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11 Best Email List Building Tools to Grow Your Email List Faster

Posted by Akshy Anbu on  December 04, 2020  in Email Marketing

Experts say that the best way to build an email list is by using an email list building tool. Not sure if everyone would agree with the statement but honestly speaking, an email list builder software helps grow your email list to a great extent.

From top eCommerce brands like Nike to early bloomers (and all other websites), I’ve personally seen most of them use an email list building software. And I guess that’s enough reason for you to not bring up the question “Why Should I Grow My Email List?”. But if you still do, this read here can help understand why you should grow your email list and the benefits of using email collection tools.

So, let’s get started and take a look at the best email list builders around!

Best Tools for Email List Building

I’ve come up with both free email list building softwares and paid as well here. And I’ll be taking you through a quick tour on each one of them (along with the pricing).

1. Optinly

Optinly is a free email list builder that helps you grow your email list 10x times. How? It’s because Optinly is the very first email collection tool that helps you build email collection forms on a goal-based approach! Cool right?

Optinly Email List Building Tool

With Optinly, you can create email popup campaigns in under minutes, thanks to its 10+ pre-existing growth goals (reduce cart abandonment, build audience base, promote special offers, etc) and appropriate popup templates. The sole purpose of this approach is to make email list building easy for marketers and eCommerce stores.

The plugin comes with advanced features like gamification popups, countdown timers, powerful popup triggering and targeting options, an inbuilt popup editor, transition effects and more. The targeting and triggering options allows you to display popup forms at the right time to your visitors which eventually helps grow your email list. Also, you can seamlessly transfer those collected leads to 10+ top email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, Mailerlite, etc.

The fact that Optinly needs no development or coding skills make it one of the best email list builders around. Any website/marketer looking forward to growing their email list will find Optinly as their go-to email list builder.


There is a forever free version available that lets you create unlimited campaigns and comes with almost all the premium features. The paid version, “Growth Plan” starts from $25 per month.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster has been like the one-stop email list building tool for years now. The highly famous email collection tool literally needs no introduction for it has a huge number of users who are loyal enough to market on their behalf!

OptinMonster Email Collection Tool

What makes OptinMonster special is its vast template gallery that leaves you with an astounding number of choices. The plugin is extremely user-friendly and high-level customization can be done with minimal effort.

Advanced targeting options like A/B testing helps grow your email list with ease and the geo-location based targeting makes the segmentation process a walk in the park. Also, there are multiple integration options available within.

Put in a few words, OptinMonster is a premium email list building tool that is sophisticated with features. Though most of the premium features come only in the highest paid plan, one could find better alternatives at an extremely cost-effective price (and even for free).


OptinMonster does not offer its users a free/trial plan. And the paid plan starts at $14 per month. The plan with the advanced features should cost you $80 per month.


If you’re someone who loves to go out of the box and ditch the ordinary, Crazy Rocket is the one for you. This email collection tool is purely based on the gamification concept – the one that helps you engage your website visitors to a crazy extent.

Crazyrocket List Building Tool

The plugin supports popular eCommerce platforms – WooCommerce and Shopify. Like Optinly and OptinMonster, Crazy Rocket comes with popup triggering options and the option to customize popup templates.

Advanced features include A/B testing, unique coupons and URL filters (you can choose where to show/hide popups). If you’re worried about the user experience getting sabotaged due to popups, you can display a small notification at the bottom of your screen and let visitors choose whether or not to see your popups.

Crazy Rocket is an ideal email collection tool for eCommerce stores. Since the ordinary popups are not in place, service-based companies should think twice before choosing Crazy Rocket.


You get a 7-day free trial period post which you pay $9 per month. The enterprise plan (highest plan) allows you to create unlimited popup campaigns and costs you $49 per month. And there is no free plan.

4. Ninja Popup

Not a chance I would miss Ninja Popup when it comes to email list building tools. Ninja Popups has been helping websites and marketers grow their email list for quite some time now.

If there’s one thing that makes Ninja Popups stand out, it’s their 70+ animation effects and advanced anti-blocker system that lets you display your popups always.

Ninja Popups List Building Tool

Like all other email list building tools in this read, NInja popups comes with a set of pre-existing popups, targeting options, opt-in lockers, a drag and drop builder and more. Also, you can integrate seamlessly with multiple email marketing platforms like MailChimp Infusionsoft, SendPress, MailPoet, SendInBlue and more.

With more than 35,000+ installations and no major cons to be listed, Ninja Popups is definitely an email collection tool you should consider taking a look at.


Ninja Popups costs you $27 for a standard license and extended support costs you $8.25 per month.

5. Privy Convert

Yet another eye-catching list builder on our read. Privy is more of an email collection tool that would be an ideal fit for eCommerce stores. With different types of email collection forms like popups, spin-to-wins and banners, you have no problem growing your email list with Privy.

Privy Email List Builder

The plugin allows you to create popups and grow your email list with ease, thanks to the huge number of pre-existing popup templates and advanced triggering options. What makes Privy super cool is its ability to integrate coupons automatically to your eCommerce store and send them to your customer via emails. And you can send the emails of new subscribers to ESPs by integrating with them.

If you’re running an eCommerce store and you’re ready to shell out the big bucks then Privy Convert is definitely the tool for you!


Privy has a free version available and the paid plan starts when you get more than 5000 page views per month.

6. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing offers unlimited access to all the email marketing features with the lowest pricing plan in the market. It empowers you to create highly engaging email newsletters and emails with its easy drag-n-drop user interface, add personalized tags, redirect links, inbuilt templates and much more.

