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20 Best Exit Intent Popup Examples to Increase Your Conversions

Posted by Akshy Anbu on  June 23, 2020  in Conversion Rate Optimization

Exit-intent popups? We love them one hundred percent because exit popups convert really well. In fact, a massive 73% of eCommerce stores & websites consider exit-intent popups as an ace up their sleeve. Finding it hard to believe? Here, take a look at this scenario,

Sam was on the verge of completing his checkout process. But unfortunately, he had second thoughts and was about to abandon his shopping cart. And that’s when he saw an exit-intent popup bearing a 20% instant discount. Within a few seconds, the purchase was complete. We couldn’t think of any other better technique other than an exit-intent popup here. Well, let’s proceed.

It’s no doubt that you would have worked quite hard for the growth of your website/eCommerce store. And the last thing you’d want to happen is visitors abandoning your webpage or their shopping carts. But, exit popups can help prevent that from happening provided you use them right.

Before we get to the part where we see some of the best exit-intent popup examples, let’s get through some basics.

What is an Exit-Intent Popup?

Exit-intent popups, in other words, exit popups or exit intent overlays help websites/eCommerce stores to capture their abandoning visitors at the last minute. Exit popups are more like a last-minute window opportunity, when used properly, gives you the chance to capture an email address, reduce cart abandonment and do more. Exit popups are usually created with the help of an exit popup software with which you can customize the popup templates, popup copy, add coupons etc. Remember, your exit-intent popup design plays a huge role when it comes to conversions.

Now that we’ve been through the exit popup basics, let’s get to the part where you get to see some of the best exit-intent popup examples. We’ll be discussing why the particular exit popup example was chosen, how well the exit popup design is and a few other important factors that can help you create crazy converting browser exit popups.

20 Best Exit Intent Popup Examples

Discount Exit Intent Popups

Discount pop-ups are known to work well, especially on eCommerce stores. It’s the exact same scenario where we saw Sam complete his purchase when he saw an exit discount popup appear before him. Here are a few examples where eCommerce stores have used discount exit-intent popups to reduce cart abandonment.

1. SivanaSpirit

Sivana Spirit Exit Intent Popup Example
Image Source: Sivanaspirit

Sivanaspirit, a jewelry & clothing store has run an exit pop-up campaign quite the brilliant way. The pop-up design has Buddha in it, which resembles what the eCommerce store is all about. And the huge bold text “Wait” sure does capture the attention of the abandoning visitor. Also, the 30% off and the coupon code is more intriguing and increases the chances of preventing the visitor from abandoning the cart. And finally, the phrase that says “Code expires in 24 hours” creates a sense of urgency among abandoning visitors. No doubt Sivana Spirit would have reduced abandoned carts using this exit strategy coupon popup.

2. Optinly

Exit Intent Popup Template Optinly
Image Source: Optinly

Here’s an exit-intent popup template that we built in-house and a perfect one for preventing abandoned carts. The free exit popup template offers abandoning visitors a 25% discount on their cart provided they checkout immediately. And the “Checkout Now” CTA button prompts the visitors to take action. The popup is clean, clutter-free and direct to the point – just what your visitor would want to see right when he/she is about to abandon their shopping cart.

3. Milledeux

Exit Intent Popup from Milledux
Image Source: Milledeux

Milledeux has come up with a very different approach here. Though the visitor is abandoning their cart, Milledeux says it wants to see them again and gives them a 15% off on their next purchase. But, here’s the catch. Milledeux makes sure that the name & email address of the visitor is captured. Maybe Milledeux plans on sending cart recovery emails to their visitors – very clever!

4. GlobeIn

GlobeIn Exit Popup Example
Image Source: GlobeIn

GlobeIn, a popular subscription based shopping website captures its website visitors by displaying the above exit modal popup. Though not the exact discount type exit popup we were seeing, free shipping itself saves a couple of dollars for the visitor.

