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7 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins You Should Use in 2020

Posted by Akshy Anbu on  July 24, 2020  in eCommerce

When it comes to improving conversion rates and sales on your WooCommerce store, there’s no better alternative than using a WooCommerce popup plugin. It’s because, WooCommerce popup plugins generally come with amazing growth features to help your online store scale growth and revenue simultaneously. With fair-minded flexibility and assorted growth goals, WooCommerce popup plugins can definitely shoot up your leads and increase online sales.

Even though there are a lot of free and paid WooCommerce popup plugins available, finding the best popup plugin for your WooCommerce store requires quite a bit of research.

But before we start with the cherry-picked list of the best WooCommerce popup plugins, it’s important that you know the advantages of using a WooCommerce popup plugin.

Advantages of Using a WooCommerce Popup Plugin

  • WooCommerce popup plugins can help show the latest deals to your store customers.
  • Display lead capturing forms to grow your email list.
  • Create social proof popups with product reviews and client testimonials using a WooCommerce popup plugin.
  • Create personalized popups to improve your customer’s shopping experience.
  • With a WooCommerce popup plugin on-board, upselling, cross-selling and product recommendations can be made very easy.
  • A popup plugin can help increase store revenue 10x times provided popups are well-designed and strategically placed.
  • WooCommerce popup plugins are easily affordable for businesses of all sizes as they come in both free and paid versions.

Above mentioned are a few reasons as to why WooCommerce popup plugins are the most popular choice among eCommerce store owners. And now to the next part!

7 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins

Like we said before, let’s look at the top 7 WooCommerce popup plugins that could help transform your business by driving more website conversions and we’ll start with Optinly.

1. Optinly

Optinly WooCommerce Popup Plugin
Image Source: WordPress Repository

Optinly is a goal-based WooCommerce popup plugin that helps you meet all kinds of business growth requirements – whether it be audience building or reducing cart abandonment, Optinly does it all for you.

Optinly Types of Popups
Image Source: Optinly

What makes Optinly be second to none is its goal-based, highly customizable WooCommerce popup templates that allows you to pursue your marketing goals with ease.

Optinly Popup Templates

Also, Optinly is a no-code required WordPress popup plugin that’s best when it comes to lead generation, customer retention, discounts promotion, feedback collection, website conversions, polls and more.


  • 10+ marketing goals and 30+ goal oriented popup templates
  • 6 different types of popup forms which include gamification popups
  • Advanced triggering and targeting options to display popups to website visitors at the right moment
  • Easy to use WooCommerce popup plugin – no design or development skills required
  • Popup templates are highly customizable and mobile responsive
  • Pre-existing shortcodes that can be used to display customer names and enhance the personalization factor
  • Target based on your user’s device – mobile, desktops or tablets, page based targeting, user based targeting and more
  • Seamless integration with 10+ top Email marketing service providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact and more


The pricing plans of Optinly are suitable for businesses of all sizes. There’s a forever free plan for businesses who want to take it small and the growth plan starts at $25/month.

2. Popup Maker

Popupmaker WooCommerce Popup Plugin
Image Source: WordPress Repository

Popup Maker allows you to expand your email list and to bring your latest discounts to your customers with the help of charming on-screen messages. Popup Maker can be used to create any kind of popup modal.

Also, Popup Maker is a very versatile and flexible WordPress popup plugin that allows you to display popups at the exact potential moment by implementing target conditions, including click triggers on your website.


  • Highly customizable and mobile responsive popups
  • Advanced triggering options include on-click and exit intent triggers
  • Device based targeting, user based targeting and more
  • Visual theme builder to build popups on the go
  • Integration with top email service providers


Popup Maker can be downloaded for free from the WordPress repository whereas the paid versions start from $87 per year and goes up to $247 per year.

3. YITH WooCommerce Popup

YITH WooCommerce Popup Plugin
Image Source: WordPress Repository

If there’s a popup plugin that’s specially built to promote offers and product recommendations, it’s YITH WooCommerce Popup.

The popup plugin works well to highlight offers, promotions and news related to your products. Also, YITH popup plugin gives you full freedom to choose when to display your popup.

With YITH Woocommerce popup plugin, you’ll be able to use your popups to catch more user attention by creating the best popup windows where you can add messages, a newsletter form or products from your store.


  • 6 different popup templates to choose from
  • Set display timing and display positions for popups
  • Freedom to create a unique popup for each page
  • Customize popup layouts
  • Custom close buttons can be added to your popups


There’s a free YITH WooCommerce popup version available. Also, you can purchase premium WooCommerce popup features starting from $59.99/year for a single site.

4. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups WooCommerce Popup Plugin
Image Source: Code Canyon

Another most prominent WooCommerce sales popup plugin is Ninja Popups. Ninja Popups helps you create popups that correlate with your website’s theme.

Ninja popups WordPress plugin is tremendously responsive and they work really well both on desktop websites and mobile devices. They are easy to configure and this WooCommerce popup plugin does not require any coding experience to work with.

They can be customized and used for a wide range of purposes like newsletter subscriptions, recommended or related items, social follows, etc. This WooCommerce Popup Plugin also offers the capability for performing A/B testing. Thus you can try different popup variations to analyze which one performs the best. Also, a detailed dashboard makes this one of the best WooCommerce popup plugins you should consider using.


  • Inbuilt drag & drop popup builder
  • Multiple popup display positions to choose from
  • Pre-existing responsive popup templates
  • Detailed analytics – check engagement and conversions
  • Page-Level Targeting, A/B Testing and more features


As for Ninja Popups, the regular price starts at $27 for a single website with tons of benefits.

5. Bloom

Bloom WooCommerce Popup Plugin
Image Source: Elegant Themes

Bloom is a WooCommerce Popup Plugin by Elegant Themes which inholds a lot of built-in features. This popup plugin is both an email optin and a lead generation popup plugin.

This is a simple popup plugin for WordPress where you can pick up your favorite popup from six available types – Automatic optin popup, automatic optin popup fly-ins, Inline optin popup forms, below content optin popup forms, widget area optin popup forms and optins to unlock the content and run your campaign. Let’s look at the features below


  • Multiple popup types
  • Advanced targeted display settings
  • Pre-existing popup templates that are responsive and highly customizable
  • A/B testing, performance dashboard and more
  • Seamless integrations with top email marketing services


Bloom comes up with premium options where the yearly access starts at $89/year and lifetime access at $249.

6. Beeketing

Beeketing WooCommerce Marketing Platform
Image Source: WordPress Repository

Beeketing comes as a one-piece marketing automation platform for WooCommerce stores. It’s more than just a WooCommerce popup plugin and helps stores easily improve conversion rates & cart value, prevent cart abandonment and boost online sales.

Beeketing lets your store visitors know about recent sales which is also a motivating factor to increase purchases on your store and Beeketing does this just fine. But wait, it doesn’t stop here. You can also display exit popups and reduce cart abandonment in your store with ease. Below mentioned are a few features of Beeketing marketing platform for WooCommerce,


  • Prevent cart abandonment using exit-intent popups
  • Increase cart value using upsell and cross-selling options
  • Motivate customers to complete purchases using countdown timers, free shipping offers and more
  • Send abandoned cart emails to win back customers
  • Optimized UI/UX, no coding skills required and more


Beeketing comes with a forever free plan with very limited features. You can opt for paid plans starting from $8/month.

7. OptinMonster

OptinMonster WooCommerce Popup Plugin
Image Source: WordPress

OptinMonster optin popup plugin is known for its email growth popups that come in different variations to reach your customers. This optin popup plugin provides pre-built templates that can be customized.

Customizing pop-ups as per your requirements is easy with in-built drag and drop builder. Also, behavior automation is available to target and personalize offers to the right buyers.

You can target your customers by using different popup forms such as slide-in forms, slidebar forms, floating headers and footers, etc.


  • Drag and drop builder to customize popup templates or build from scratch
  • Exit Intent technology
  • Geolocation targeting, page-Level targeting and more
  • Powerful dashboard with deep analytics & Insights
  • Seamless Integration with top email service providers


OptinMonster offers users 4 types of paid plans – basic, plus, pro, and growth which ranges between $9 to $49/month. It should also be noted that Optinly does not offer users a free plan!

The Bottom Line

Now that we’ve come to an end, let’s speak the obvious. Popup plugins are the fastest-growing eCommerce store allies that can help achieve your growth goals with ease.

Determine your store’s growth goals, holiday offers, new product launch, latest deals and let your visitors know that something interesting is happening in your store by using a WooCommerce popup plugin.

Pick up the most reliable popup plugin for your eCommerce store by exploring the capabilities of each WooCommerce popup plugin. Convert your site visitors and give them a strong reason to come back to your online store over and over.

It’s time that you start moving forward leaps and bounds from your competitors, nurture client relationships, bring in more sales, and accomplish the growth goals.

You can thank us later!

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