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10 All-Time Best eCommerce Popup Examples You Should Look At

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  January 04, 2021  in Popups

Popups – No new term for any website or online store owner!!

Utilizing popups in the right way lifts the presence of your website. A good popup is the main reason that boosts the sales curve and assists in business growth.

Being more peculiar, the eCommerce Popup has slowly reached its place with its unbeatable benefits to the eCommerce store owners. Not all the features in the eCommerce site hit their peak. But, the popup does.

Popup, being the double pleasure, has unlikely made its comeback stronger. Thereby it has proven itself as a key tool in the eCommerce store to drive the conversion rate up to “44%“.

With the behavioral targeting options, there are many relevant, personal, and customized popups to attract visitors. Probably, most of the website owners have failed in using the popups rightly.

Website popups eventually entice the customers with a time-limited discount or encourage email capture for the newsletters. The humble popup with attractive phrases will grab the attention of the customers to stay on the website.

Every website owner has to uncover the fundamental benefits of popups and their effect on your website.

Without wasting the next minutes, let us discuss the importance of popups and the list of eCommerce brands that have been using popups like a pro.

Why use popups in your eCommerce website?

Popups are too resultative to be ignored.

Popups, without any doubt, are a love-hate feature for a website. When a website owner decides to use popups on their website, the responsibility of the website also increases eventually. It can be a great cause for reduced user engagement.

Popups are simply game-changing factors in both positive and negative ways. It is up to the website designers who have to be so picky in choosing the templates. Added, you can customize your popups according to the occasion. For example, if you are in the urge of the year-end, you can bring in new offers for the new year and display them in the popups.

Whilst using popups, CTA phrases also play a major role. Do not take your eyes out of it. Create your popup form with enough information and a triggering element to take the next step.

Oh man, I have tried every possible strategy for my eCommerce store. But, what do popups do for my website?

If you are one of the few people who murmur this, here are the reasons why pop-ups are the best to attract visitors to your website.

Captures the attention of the customers

No secret – Popups are the best attention-grabbers. If you have done your research right, you might come up with the right popup that captures the visitors to your site. It is not necessary to pull customers to your end. Instead, when your popup is cool enough and gently nudges the visitors, then your conversion goal is fulfilled.

Boosts instant sales

When the popup triggers the excitement of the customer, they will surely take the next step to indulge in the purchase. Say, when a visitor encounters a popup notifying them about a flat discount rate, he/she will surely proceed with the offer and complete the sales. Making the popup more user-friendly also comes into this screen.

Helps to increase subscribers’ list

When the visitor never minds losing the discount or rewards you offer, convince them with a popup to get added to your subscribers’ list. Having contact with the customers helps you to intimate them the future offers or any brand launch. You can also use social-gated popups that direct them to your social media platform. Bring in a sign-up form to make the process easier.

Reduces cart abandonment

Another foremost reason why pop-ups are used is to remember the visitors about their abandoned carts. To make it more fruitful, you can add offers to the items in their cart. When the popup confirms their discount rate for those items, there are high chances of completing the purchase. Many popup plugins like Optinly allow you to customize your popup which results in increased sales.

Now that the reasons for using popups on the website have been revealed, now it’s our time to glance at the popup design examples used by the top eCommerce brands.

Top eCommerce brands that use Website Popups to increase sales

Popups used in the eCommerce stores can be a great way to grow their subscriber list, get more sign-ups, and thereby boost sales. It has become a proven technique for both large and small eCommerce stores alike.

Stores with eCommerce exit-intent popups are able to turn 35% of their average leaving visitors into customers. Such a valid effort, doesn’t it?

If you are interested in creating an eCommerce popup, then it would surely be a game-changer in your marketing strategy list. Let us go far to know the list of eCommerce brands that have been using popups more effectively to increase their revenue.

After surfing the internet, our experts have found the best examples of popups used by eCommerce brands. Whenever you are left in the dark, do not forget to scroll through these examples for inspiration.


Whenever a customer visits Amazon, he/she will encounter a popup asking you to sign in or create an account. It becomes an easy way for the customers to log in or create an account according to their relevance.

At times, you can just gaze at the products without even creating an account. A wonderful and useful popup too.

Amazon Popup

To be more specific, Amazon has a popup option for product shipment especially for abroad or international customers.


AutoAnything, an online retail store, is no less attractive to visitors through its amazing popup. When you think about eCommerce stores, popups are not the first thing that comes to your mind. But, AutoAnything has handled the popups correctly and had amazing success.

Auto Anything Popup

In fact, around 2.5% of email addresses have been increased every day for AutoAnything after using the colorful yet informative popups.

Paint your Life

Paint Your Life, which specializes in creating unique and hand-painted artwork, has been using an amazing popup to increase their artwork sales. They used the popup to get more customers during the vacations.

Paint Your Life Popup

With a single campaign, they had a conversion rate of 28.57%. It is not necessary to have popups on your website for so long. Just a short-term popup usage has resulted in a massive conversion rate. Paint Your Life has also experienced a drastic increase in their mail list that generates revenue year long.


