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11 Best Notification Bar WordPress Plugins to Use in 2020

Posted by Akshy Anbu on  August 13, 2020  in WordPress

What made you look for a WordPress notification bar plugin today? Is it the fact that WordPress notification bars can help/guide visitors on your website or the fact that it can drive conversions seamlessly on your eCommerce store? Doesn’t matter. But the fact that you’re here, looking for the best WordPress notification plugin makes it pretty clear that you’ve understood the significant importance of using a website notification bar.

Website notification bars proved to be effective in capturing emails. But it just doesn’t stop there. Using a notification bar WordPress plugin can help drive traffic to target pages, increase conversions, notify visitors about what’s happening on your website. And most importantly, a website notification bar does all this by being completely non-intrusive which is one prime reason why a huge number of websites use a WordPress alert plugin.

That’s enough information about a notification bar plugin. Before we get to the best WordPress notification plugins part, there’s one more thing you should be knowing – the factors you should take into consideration before choosing a notification bar plugin.

What Factors Should You Look Into Before Choosing a WordPress Notification Bar Plugin?

One could not argue with the fact that there are a lot of WordPress notification plugins out there. But the question is, are they really worth it? Will they really be driving conversions and help grow your email list? And most importantly, what features do they come up with for the price you pay. So, here are a few factors you should consider taking into account before choosing a notification bar plugin for your website.

The Way it Works – Not all WordPress alert plugins out there work in the same way. A couple of them would ask you to build notification bars from scratch whereas the others would ask you to choose from pre-existing templates. And a very few would have everything stacked up and ready for you – more like a goal-based notification bar plugin that already has your purpose listed and ensures it is being met.

Targeting and Triggering Options – What’s the point in having a notification bar WordPress plugin on-board when you’re not able to target the right set of visitors? Make sure your notification bar plugin has advanced triggering options like time-based triggers, page based triggers and targeting options that display notification bars based on visitors’ activity, interests and previous interactions with your website.

Customization Options – A good marketer nor an ambitious store owner settles for less. Which is why you’ll be customizing your website notification bar to be the best. Most of the plugins nowadays come with an inbuilt editor. But make sure they are user friendly and you can really customize your notification bars the way you want them to be – a WYSIWYG editor should get the job done.

Email Service Integrations – It’s likely that you’ll be changing your email service marketing provider every now and then. Or you might have multiple domains and each domain runs with a different ESP. So, it’s best that you also take a look into the integration sections as well – the number of ESP integrations your notification bar plugin comes with.

Pricing – Pricing is another important factor you should take a look into. Make sure every penny you spend is really worth the notification bar plugin you’re about to choose.

We’ve pretty much covered everything as to what you need to know/look before choosing an announcement bar WordPress plugin. It’s time we move on to the listicle part.

Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

1. Optinly

Optinly is a goal-based notification bar plugin that gives you a whole new experience when it comes to building popups and notification Bars. Optinly is probably the first popup/notification bar plugin that lets you choose the purpose of your website notification bar campaign and displays templates relevant to your chosen goal, making it yet another best WordPress notification plugin.

Optinly Notification Bar Plugin

Optinly comes with an inbuilt WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit your notification bar templates as you see. Also, you can see a live preview of the same on your website before you make it live.

Triggering options include page based triggers, time-based triggers, exit triggers, device-based triggers and a few more. As for the targeting options, you can differentiate between subscribers and visitors and display website notification bars accordingly, display until they become a subscriber or display based on the visitors’ interests.

Optinly Popup Triggering Options

Optinly comes with 6 different types of popup forms, 30+ pre-existing responsive goal-based templates and allows you to integrate with more than 10+ top Email marketings service providers including MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber and more. All the above-mentioned makes Optinly your go-to popup builder. You can simply create better notification bars or WooCommerce alert messages in no time.

When it comes to the pricing factor, Optinly is definitely down-to-earth.

Pricing Plans

  • Forever Free Plan – You can use Optinly for free as long as you like. You don’t need a credit card to use this plan.
  • Growth Plan – $25/month

Also, you get a free 14-day premium trial plan when you start your free version. That’s definitely good pricing for a great set of features.

P.S. There’s a very good support team bound to help you out by chat & voice for both the versions.

2. OptinMonster

It definitely doesn’t come as a surprise. OptinMonster is one of the best website notification bar plugins that’s been helping website/eCommerce stores for quite a while now. OptinMonster comes with a couple of pre-existing notification bars to make things easy for you.

