Not all the lead generation strategies or techniques suit your business. Pick up the right one and leave the rest untouched.

Two… Overhyped statistics and case studies that worked out well for some xxx companies and made them successful overnight.

Actually, these practices will not lead you to any victory. The ugly truth is that you have to tailor on your own to understand the DNA of your business and frame the existing strategy. Ignore all self-tooting horns and take the trail to come up with a new way to generate leads.

Begin your research from here. Let us dive in deep about the B2B lead generation strategies.

B2B Lead Generation and its types

Without any spoon-feed, even a novice businessman knows the basic concepts about b2b lead generation. But, knowing it doesn’t mean knowing the definition. Instead, the tricks and the turns involved while generating the B2B leads.

In short, B2B leads are the leads for business growth. On the contrary to the B2C lead generation, B2B lead generation seems a different approach. Selling business to business is the major tactic of B2B lead generation.

There are businesses that don’t have any idea where their leads are blooming. This is how the current digital phase works.

A bit long story in short: If you don’t really know where your leads are coming from, let me tell you a secret. You are not ALONE.

The blurriness of today’s digital landscape has made things really hard. Different browsers made marketers get lost in a time sink that endlessly collapses the total clarity.

Remember, effective B2B lead generation is collecting reliable plans and frankly putting forth tons of effort. You might have come across a million more overnight success stories of businesses with a single landing page. Besides, these “overnight success stories” are as instantaneous to believe.

Whilst coming to the lead generation mechanism, you would be broadly opening up into two types of lead generation.

  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Outbound Lead Generation

Cutting down its definition and origin, let us go far to the comparison between inbound and outbound lead generation.

Inbound Lead Generation Vs Outbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation includes organic promotions and other popular marketing deeds. Compared to outbound lead generation, inbound seems more popular and is a cost-effective way to do so.

When it comes to outbound lead generation, the businessmen would spend tons on promotions and other campaigns. On the contrary, the inbound lead generation is similar to the viral video that garners a lot of attention from your target audience at a relatively low cost.

inbound lead generation vs outbound lead generation

Let’s say, in outbound marketing, the business will get cutting-edge advertising through precise targeting and tracking. For many B2B companies, outbound marketing is a game worthy enough to indulge. You can self analyze it with the data of the companies you have encountered.

Wait, do not conclude and go ahead with Inbound marketing before knowing this point.

Inbound lead generation requires a higher degree of creativity and industriousness on your company’s side. Make it easier with effective plugins or software to deal with things effectively.

Both inbound and outbound lead generation strategies are needed to analyze which method works well with your business and growth plan.

Without further ado, let us know about the best B2B lead generation strategies to encounter in the upcoming year 2021.

Top 11 future-forward Lead Generation Strategies for 2021

Many marketers are in search of the silver bullet that tends to increase the B2B leads. Unfortunately, such a thing doesn’t exist.

Even an effective lead generation campaign collapses when your website has been plagued with poor user experience, slow speed, and mediocre messaging.

Our experts have come up with myriad strategies that help you to optimize your website to convert your visitors to high-quality B2B leads.

Not much, just top picked 11 lead generation strategies awaiting!!

Focus on site’s UX and interactivity portion

Do you love to spend time on a boring website with static content? Obviously, I hope you are shaking your head left to right.

Focus on UX and Interactivity

Optimizing your website and landing page becomes a highly differentiable way to attract your visitors. Make new attempts to grab the attention of your visitors. Make sure there are no distractions on your page. Try to use actionable CTAs that trigger your visitors to have a smooth browsing experience.

Added, properly placed lead generation forms on different places on the site, increases the chances of getting more leads. Keep the lead generation forms more engaging and responsive on all devices. Test different formats and pick the one that brings immense response/leads.

Tailor your email marketing campaigns

In the B2B lead generation world, every marketer knows the importance of email marketing. According to recent research, almost 50% of marketers prefer email for lead generation. Compared to the social media campaigns, the email newsletter brings more interaction among the target business.

Percentage of People Who Like to Receive Promotional Content on Emails

If you are an established business looking to target other businesses, you have to bring your focus to email marketing campaigns. The great thing about email marketing is that you can decide the target business list with whom you can interact with. Segment the target business and engage them with your unique ideas.

Custom email campaigns always help you to draw attention from the business faster. Combined with the power of email marketing, you can indulge in using multiple b2b lead generation tools to manage relations between your clients and prospects.

Spice up your cold emails

Apart from email marketing, have you ever tried reaching your B2B leads with something emotional? Having an emotional connection with your B2B leads always paves the right way towards a successful business establishment.

But, it has become really really common. Every marketer and the sales team have been dumping the B2B leads’ inbox with such crappy mails.

So, how do you make a difference here? Here it goes!!

Cold Email Sample

Try to drop in some quirkiness and get some messages back. Rather than getting lost behind the queue, try to indulge in implementing quirky lead generation tactics. It helps you to seem different in the beige crowd. Let other people (even your colleagues) give suggestions. And, don’t be too worried about the feedback.

Use images and other creative approaches to make the mail as different as possible. By the way, do not forget to spice up the mail with the essential lead generation points. Try to rely on the email list building tools that cover all your efforts.

Build your own online community

Social network alone doesn’t bring you leads or hypes. Instead, it allows you to really cement yourself with the thought process. Approach your B2B leads with a brand perspective and get a live interaction.