GlobeIn reminds the abandoning visitor that they have left something in their cart and they could get free shipping provided they continue shopping. And the call-to-action button says the same. The exit popup is colorful, visually appealing and the coupon code “FREESHIP” makes the popup tempting enough for the visitors to continue shopping.

5. TheCeShop

TheCeShop Exit Popup Example
Image Source: TheCeShop

TheCeShop, an educational website displays an exit popup with a coupon code in it. The popup has minimal design, text and offers a promo code that’s promising enough. And the call-to-action button “Continue Shopping” seems powerful enough to complete a couple of purchases right away.

6. One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane Exit Popup
Image Source: One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane, a home decor eCommerce store, has used exit popups at the right moment and we were like “Aww!” after seeing this. The exit popup has leveraged the personalization factor by using the word “you” in the text. And the 20% discount offer is irresistible, not to mention the negative CTA button that comes along with this exit popup. It would be definitely hard to ignore one such well-crafted exit popup – great work!

Newsletter Exit Popups

Sometimes, it’s not about reducing cart abandonments. It’s about increasing subscribers for their newsletters. In other words, growing their email list. And exit popups have never failed to help websites/eCommerce when it comes to this scenario. Here are a few newsletter exit-intent popup examples for you.

7. Nike

Nike Exit Popup Example
Image Source: Nike

For a moment we thought, how crazy popups have become nowadays. Almost all leading websites and eCommerce stores use exit-intent popups for a diverse range of purposes. And that’s when we came across Nike using an exit popup on their store to grow their email list.

The popup says that users would get news and offers from Nike if they signup. Also, Nike has a couple of other fields where it asks visitors to fill out their DOB and shopping preferences. It seems that Nike is taking personalization very seriously. Back to the point – that’s one fine example of a newsletter exit popup by Nike.

8. The Chive

Chive Exit Popup
Image Source: The Chive

It’s all about funny videos, photos and memes with The Chive. And that’s probably well exhibited in their exit-intent popup too. The text in the exit-popup is too convincing and irresistible to be ignored by a website visitor and they might end up becoming their subscriber. Also, the color combinations of the text in the exit popup correlate with the website’s theme which is great.

9. GQ

GQStyle Exit Popup
Image Source: GQ

GQ has come up with a very subtle approach here. This exit popup is extremely simple – a plain white background with very minimal text. And a negative CTA button makes this one of the best newsletter exit popup examples you should consider using. Why wouldn’t one want style essentials delivered to their inbox?

10. Lush

Lush Exit Intent Popup
Image Source: Lush

Lush, a handmade cosmetics store has used a lightbox exit popup to grow their email list. Lightbox popups are a great way to capture your visitor’s attention. And using this technique with an exit trigger makes sure your visitor gives undivided attention to what you ought to say. The exit popup copy text is kind of witty and the line the says “be on top of all the freshers” is based on the website’s theme which is actually great – another fine example for a newsletter exit popup.

11. Roadside Vapes

Roadside Vapes Exit Popup
Image Source: Roadside Vapes

This exit popup is totally cool. Roadside vapes has nailed it by directly asking the visitor whether he/she can stay a little longer, continues to say that they already miss them. And … you could read the rest. Also, Roadside vapes offers a 10% discount on their first order. When everything is combined, it’s too much to ignore!

Exit-Intent Survey Popups

Feedbacks are always a great way to know where you should improve. And hearing it from your website visitors makes it even more valuable. And on the other hand, your website visitors feel valued because you are courteous enough to hear them out. Here are a few exit-intent survey popup examples.

12. Nature

Nature Exit Popup Example
Image Source: SpotStudio

This is one of the prettiest exit popup examples that we’ve come across. The store asks the visitor what they were looking for so that they would be able to do better the next time – completely genuine, non-spammy and a perfect example for an exit-intent survey popup.