Fastrack, a digital marketing agency and technology, has been focusing on the hotel and travel industry. They indulge in providing hospitality, travel, and tourism services.

Fastrack Popup

Is this an example of the online store using popups? Of course, YES. Fastrack has to find customers themselves for their online digital agency. So, they have used popup as an effective option and they did it perfectly. They used one of the popular exit-intent technologies to make this eCommerce popup appear on their website. As a result, they recovered 54% of their abandoned carts.


Champion, a fashion retailer, with its rich thinking, has been offering discounts to visitors with a countdown-timer popup. It becomes a win-to-win scenario where both ends have benefited from what they wish.

Popup Example from Champion

Remember that these types of popups will be mind-soothing for the new visitors. Rather than the normal popups, the count-down popups have gained more attraction to the Champion site. So, Champion, with this mail list, targets the customers through email campaigns.


Sportique, being a lifestyle eCommerce store, combines both fashion and adventure. They have been using the eCommerce popups as their core digital marketing strategy. Through various campaigns, they have been offering multiple discounts, rewards, and other offers that help them to grow their email list.

Sportique Popup

Sportique popup has converted 58% of the people. To their surprise, when they used the same popup for their abandoned cart recovery, they yield around 79% of shoppers back to their purchase chart. On average, Sportique recovers 3 out of 4 customers from abandoning their carts.


Colgate’s lightweight popup brings immediate results to the website. The popup appearing after the page loads helps the visitors to gain more information about the offers or discounts on the website.

Popup from Colgate

The main intention of the eCommerce newsletter popup is to grab an email list and generate leads through coupons, promotions, and product updates. If the visitor fails to subscribe to their newsletter and visits the website again, a small floating-bar popup will be visible below the website. It is a good way to interact with the visitors rather than nudging them with full-screen popups.

Soaked In Luxury

Soaked in Luxury, an eCommerce site, has smartly used its color combinations in a way to attract the audience. You can see a catchy white background with the popup that resembles a calm yet stunning picture to the visitors.

Soaked In Luxury Popup

Unlike other eCommerce brands, Soaked In Luxury never asks for signups or “Subscribe us” phrases. Instead, they handle a different CTA button with the phrase “Win €700”. It actually boosts the engagement among the audience. Always, the powerful call to action phrases will enhance the next move of the visitors.


Kellogg’s, the most favorite brand, has been amazing to the visitors with their lightweight popup box. The lightweight popup box present on the website offers “Family Rewards” to the subscribers who sign up for the first time.

Kellogs Popup Example

After the registration, they amaze them with attractive offers and coupons. At times, the customizable eCommerce popups also win the race rather than the campaigns. Not only the CTA phrases and the popup design, but the place where the popup is displayed, also plays an invariant role.

Cosmetic Capital

Like other eCommerce brands, Cosmetic Capital has not handled the lightbox popup. Instead, the popup appears even smaller in a box over your site’s content. As known earlier, popups come up in different shapes and sizes. You can take any floating bar popup examples to make it clear.

Cosmetic Capital Popup

But, in Cosmetic Capital, the customers will witness the floating bar that popups to highlight a special offer. They use eCommerce popups to highlight their financial incentive i.e. free shipping. Every customer loves to have free shipping and thus Cosmetic Capital has used popup in this way. Unbelievably, the website has encountered a 300% increase in its daily leads. Really unbelievable yet smart move!!

And there you have come to the end!! Top 10 eCommerce popup examples are in your hand. Probably in front of your eyes!!

Each of the examples has some hidden message for your eCommerce site too. When planned right, you can start seeing the success without any doubt.

But, wait!!

Now, it is a bonus time for you!!

Mistakes to avoid while using eCommerce popups for your eCommerce store

So far, we have seen popups that actually have some magic in attracting customers. But, what are eCommerce popups according to the consumer’s view?

Have you ever thought about it?

Though the eCommerce popup seems small or big, have you ever been in a situation of facing a full-screen popup in the middle of browsing in an online store?

There are chances for a pesky popup to ruin your customer’s experience. Why make it happen?

And, the secret?

❌ Do not forget to personalize your eCommerce popups

✅ Create urgency in your popup (Try to add “Hurry up, Too Late” words)

✅ Stick to the generic CTAs

❌ Avoid multiple eCommerce popups on the same page

❌ Do not display the same popup on every page

When you customize your popup ideas according to your visitors’ expectations, do not forget to give value to a popup. A welcome popup with a bonus always speaks louder than a simple “Welcome” popup.

Final Takeaways

Popups, irrespective of being annoying, have become the most-wanted and effective marketing strategy for eCommerce owners. Every popup has perfect timing and content that matches exactly with what the customers expect.

Try not to beat around the bush. Make the eCommerce popups more straight and direct the customers as per the plan. Use popups once on a page and make the popup mix up with the site’s design to make it look amazing. Hopefully, the given examples and the added information will lead you to design and customize a wonderful popup with amazing results.

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