Pabbly Email Marketing Tool

It has amazing features like:

Autoresponders: Sends automatic responses to pre-defined queries or triggers.

Email Tracking: Track the performance of your email campaigns easily and get a detailed report (clicks, open rates, bounce, etc).

List Splitting: Split long lists into smaller ones and send specific emails to the users based on segmented lists.


It has both free & paid plans.

Rookie: At $24/month, you can send emails for up to 5,000 subscribers.

Pro: At $41/month, you can send emails for up to 15,000 subscribers.

Advance: Starts from $83/month and goes up to $1333/month, depending on the number of email subscribers (50,000 – 1,000,000 subscribers).

7. Entice

If you’re thinking this is another email list builder, you’re totally wrong. Entice is quite not the usual email collecting software. It’s a viral marketing tool that helps grow your email list using the gamification strategy.

Entice List Building Tool

So, this is how Entice works…

Assume John comes to your website and is quite fascinated with your lead magnet (assume it’s an eBook here). He signs up and downloads the eBook post which he’ll be asked to share the same. And when he does, the process gets repeated like a cycle. You on the other hand will be able to grow your email list and your brand presence as well – it’s actually a win-win.

The plugin is simple, easy to use and needs no development skills.


The plugin is free to use which makes it considerable. You should probably see how it works!

8. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all in one marketing tool that does most of your work. Right from creating a landing page to sending emails and everything in between, MailChimp helps you get everything done. And in between everything is the part where you grow your email list.

Mailchimp List Building Tool

Mailchimp comes with inbuilt email collection opt-ins that lets you capture leads for your business with ease. You get the option to display popups literally anywhere on your webpage and at the right time. Also, Mailchimp comes with a mobile application that lets you set your campaigns live in one click.

Since Mailchimp automatically collects your new leads and adds it to the email list, there’s no need for any additional integrations. Also, the fact that you get a free plan for a significant number of contacts makes MailChimp a good email list builder for startups.


There is a forever free version available. The paid plan starts from $15 per month and can go up to $420 per month.

9. Sleeknote

Sleeknote is a complete marketing suite that does more than just capturing your emails. But, let’s not get carried away and stick to what we’re here for!

Sleeknote Email Collection Tool

Sleeknote, as you can see, comes with the big, bold text saying “Grow Your Email List (The Right Way)” which makes people think that Sleeknote might be having a lot under their sleeve. Well, they actually do!

Sleeknote helps you grow your email list by adding slide-ins and popups on your website. Features like page-specific targeting, the option to hide from subscribers and target new/return visitors make Sleeknote one of the best email list builders around.

Sleeknote is powerful, sophisticated and solves all your marketing needs. But if you’re only looking for creating simple, beautiful popups, then Sleeknote might be too much for you.


Though there is no free plan available, you get a 7 day trial period. Paid plans start at €62 per month and can go up to €687 per month.

10. MailMunch

Like MailChimp, MailMunch is both an email list building tool and an email service provider. You get to create different types of popups with ease – extremely responsive and mobile-friendly.

MailMunch Email List Builder

MailMunch is extremely user-friendly, simple to use and has all the basic stuff you need to get started with when it comes to email list building. There are a couple of pre-existing popup templates, advanced display rules and A/B testing features available.

Like I already mentioned, MailMunch is an ideal list building tool if you’re just starting out.


MailMunch comes with a forever free version. The paid plan starts from $6.99 per month and the PRO version costs $13.99 per month.

11. Thrive Leads

It’d be a crime if I hadn’t mentioned Thrive Leads in this read. This email list builder has been in existence for a very long time. Honestly, I did want to mention Thrive Leads somewhere above but I did want to make the last email list building tool you’re reading worth your time (like I did it in the beginning with Optinly😉).

Thrive Leads List Building Tool

With Thrive Leads, you can create powerful email collection forms with advanced targeting options. The A/B testing engine makes sure you come up with the right popup form and the reports & insights section helps you make sure that your popup campaign is performing well.

Also, you get to choose from multiple types of popups that include lightbox popups, inline forms, slide-ins, fullscreen overlays and more.

You can also seamlessly integrate with ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, GetResponse and other popular email marketing platforms.


Thrive Leads costs you $67 per month for 1 license. But if you’re looking forward to becoming a member, you get to pay $19 per month.

Still Reading?

Well it’s then pretty clear that you want to analyze your options before you choose an email list building tool.

Before you choose one, here’s something for you.

It’s quite rare that a first-time website visitor would immediately want to become your customer. And that’s when you need to make sure you capture their email address and retarget them to pursue, convince and finally convert. And a good email capturing tool does just that.

We’ve come up with a couple of best email collecting software around. Some of them were a complete package with basic features while others had sophisticated features. And the others were dedicated email list building tools with more or less the same features (except a few).

At the end of the day, what’s more important is that you choose a tool that’s easy to use and does most of your work, seems promising and doesn’t make you throw the big bucks. Because when it comes to email list building, every visitor you lose is a potential customer turned away.

So, what’s going to be your pick?

Author Bio
Akshy Anbu 
Akshy Anbu
Akshy is a Content and Growth Marketer who loves to peddle dreams across the globe. And he specializes in the eCommerce Sector. His blogs are mainly focused on the E-commerce sector, Content Marketing, Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking Techniques. When not glued to his notebook, Akshy loves to watch movies, cook, read and explore the wilderness all by himself!

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