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23 Best Lead Generation Tools to Get More Leads (Updated)

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  August 18, 2020  in Lead Generation

More leads are equal to more money!! Are you the one who believes in this concept? If yes, then it is time to change your focus.

Lead generation is the narcissistic guest at a dinner party. If the lead generation is that interesting, you need to listen and analyze them to get the results you want.

According to a recent survey, around 78% of B2B companies have focused on lead quality over lead quantity. But to do this scale, you have to step your legs into the best b2b lead generation tools.

Why is email list building important to grow your business?

Though you have a beautifully designed and user-friendly eCommerce platform, it will not always make your customers visit back often.

In this case, they might have missed many happenings, including takeaways, thanksgiving, offer period, etc. Here is when the email marketing campaign comes in handy for businessmen.

A single click of your potential customers will grab them back to your site during any prominent announcements. Keep them engaged with the latest updates and important news about your website. It makes them visit your site frequently, leading to better brand recall.

Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, believes that the email list is critical. He also added that the initial step is to collect email addresses. Collecting email addresses will let the businessmen focus on driving sales and keeping their customers updated somehow.
Lead generation is more than just making visitors visit your site. It helps collect information about your customers that helps in driving traffic and communication between your potential customers.

Lead generation is as tough as you think!! When you have a complete list of both paid and free b2b lead generation tools to grow your email list, you are on top of your customers’ favorite brands!!

Time to pick up the best lead generation tools

Growing your email list through the best lead-generation tool is not always your cup of tea. It needs a research eye to analyze and pick the one that your company starves.

If chosen right, the businessmen would encounter a drastic change in their sales curve and the conversion ratio. Be ready to explore effective lead generation tools to choose the best!!

Lead Data Collection Tools

Lead Feeder

Lead Feeder is an effective site visitor identification tool. It has been designed for digital marketers and sales teams. You can collect necessary information from the dashboard, including the companies visiting your site through which they failed to fill out your email subscription form.

LeadFeeder Lead Generation Tool

There is no use in diverting traffic to your website when there is no improvement in your email list. So, marketers prefer using lead feeder on their websites.


  • Active tracking including company name, number of employees, etc
  • Visitor’s activities on your website with precise report
  • Crystal clear information about the source from which visitors bounced back to your site


A free trial is available. The paid version starts from $69/month.


Skrapp is a free B2B lead generation software to find the LinkedIn email address of your visitor. You can enable Skrapp as your Google extension and enable the “find email” button. It will help you to find the email addresses of the visitors through their LinkedIn profile.

Skrapp Lead Generation Tool

The algorithm of the Skrapp plugin will help you to grow your email address without any further thought. The web dashboard provides storage and management to synchronize with the lead directory.


  • Just a single click will help you find the email addresses of your potential clients
  • If you are looking for a specific person, you can enter their name and search for their email address
  • Easy targeting


  • Free up to 150 email search/month
  • Paid plan starts from $39 for 1000 emails/month

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is an active lead-generation plugin for WordPress. Using thrive leads seems similar to having your list-building and conversion scenario. It has been baked right with the perfect powerful piece of lead generation software.

Thrive Leads Lead Capturing Tool

Thrive leads makes lead generation easier through powerful magnets, high conversion templates, and easy to use plugins. To create great designs, you can rely upon the simple drag and drop editor available in Thrive Leads.

Being a sophisticated plugin enables you to grab your visitors’ attention and get more information from them. You can make use of their templates to feed your email list.


  • Supports all types of opt-in forms
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Built-in reports


One time fee for Thrive Leads is $67

Email lookup Tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to focus on the right people and companies. You can stay-up-to-date and check what’s happening in your account.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool

It helps you to keep track of the visitors and can gain a connection with them. You can also grab their email addresses and make a step towards increased email numbers.


  • Advanced lead search to peculiarly filter connections accordingly
  • Lead recommendations and saved leads will discover the right people, save them, and contact them
  • Alerts and insights will help you to take the right action at the right time


LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional starts from $79.99/month, or you can go for $779.88/annual.


Clearout helps you generate leads and build your sales pipeline from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. They offer a Chrome Extension for LinkedIn that when installed will allow you to find an email from a LinkedIn profile, your connections on LinkedIn, LinkedIn search, and more.

Clearout also offers quick and bulk email finding capabilities just through contact name and company domain.


– Finds emails that are validated in real-time.

– Helps keep sales & marketing contact data clean and healthy.

– Offers integration with all online forms and blocks invalid or spam email addresses.


