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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Spin the Wheel App for your Website

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  July 23, 2020  in WordPress

A discount wheel!! Fingers crossed!! Praying for the best outcome!! It’s always been the scenario when you spin the wheel.

Discount popup wheels are hit for a reason!!! Many of your customers irrespective of age love to spin the wheel.

In recent years, gamification has become a current buzzword. It has become a stealing away option to grab customers for your website.

Due to the increased attraction of the gamification popups, businesses have been using them cleverly to improve their sales and customer retention ratio.

What is a gamification plugin and how does it work for your business?

A gamification popup plugin includes a fortune wheel or gamification methods to entertain the customers.

Shopping is always not about getting goodies!! Including a fun activity with all the social connections and interaction paves something useful to your website!!

Including a gamification popup plugin in your marketing strategy will increase the competitive component in your sales curve. When you add the gamification popup plugin to your site, you can eventually trigger an emotional connection with the audience.

Rather than trying a plethora of tactics, you can indulge in making them a winner that simultaneously increases your purchase rate too.

Many interactive game plugins have got a warm welcome from marketers. The results are also beyond their expectations. In short, gamification simplifies the call to action scenario and gears up more fun for the customers.

Reasons behind using spinning wheel for your website

Have you ever felt about the unattractive popups streaming on your website? Do they complete its part?

Just think.

Discount wheel popups are the least ignored type of interactive WordPress plugins. Because the spin to win plugin always lead to the increased spin to win chances. Knowing the importance of it, you can customize stunning popup designs, including the best WordPress plugins for your eCommerce stores, websites, and blogs as well.

Using the essential gamification WordPress plugins take up the crown, thereby converting passive internet users into potential customers. The plugins can be customized so that the spin to win option may provide them with something valuable like free shipping, free e-book, offers, or coupon code too.

Wait, wait!! Are you aware of the reasons why spin to win plugin has been prevalently used?

If not, let us enter into the enlisted factors in knowing the reasons behind using gamification plugins in your WordPress eCommerce site and on other custom websites too.

Increases customer retention

Every customer loves to get some shopping experience in every eCommerce store. Here, gamification plugins always act as an acquisition tool and help in retaining your customers.

Why use gamification to increase customer retention?

Increase Customer Retention With Spin Wheel Popups

WordPress gamification plugins can create a sense of intrinsic motivation that overloads with time. The best gamification plugins will surely bring in an interactive promotion, thereby tapping into the customers’ needs too.

You can offer them rewards and status. It creates opportunities for you to increase audience engagement, participation, loyalty, and influence way ahead with specific behaviors.

In the marketer’s eye, you can incorporate gamification and interactivity at every touch phase of your customer’s journey.

Gamification techniques entertain your customers and build loyalty. Deeper, it will give your customers a reason to turn back to your site for their purchase.

If your purchase offers an incentive track including social rewards, vouchers, or coupons, make sure you have been providing an appropriate incentive to your target audience. Keeping every positive thing in hand, the ultimate goal to set is to boost sales and drive revenue.

Gamification Plugin: They are so satisfying

Building a wow customer satisfaction is the best trick for a successful eCommerce store. Undoubtedly, the gamification plugin has been doing its work perfectly not only in eCommerce but also for bloggers and marketers.

The most satisfying gamification plugin helps businesses to grab the hearts of their customers. The behavioral science behind gamification seems the strong method at hand to make the customers happy and loyal for a long time.

Grow Email Subscribers With Spin Wheel Popups

According to Bain and Company, an almost 5% increase in customer retention leads to an uptick in profits between 25% to 95%.

What’s more!! Adding flavor to the above report, many big corporate turns over have been expecting around $700 million. Satisfying customers with a great customer experience outperforms the specifications with a long shot. Do not forget to build a stellar customer experience that must start now.

When the customer spins the wheel, there is a sense of anticipation and a rush of excitement. The little flutter in their stomach is your prime point that brings them back to your site. Perhaps, imagining it would likely help them to win the main prize and thereby simply enjoy the thrill of the game.

It’s fun-filled and emotive

As gamification plugins have been utilized widely on sites, the customers can spin the wheels for free and are getting entertained.

Bidding goodbye to the boring opt-in page is a more profitable way rather than going behind the dreary process. Gamification plugins never fail in engaging the audience and trigger the competition and the excitement of the customers.

Consumers are more likely to respond positively and get an emotional connection with them. In turn, the connection will lead to a stronger brand relationship and increased loyalty. You can simply create an awareness campaign using the best WordPress gamification plugins.

Going further, you can make use of the WordPress leaderboard plugin and lead to a more memorable campaign.

For instance, you might have come across the fun spin the wheel game at different sites, say in Britain. The company has designed a quick turnaround that fits effortlessly with the campaign. When the wheel includes high relevancy, then there is a better chance of getting shared.

Wheelie always works

Who said people hate spinning wheels? Now, customers are enjoying the spinning wheel ride or a scratch benefit offered by an eCommerce store.

Spin the Wheel Popup

Spinning the wheel with the added benefits to the customers always wins the race. You can make use of the best discount wheel popup plugins to track everything and have a full real-time insights report about how your campaigns have been performing.

Do you remember the last period when you are overwhelmed with your customers’ response to your brand? No idea, right? Using the wheelie will work and help you to get prominent results in turn. If you understand the beneficial acts behind the discount wheel popup plugin, you can turn every brand into a cherished one among your customers.

Personalizes your brand message and experience

A discount wheel popup plays a huge factor in driving marketing conversions. The more visually it appears to the customers, the more likely it captures their attention.