OptinMonster Notification Plugin

You can also customize the notification bars using the inbuilt editor. With really advanced targeting and triggering options, OptinMonster is a reliable notification bar plugin you should go with without having any second thoughts.

But there’s this huge downside that makes OptinMonster quite hard to reach out. It’s the pricing factor.


OptinMonster has four different pricing plans and the same are being mentioned below

  • Basic Plan – $9/month
  • Plus Plan – $19/month
  • Pro Plan – $29/month
  • Growth Plan – $49/month

OptinMonster does not offer users a free version or a trial period for users. And since most of the advanced features come with a heavy price, most businesses have to burn their pockets. With other notification bar plugins that come with similar features and way less pricing, you should probably check out all the other available options.

3. Notibar – Notification Bar for WordPress

Notibar plugin allows you to show a full-width top bar on your WordPress website. It comes with many ready presets to fit on various occasions. This notification bar also supports text, call-to-action buttons, HTML tags, and optional Close buttons.

Notibar WordPress Notification Plugin

You’ll find how easy it is to display custom notification bar appearance including text field width, color, positioning, button effects, etc.

What I love the most is that Notibar offers a live preview editor which helps you see how every change you make immediately affects the page or post you’re on.

Main features

  • Display notibar on chosen page/post or all pages
  • Hide Dismiss button
  • Toggle Dismiss: user can re-open it
  • Light-weight and easy to use
  • No asking for upgrade
  • Simple and direct UI/UX

4. WP Notification Bar

WP Notification bar from MyThemeShop is another WordPress alert plugin that allows you to create custom notification alert bars for your website. The plugin is easy to use and you create an unlimited number of notification bars.

WP Notification Bar Plugin

The plugin comes with really basic customization and targeting options – you can display notification bars based on the source of traffic (either Facebook or Google). You should find WP Notification Bars handy when you’re okay with displaying only a couple of basic notifications on your website.


The plugin has both a free and a paid version ($29) and you get support only via forums for this plugin.

5. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is another best WordPress announcement plugin we couldn’t take our eyes off. Hello Bar is similar to OptinMonster and Optinly, but it’s more of a dedicated WordPress notification bar plugin that doesn’t come with other popup types.

Hellobar Notification Plugin

Hello bar allows you to create an unlimited number of notification bars (though it’s limited in the free version), design them, A/B test them and display them based on a number of premium targeting features.


Hello Bar is definitely a power-packed notification bar plugin but is again quite pricey. Below mentioned are the pricing plans Hello Bar offers

  • Forever Free Plan
  • Growth Plan – $29/month
  • Premium Plan – $49/month
  • Elite Plan – $99/month

The advanced features are available only at the higher end plans, leaving the forever free plan and the Growth Plan not a viable option to go for. Also, Hello bar allows only a certain amount of views per plan – the free version is eligible for only up to 5000 views per month.

6. Top Bar

WP Darko claims using Top Bar is the easiest way to add a notification bar to your website. You can easily create a website notification bar with a couple of clicks, change the font size add a bottom bar and do more.

Top Bar Notification Plugin

Also, you can

  • Use time-based triggers to delay the appearance
  • Display notification bars to visitors/subscribers
  • Exclude announcement bars from being displayed on specific pages
  • Allows users to close the notification bar


Top Bar comes with two plans

  • Free version – you can use this version as long as you like
  • Pro Version – $16 (for a single site) & $39 (for multiple sites)

You need to opt for the pro version if you are looking for trigger and bottom notification bars.

7. Poptin

Poptin is another WordPress notification bar plugin you should take into consideration. You can also create popups using Poptin. The plugin comes with pre-existing popup templates, an easy to use drag and drop builder, triggering options and more.

Poptin Notification Plugin

Triggering options include exit triggers, source-based triggers and new/returning visitors. You can integrate Poptin with some of the top email marketing platforms like MailChimp, ConverKit, HubSpot and a few more.


Below mentioned are the pricing plans of Poptin

  • Free plan
  • Basic Plan – $19/month
  • Pro Plan – $49/month
  • Agency Plan – $99/month

Though Poptin has quite a set of features, the fact that the pricing plans are based on page views (the free plan is eligible for only up to 1000 views and 1 domain) and the number of domains makes Poptin a second or third choice when it comes to choosing a WordPress notification plugin.