100 Free credits on signup. Paid plan starts at $21.


When you wish to do a quick email search, Hunter is a handy lead generation tool. Peculiarly, Hunter helps you to find and validate the email addresses. If you are looking for a person’s email, then Hunter seems to be a perfect match to collect it.

Hunter Email Lookup Tool

Though it is not always accurate, you can still use it for free. It is an excellent B2B lead generation tool to add up in your lead generation tool list.


  • Hunter provides valid mail addresses
  • Beneficial for sales and marketers to reach their clients
  • Chrome extension of Hunter is available


Free up to 100 email requests. And $39/month applicable for 1000 email requests/month. is a lead generation tool designed to streamline the process of acquiring leads and enhancing sales outreach efforts. With its multifaceted functionalities, offers an email finder and verifier, facilitating the identification and validation of potential leads.
Additionally, its cold and email drip campaign features empower users to execute targeted outreach strategies efficiently.
The platform also serves as a robust sales tool, aiding in lead generation and management. By leveraging, businesses can optimize their lead acquisition efforts and boost conversion rates.


Efficient email finding and verification capabilities
Streamlined cold email and drip campaign
Targeted lead generation strategies
Enhanced sales outreach and management tools
Time and cost savings through automation and optimization


Trial: $0/mo for 50 credits and 100 email recipients
Starter: $30/mo for 1,000 credits and 5,000 email recipients
Pro 5K: $75/mo for 5,000 credits and 10,000 email recipients.


AeroLeads stands unique in providing email prospecting services. It is a b2b lead generation tool used to find out email addresses and other contact information in a precise manner. It highly improves your chances of getting landing at the right inbox.

Aero Leads Email Lead Generation Tool

You can install AeroLeads in your Chrome and add them as your extension. You can submit the details and AeroLeads works for you to get the contact information about the particular company.


  • A helpful tool in finding real-time leads
  • Flexible across multiple platforms
  • It helps you to collect business information, email IDs, and B2B data


Starts from $49/month for their software and $799 for their “Done-for-you” service.

Form and Email Collection tools


OptinMonster is a powerful email list-building option to create attractive popups and slide-ins for your website. The tools come with lots of pre-loaded themes. It helps in customizing the popups from scratch. You can do this using the Custom HTML and CSS.

OptinMonster Email Collection Tool

Added, OptinMonster integrates with all types of email marketing and CRM platforms. It helps you to grab more leads with hype in the conversion rate.


  • Page-level targeting helps you to run campaigns for different pages.
  • Exit-intent technology triggers to get attention from the visitors
  • On-site retargeting helps you to create a discount or offer for returning visitors


Basic plan – $9

Plus – $19

Pro – $29

Growth – $49


SumoMe is a well-known WordPress lead generation plugin. Like Optinly, both B2B and B2C companies rely on the SumoMe plugin. It is an email collection tool that manages auto-response, visitors, and other triggering options for your website.

Sumome Email Collection Tool

SumoMe helps in converting your visitors into potential customers. It has better discount codes and Shopify integration.


  • Additional plugins including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento adds on to the Sumo Service
  • Modern and flexible mail optin forms
  • Full-screen welcome mat stands ahead from other plugins
  • Perfect integration with liquid workflow


Both free and paid versions available. The paid version allows 750 subscribers for $24/month.


Optinly, a goal-based lead generation software, enables users to meet all kinds of business requirements. The popup templates available in Optinly can grab the attention of the visitors.

Optinly Lead Generation Tool

Moreover, there are a variety of WooCommerce popup templates available in Optinly. Using different WooCommerce popup plugins will allow you to pursue your marketing goals without any lag.


  • Advanced triggering options
  • Pre-existing Shortcodes for personalization
  • No coding skill required to customize popups
  • 10+ goal-based popups including gamification popups


Flexible pricing for all business types. Available for free and the growth pack starts from $25/month.


Pippity popup plugin is a visually appealing and user-friendly popup. You can customize your popup according to your brand. Pippity is more flexible to work with various platforms. Setting up a Pippity plugin is more comfortable with high-end customization.

Pippity Lead Generation Plugin

Pippity plugin triggers popups during the scrolls, exit time, and after a pre-set time delay. You can also use different filters to design a popup on your desired pages.


  • Multiple popups
  • Customized themes
  • Beautiful front end designs
  • Email service integration


Personal – $49

Business – $89

Developer – $127

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools


HubSpot CRM is a free plan. It is a great way to organize, track, and nurture leads. It helps to track interactions automatically and helps in updating the happenings.