Both segmentation and personalization are important factors to drive conversion. It develops trust and builds customer loyalty. The more you mold your marketing efforts, you can perfectly target your audience without any lack.

Spin to Win Wheel

Many gamification WordPress plugins have been targeted to make your campaign more effective. While concentrating on the brand message and experience, you can split gamification into two ends.

  • Gamification is based on the players’ like and dislike
  • Gamification based on customer data and demographics

Gamification takes personalization to the next level. Using the gamification technique, you can create a truly immersive experience that tailors to the customers’ likes and needs.

Undoubtedly, targeting a specific audience will create custom experiences and link the game experience to their brand values. Gamification allows you to connect with the customers profoundly and takes you to the next authentic level.

Capture abandoning shoppers

Good news for marketers!! You can use discount wheel popups to capture your customers who ought to abandon their carts.

Optinly Spin Wheel Template

In your gamified campaign, adding exit-intent always shows you the best way to stop shoppers from abandoning the cart page. You can offer a spin wheel popup in front of them before they exit the page.

You can provide them with a chance to spin for a discount that may change their mind to proceed with their purchase. The discount wheel popup plugin can make a difference between losing and making the sale.

Grabs more email subscribers for your site

If you are on the go to get users for a signup, you can try having a spinning wheel popup to gain greater success. After using the gamification plugin, the rise in the sales curve can eventually be noticed without any downfall.

Almost 50% of online stores have been using email capture popups like discount wheels. As a result, the conversion rate has reached the plateau with an average of 3.75% conversion rate.

Spin the Wheel Popup Template

Going further, you can offer a hosted giveaway using the wheel plugins to win entries and sales to your site. With the spin the wheel plugin, you can create a new and interactive experience that makes subscribers leave their mail addresses after spinning the wheel.

They can spin the wheel for a chance at a certain reward, including free shipping for their purchase. Not only does it add fun, but it especially creates trust and makes your visitors feel special, thereby making their day a lucky one.

Benefits of a spinning gamification wheel

Gamification generates leads and takes up a boring process and making it fun. Lead generation is the place where businesses often feel pushy and consumers will feel pressured at that time. Using a spinning wheel at that time will eventually elapse their mindset and engage them in fun-filled activities.

Benefits of Spin Wheel Gamification Popup

Gamification lead generation will take these perceptions in hand and turn them around, leaving a fun experience out of the lead generation tactics. Discount wheel popup plugin is the word that every marketer sounds upon. Gamification is the application of the mechanics of gameplay that includes offers, discounts, free shipping, and other rewards.

Added, here are the benefits of the gamification WordPress plugin available.

Enables customers to have trust in your site

There is a special “it” factor that plays an equation that sticks around B2B customers for the long haul. Showing them the best digital incentives or rewards may help you to improve the overall experiences of the customers.

Gamification adds value to your customers

Competition and brand awareness make a big difference in your business and its operations. Gamification plugins will become a worthwhile campaign that shows a major slide up in your sales curve. You can maintain beneficial results all the time.

Unique perks to distinguish yourselves from your competitors

Discount or spin the wheel plugin will excel better customer service. The methods will show customers a relevant discount wheel popup. It urges customers to have a try, thereby gaining fun and benefit at the same time. A gamification plugin can simply and effectively consolidate the different programs offered by a particular site.

Stay ahead in the competition phase

When you are in deep research about the spin the wheel plugin, you are ahead of the competition. Among the multiple spin the wheel plugins, the WordPress puzzle plugin has been increasingly attracted by marketers.

Many websites use the best WordPress quiz maker plugin to increase their sales and conversion rate in turn without any hassle.

There are many gamification ways to improve your sales process. The spinning wheels are an influential and steadfast way to attract customers and engage them with more fun-filled discounts. Make your customers feel rewarded using the spin the wheel plugin.


Everyone loves to win. Why not splash your shoppers with a memorable experience using spinning wheel popups?

Lead generation does not turn out to be a loathed process.

The spin-to-win popup gives your store a unique look. Your customers come across various popups in a day. Unfortunately, many popups are pretty much identical. Some people close the popup immediately without a second thought.

But, when you handle gamification popup effectively, there are high chances to stand out from the crowd and catch the customer’s attention. Creating and managing gamification programs seems difficult. Implementing loyalty programs is a time-consuming and resource-heavy process.

Using the best discount or spin the wheel plugin will always pave the right track to establishing a successful discount wheel popup campaign.

Turn lead generation into a fun and interactive process. It will change your customers’ perception of what lead generation is and thereby drive conversions too. Start engaging your customers now!!


Why are gamification plugins important for a business?

Compared to the normal WordPress popup plugins, gamification plugins increase the excitement of the visitor. It stirs their interest in the spinning wheels or gamification plugins used on the site. Doubling, it also increases your store’s conversion rate as well.

How to increase user engagement using a gamification plugin?

Offering attractive discounts and rewards to the visitors spinning the wheel increases customer retention of your store. Competition using gamification plugins is always an amazing driver of engagement.

What are the most suitable gamification popup plugins?

Plenty of sites offer gamification popups. From the pool, you can consider the gamification popup plugins from OptinMonster, Optinly, WisePops, etc.

How to install gamification popups on your site?

Installing a gamification popup is a cakewalk now. Say, you have purchased Optinly to customize your popups. Just install it in your WooCommerce or Shopify store and encounter the benefits. You can also explore more details here.

How to use the spin the wheel plugin for more conversions?

The spinning wheel plugin or spin the wheel plugin comes under one of the amazing gamification popups that boost the conversion rate. Including eye-catching offers and rewards in the spinning wheel may increase your chances of getting customers back to your store for their purchases.

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