Post yourself and build your personal brand. Your own social media community is the place where you can share unique pieces that are likely to grab the attention of the people. Coming up with unique posts always helps you to promote your brand on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What’s more? The tips to keep you clearer!!

Tips to build an online community

If you are a newbie SaaS type business, then it is the perfect way to nurture your business through an online community. Now, a word of caution – it will take time to grow. Grab the attention of the influencers and make them your brand advocates. It helps you to sort a list of B2B leads within a short period.

Optimize your mobile traffic

Over the last few years, Google’s noise about the importance of mobile traffic is high. Every PageSpeed insights score has been prioritizing mobile performance.

Lower Bounce Rate for Lower Site Load Speeds

In mobile traffic, every simple stuff matters. The image is an example of that. Make sure enough to keep your site clear and easy. It helps the visitors to have easy navigation. Multiple B2B mobile sites become an assault to the eyes with a myriad of popups, live chat tools, and other compelling CTAs.

Start filling the mobile screen with some essential triggering options that will make the visitor take the next step. Every B2B lead wishes to get treated in a unique way. Why miss it? Take the unique step to attract your B2B leads and experience business growth.

Go for long-tail keywords to generate new leads

Keywords play a huge role in ranking and lead generation. Whilst coming to the effective B2B lead generation strategies, using keywords seems a good try. Peculiarly, when you try implementing long-tail keywords, you would see the results sooner.

The image helps you to explore more about the difference between using the normal keywords and the long-tail keywords.

Broad Keywords vs Long-tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword (probably more than two words) are very specific and usually gets a considerable search volume. It is also necessary to treat every content as a loop towards your B2B leads. Consider it as writing a piece for your B2B lead generation campaign. The trade-off for the high purchase intent long-tail keyword with very little SEO effort. It helps in increasing sales for your business.

Better and more quality rich backlinks

While discussing the B2B lead generation strategies, no marketer is fool enough to leave backlinks behind. Backlinks are unarguably the most important factor when it comes to your content or site ranking.

Getting quality-rich backlinks is not a cakewalk these days. So, how do you get more backlinks for your website?

Effectiveness of Backlinks

Well, you can opt for services that provide you rich backlinks. To be honest, it is a sort of sketchy thing though. A few most common ways to gain backlinks for your site are,

  • Guest posts
  • Broken Links
  • Relevant Outreach

Using the listed options, you can build backlinks and generate B2B leads. Without backlinks, your lead generation would likely be dead in the water.

Using attractive exit-intent popups

Exit-intent popups, undoubtedly, the best way to interact with your B2B leads. It is one of the most effective ways to capture leads on the door when the visitor tries to bounce back.

Optinly's Exit Popup Templates

In order to come up with an attractive popup, you can rely on Optinly, the first goal-based popup.

It encourages conversions and page views that helps the visitors to reconsider their decision to bounce back.

You can use exit-intent popups to engage potential leads thereby directing them to your target page or your blog. Surprisingly, you can use Optinly for FREE. Clever businessmen will never leave this opportunity to give a try. How about you?

Create pillar articles in your blog

Turning your company’s blog section into a learning session is an old but gold practice. It works well in engaging with your B2B leads. You can create pillar articles on specific topics that bring great information to your site’s visitors.

Singlegrain Pillar Article Posts

It also creates a compelling action towards your website and gives a good promotion to your website. Try to cover several articles that your visitors are in need of. You can try long-tail keywords that prospect the reach of your article. If tuned properly, your articles will help to improve your rankings and potentially increases lead growth in an organic means.

Give a frictionless experience to your B2B leads

You might have come across the article by Jared Spool. He, the designer, has come up with an excellent idea, that bought a massive change in their site’s revenue.

His article about $300 million dollar button change explains how a login requirement removal in a website generates a $15 million revenue. This one tweak has made them an immense advantage and thereby increased their lead count all of a sudden.

Effectiveness of Decreased Friction

So, what’s the concept here?


Say, when he removed the login requirement, the visitors got a flexible way to engage with their website and their sales increased gradually. This is how you need to handle friction to increase your B2B leads. When you friction your enemy, your website would become more lead-friendly.

Earn your B2B leads’ trust with social proof

Social media, as discussed earlier, is the most powerful tool for B2B lead generation. Social media has a great source of leads if you understand where to look and what to concentrate on. In order to proceed further with your website, every B2B lead will look for the best social proof.

Chris Dreyer Message

Look at the image. This is how top company CEOs have been branding their business using social media platforms.

Using your online communities and social media platforms, try to brand your business and give it a good covering. Under the smart purchase decision concept, every B2B lead would take their step forward to the website that has positive and good-to-go social proof. The more social proof you gather, the easier it would be to attract new B2B leads to your website.

Everything works when you try

Having a strong lead generation strategy is essential for successful business growth. Though there are a host of complex ingredients, understand the “flavor” that actually works.

The trick is nothing but using the right ingredient at the right time for the right target leads. Instead of overlying on the few strategies, keep your mind broad and pick the leadership strategies that help to increase sales. Use empathy to discover the most needed ones.

Finally, getting a track with the best B2B lead generation strategies isn’t as confusing as the Bermuda triangle. More importantly, spice up the enlisted B2B lead generation strategies with your own trail to experience more B2B sales. Hope it works!!

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