Hubspot CRM Tool

It is easy to capture, store, and nurture leads through HubSpot. And, it is easy to integrate HubSpot with the CRM or to any data platform. You can create alluring content through HubSpot to gain the visitor’s attention.


  • Leverage the SEO power of customer’s retention
  • HubSpot marketing helps in a great inbound flywheel
  • Full Visibility to the sales team about the previous touchpoints of the customer
  • Features like free ticketing will amuse the customer


Both free and paid versions are available. Paid version has been enlisted below.

Starter – $50/month

Professional – $400 -$800

Enterprise – $1200 – $3200


Pardot is a popular lead generation software. It manages and qualifies the sales leads. It ensures whether the leads are the best to continue further. It includes fine-grained segmentation and marketing automation for better communication with your future customers.

Pardot Lead Generation Software

In the B2B lead generation, Pardot plays an important role. Using its vital technology, Pardot has been helping to analyze the leads for many top-notch companies.


  • The number of qualify leads is improved
  • Users have a customized experience through the smart automation feature
  • Marketing automation makes marketing administration simple than ever
  • Marketers use purpose-built tools to maximize the customer pipeline


Growth Plan – $1250

Plus Plan – $ 2500

Advanced Plan – $4000


Contactually, a b2c lead generation tool, need a single click to manage your Google or Office365 contacts. After the connection, it is easy to organize and segment the contacts. You can also optimize and schedule the communication between the Contactually’s AI tools.

Contactually Lead Generation Tool

You can segment your contacts into “buckets” in Contactually. You can have the buckets for active leads, cold leads, your sphere of influence, and more.


  • Extended customer relationships beyond the sales
  • Avoid black holes in the lead nurturing process
  • Parameters are available to filter the leads
  • Reminders to reach out the leads


Professional – $69/month

Accelerator – $119/month


Marketo is another complete marketing tool that provides everything you need for lead generation. It helps businesses to form relationship with prospective customers before they talk to sales reps. It also helps you to attract leads via inbound and outbound marketing. It is applicable for B2B and B2C businesses.

Marketo Marketing Tool

Marketo helps bring quality leads and handles other features, including lead management, marketing automation, and even account-based marketing.


  • Marketo offers lead scoring, analytics, and ROI tracking
  • High user-friendliness
  • Marketo offers multiple CRM integration tools to integrate, including Drift, Zoom, Ringlead, etc.
  • If sufficiently trained, using Marketo is quite easier


Marketo has no free plans. But, free trial is available. The paid versions start from $895/month.

LiveChat Software


Botsify is a fully managed chatbot platform that helps businesses to deliver the finest customer support. It allows non-techie people to create a customized chatbot without coding skills.

Botsify Lead Generation Plugin

Botsify’s smart features include live chat, video chat, group messaging, templates, call to action, prediction, social media integration, screen sharing, speech recognition, supports multi-languages, easy payment methods, reports, and analytics.

Botsify has easy to integrate chatbot on Website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS. With its story-based interface, people find it convenient to add stories and test their bots instantly. It makes switching from a chatbot to a human agent feasible and automates further processes.

Botsify helps you to create multiple types of chatbots to perform different tasks in different industries. You can build with it ready to use templates for all industries. You can use Botsify for upcoming scenarios, say a food chatbot for restaurants, tracking and shipping details for E-commerce, booking and reservation chatbots for hospitality, generate leads & selling property for real estate, and more.

Moreover, it speaks over 190 languages so you can ensure offering global support to all your customers. If a chatbot stuck in any complex queries, an easy takeover of the human agent is possible in real-time LiveChat. Botsify itself provides streamlined customer support for their clients and also you can consult Botsify’s chatbot development manager to customize the bot for your business after having a demo.


Botsify pricing structure starts from $49 per month. Also, the 14-day free trial is available for the first sign-up.

Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey, the best live chat lead generation software, allows you to engage with your visitors proactively. You can also generate and grow your email list. They also offer real-time support across various platforms.

Mobile Monkey

Most live chat software can be visible on a company’s website. Using Mobile Monkey, you can grab your visitors’ attention and convert them into your potential customers.


  • Proactive live chat
  • A wise-option to run click-to-messenger ads on social media
  • Boost your social media posts and content


Both free and paid versions are available. The paid version starts from $19/month


Drift is a cloud-based live chat app that helps in lead generation. It allows the visitors to your site to click a chat bubble. It instantly helps you to contact the customer.

Drift CRM Tool

Drift helps in getting more customers and interacting them lively. Boost your customer interaction rate through Drift.