8. One Signal – Web Push Notifications

Though not a website notification bar plugin, OneSignal is a WordPress push notification plugin that allows you to display push notifications on your website. Push notifications and website notification bars are almost the same – their purpose is to grab attention and drive more conversions.

OneSignal Push Notification Plugin

OneSignal allows you to notify website visitors about important announcements, when you publish a new blog or when your visitors abandon their shopping cart. You can also delay the appearance of push notifications using time based triggers. And as for the pricing, there’s a free version with limited features.


The paid versions are

  • Start Plan – $99/month
  • Pro Plan – $500/month

Pricing may change with subject to increasing subscribers

9. Icegram

Icegram, another WordPress alert plugin and a lead generation tool that caught our eye in this sector. Icegram comes powerful with lots of features like advanced trigger setting, integration option, pre-existing themes, templates and more.

Icegram Notification Bar Plugin

Triggering options include time-based triggers, user behavior-based triggers which include triggering on specific pages, posts and schedule based triggering. Also, you can integrate with top email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and more.

Put in a few words, Icegram is a user-friendly WordPress notification plugin that has more than it meets the eye.


  • Free Plan – includes basic triggering options and free templates
  • Pro Plan – $97
  • Max Plan – $147

In case you need the advanced triggering options, sidebars and overlays, you need to opt for the $147 plan.

10. Notification

Notification Alert Plugin

Notification is another WordPress push notification plugin that helps display custom messages to your website visitors. Also, you can send notification via emails using this plugin. The plugin is easy to use and you can send any kind of notifications to your visitors/subscribers. For example, you can notify when a new blog is being published on your website. And any other message you’d want to display, you can get it done pretty much easily.


There’s a free version that you can use and the bundle versions cost $249.

11. HashBar

HashBar is another WordPress notification/alert plugin that allows you to create an unlimited number of website notification bars. The plugin comes with page-based targeting options and customization options where you can change the background color, text color, CTA button color and more.

Hashbar Notification Plugin

With HashBar, you’ll find no difficulties is creating basic website notifications bars with a couple of triggering options. However, you need HashBar Pro for advanced features like scheduling triggers, page-based triggers and more.


As for the pricing factor, HashBar Pro comes with three pricing plans,

  • Personal – $29 (for 1 website)
  • Developer – $89 (for 5 websites)
  • Agency – $149 (for unlimited websites)

Also, HT Plugins are running a lifetime deal and you can get the Agency version for $349.

With the last alert plugin being listed in this article, what’s going to be your pick?

Which WordPress Notification Bar Plugin Should You Choose?

It’s no doubt that website notification bars are a great way to grow your email list and drive conversions. But you cannot rely on them always and at a point of time, your visitors might get annoyed seeing the same type of website notification bars. Moreover, different scenarios need different types of popups to be displayed. For example, you cannot stop a customer from abandoning his/her cart using a website notification bar. You need a lightbox popup to do this.

So, it’s best you go for a plugin that has both – website notification bars as well as different types of popups forms. This narrows down the options to OptinMonster, Optinly, Icegram and Poptin. Like we said above, go through the factors you should take into account before choosing a WordPress notification bar plugin. Right from the workflow to the features and the pricing, compare what’s feasible and what your business needs.

Ask yourself the right question – Whether you’d want to pay a premium price for a plugin that offers no free version or trial period or try a plugin for free with similar features and decide the buying later?

With that said, we’re wrapping up now!

Start creating better notification bars by choosing the best notification bar WordPress plugin! And witness significant growth in your conversion rates eventually!

Good Luck!


How to Create a Horizontal Scrolling Announcement WordPress Plugin?

To create a horizontal scrolling announcement WordPress plugin, you need to make sure your chosen notification bar plugin has animation options to do the same. The backend comes with a JQuery Marquee script or relevant scripts for scrolling.

What is a Notification Plugin?

Notification plugins are add-on tools that help you create custom messages like push notifications or announcement bars for your website. There are hundreds of notification plugins available today with which you can create custom notifications in minutes.

How to Add Web Push Notification to Your WordPress Site?

In order to display a push notification to your website, you need to install a WordPress push notification plugin on your website. Some of the most commonly used WordPress push notification plugins are OptinMonster, Trust Pulse, Optinly, Icegram and more.

How to Use WordPress Push Notification Plugin?

WordPress Push Notification plugins can be used for a diverse number of scenarios. Right from displaying social proofs, to displaying notifications, you can get everything done using a push notification plugin.

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