13. Optinly

Exit Intent Popup Survey
Image Source: Optinly

This is another perfect example of an exit-intent survey popup that suits well for eCommerce stores. The two-step optin form asks visitors for their opinion first, post which they’ll have to submit their email address – a smart option to consider if you don’t want your exit popup to look spammy.

Gamification Exit-Intent Popups

Gamification popups are known for their proven conversion rates and are a great way to engage your website visitors. Though gamification popups are not being used by most of the websites and eCommerce stores, the ones that have used them have nailed conversions without a fuss. Here are a few examples for you

14. Jar Jackets

Jar Jackets Exit Popup Example
Image Source: Jar Jackets

Jar Jackets, an eCommerce jar store does great with this gamification exit-intent popup. The spin the wheel popup is visually appealing with multiple colors (and so is the website). The popup asks the visitor to do one last thing before he/she leaves the website. And continues to say that he/she can spin the wheel only once. The 30-minute deadline provided the visitor gets a coupon code, creates a sense of urgency and acts as a driving force. This sure is one great example of a gamification exit-intent popup using spin the wheel.

15. Monster Insights

Monster Insights Exit Spin Wheel Popup
Image Source: Retainful

No wonder MonsterInsights uses gamification exit-intent popups. This is similar to the Jar Jackets example we saw above except for the call-to-action button which is top-notch (speaking about call-to-action buttons, here are a few best call-to-action examples you should take a look at). It sure does lure the visitor into trying their luck and eventually leads them to give their email address.

16. Optinly

Optinly Spin to Win Template
Image Source: Optinly

Here’s another in-house built template for you. We firmly believe that solid colors with a white background could do wonders for an eCommerce store and the above popup shows how beautiful it could come out. And as for the popup, it’s clean with minimal text and a strong CTA button, making it one of the best gamification exit-intent popups.

Giveaway Exit Popups

Giveaways are a great way to lure your visitors and grow your email list. Giving your visitors something exciting and incentivizing at the last moment is a perfect way to grow your email list. We’ve come up with a few giveaway exit popup examples for you below.

17. Guido’s

Guidos Free Exit Popup Example
Image Source: Guido’s

This is true. Guido’s offers its visitors a taste of their dish for free provided they sign up. Though it’s quite unsure how Guido’s would accomplish the latter process, this is a great incentive for a webpage visitor. Who doesn’t want to try free food?

18. Optinly

Giveaway Exit Pop Up
Image Source: Optinly

Displaying relevant giveaway exit popups always results in increased subscribers. Here’s one such in-house built popup template example for you. Assume the user is reading an article about freelancing and the above popup appears when he/she is about to exit the webpage. No doubt there’s going to be a couple of conversions because the popup has made effective use of numbers here – $12000.

19. Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers Exit Intent Popup Example
Image Source: Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers has taken giveaway exit-popups to a whole new level by giving access to a video course that’s about “Conversion Writing” provided the visitor subscribes to their email list. And the unlock video call-to-action button seems exactly relevant to the scenario, making it one of the best giveaway exit popup examples.

20. Backlinko

Backlinko Exit Popup Example
Image Source: Backlinko

We saved the best one for the last. Brian Dean uses his eBook as a bait to grow his email list. What makes this exit-intent popup even more interesting is what the eBook is offering to visitors – the technique to gain more visitors per month (25000). Who wouldn’t want more visitors to their website?

It’s always important that the resource you give is worth the time for your website visitor and is convincing enough for them to give their email address. And with that said, we are wrapping up this read now!

Exit intent popups are a great way to capture your visitors at the last moment provided you use them right. The more creative you are with your exit popups, the higher your conversion rates are going to be. Come up with an out of the box exit popup trick and don’t be surprised if you see a 100% growth – it could happen!

If you are reading this, then it’s pretty clear how serious you are about exit-intent popups. And gives you even more reasons why you should read this – the best exit-intent popup plugins for you to start off with.

Remember, you are just a few steps away from doing what’s good for your business growth!

Let’s get started!

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