  • Drifts initiate a personalized connection with your customers
  • Increased attention to potential customers
  • Future enhancements will increase customer retention rate


Both free and paid versions are available. The free version is applicable for one user up to 100 contacts. The paid version starts from $50/month.


Intercom is a popular lead generation tool used for a live chat on your site. Intercom has different features including conversation management, sending targeted messages and publishing help articles.

Intercom Lead Generation Tool

Intercom does not need any special setup. Many websites have been using Intercom to manage their customers effectively.


  • On-site messaging gives hype to your customers
  • Proactive messages about the key points in their journey
  • Automatic tracking of logged-in WordPress users as Intercom users


No free plan. The paid plan starts at $49/month

Contest lead generation tools


UpViral is a powerful lead generation tool to run an online contest. It is a sweepstake, rewards, and waitlist campaign platform that runs in any social media. Through UpViral, you can resist fake entries to your campaign.

Upviral Referral Marketing Platform

The pre-built campaign templates of UpViral helps you to grab the visitors and make them follow your brand. It highly saves your time and brings valuable entries to your campaign as well as your mail list.


  • Strict auto-verification of online contest entries
  • Cool interactive leaderboards, including gamification. It helps generate more leads at a short time
  • Attractive sales tools are also available


Starter – $39

Business – $59

Premium – $149


Vyper is a tool to create viral contests. Creating a viral contest is not an easier thing without contest tools like Vyper. It enables your contest participants to earn additional entries by completing further actions. It urges the customer to complete the forms on your website, follow your social profiles, and refer their friends.

Vyper Lead Generation Tool

You can set the number of extra entries to the participants earning. It will increase the likelihood of your contest.


  • Engaging contests and rewards to your customers is a plus
  • Intuitive dashboards and templates are available
  • Incentivizing actions to boost your customers’ social engagement


Paid plan starts from $29/month


Gleam functions similarly to Vyper. It allows you to create a viral contest. Gleam enables you to create contests for different purposes and on different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Eventbrite, etc.

Gleam Contest Lead Generation Tool

It is a popular giveaway contest tool popularly used. You can create a separate giveaway landing page on your website for giveaways using Gleam.


  • The code snippet is available to paste in WordPress
  • Increased export option in their Business plan upgrade
  • A set-up wizard is available to connect email services and social profiles


A free plan is available. And, enlisted are the paid plans.

Hobby plan – $10/month

Pro plan – $49/month

Business Plan – $149/month


Baluu is a scheduling tool used to schedule meetings, events, and classes. You can also use the tool as activity booking software or to schedule meetings, calls, and more with your customers—and the coolest part is, it’s all managed in one easy-to-use interface.

Baluu gives you control over when and where you meet with each of your clients and allows them to choose their own time slots as well. This makes it easier than ever for you to manage your schedule without having to worry about scheduling conflicts or missed appointments. If there’s an issue with a meeting time that doesn’t work for either party, Baluu will automatically rebook the appointment at a different time slot. This will work better for both parties involved.


  • Set up several user accounts for your team
  • Integrated CRM tool with robust capabilities
  • Create accounting reports, grow your income, and get insights


Free Plan for up to 50 bookings per month

Lite (£14/mo+VAT)

Standard (£24/mo+VAT)

Growth (£39/mo+VAT) 

Why not try the best among these now?

So, the list is ready!! Your website is the place where you can do wonders in your business. Picking and using the right lead generation tool for your website will help you to get results eventually. Keep an eye on the design of your website—start building and implementing the process to feed your email list.

Every conversion rate expert would agree on the importance of email addresses for a successful business. A perfect WordPress business lead generation tool will bring a strong impression to your brand. The perfect B2B strategies along with ideal tools, the best combination one could ask for.

Now, everything is ready! Your list has been popping. Get ready and start spreading your brand everywhere.


What are lead generation tools?

Lead generation tools are a handy solution to grab leads for your brand and convert them into potential clients. Say, Optinly, with its colorful and useful popups, attracts your clients and converts them as your loyal clients. The lead generation tool is all about grabbing and converting leads.

How to turn the lead generation tool into action?

Lead generation tools/software can be bought and installed in your system. Few tools/plugins will integrate with your WordPress and start its work. At times, some plugins need additional things to be done. Once your purchase is over, verify the installation steps to start.

What is social media lead generation?

Social media lead generation is nothing but generating leads through campaigns and other activities on social media platforms.

Why are lead generation tools important?

Lead generation tools are equally important in the business realm. In order to stay ahead in your competitor’s race, you need some attractive tools to attract your visitors towards you. Lead generation tools do that for your business to increase the leads.

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