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How to Collect More Leads for Your Business in 2023

Posted by Dhana Lakshmi on  June 15, 2021  in Lead Generation

Lead generation is incredibly important for marketers and the businesses they want to grow. Building leads means building brand awareness and interest in your products or services, building a marketing funnel, and interesting prospects through your marketing funnel. At best, lead generation strategies develop strong relationships with qualified customers who will invest in your business for a long time.

“How to make leads in massive?” You may be asking yourself that. This post breaks down the best lead generation strategies, so you can enhance your efforts to attract and convert competent prospects. You will also receive How to Collect More Leads for Your Business in 2021 to guide you.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the initiation of how you attract people to your business and help them become curious about purchasing your product or service. Whether you are a startup or a recognized B2B company, developing and constantly adjusting your B2B lead generation strategy is essential for the growth of your business. After all, if you are not interested in your products and services, attracting new customers and creating brand awareness will be difficult.

So, if you are seriously looking for the top lead generation strategies, this article might help you. Let’s take a look at these 12 lead generation strategies used by all types of small businesses. You can also check Top 11 B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2021 to know more about the lead generation assistant.

What is a Lead Generation Strategy?

Lead generation is one of the most frequently-driven concepts in the area of small business marketing, but when it advances, the concept is very modest. A lead generation strategy is any approach or action used to attract customers to your business in the hope that they will interact with your company somehow.

In other words, your lead generation verticals are to advertise on a social media site like Instagram and ask users to provide their email to learn more about your business. With this online lead generation strategy, you get tracks from every person who submits their email. Through these means, you have additional opportunities to contact or review these individuals to encourage them to buy or work with your business as the ultimate goal of lead generation strategies.

Best Lead Generation Strategies of 2021

Not only is it challenging to find the right lead generation strategies for your business — there are many to choose from, and those who work for other businesses do not have to work for your business. This indicates that you need to discover the best strategies for your business. For that, you’ll need to study your industry, business size, what your business does, and what exactly you expect to achieve with these tactics.

In the end, as with many aspects of marketing, finding the best way to build the paths for your business involves some trial and error. Let us check some of the B2B lead generation tips out there – so you get an understanding to determine things that will be helpful for your business.

Broadcast ads to your main audience

In recent years, podcasts have become so popular that content creators need advertisers, which means you can convert listeners into leads – more efficient than regular radio advertising. Since podcasts usually focus on specific themes and listeners choose what to stream, you already have a good idea of ​​what makes these viewers interesting and relevant to their lives.

So, you can identify the podcasts that speak best to your target audience and focus your lead generation strategy there to work with podcasts to drive your ads and take customers to your website. This is a successful online lead generation strategy — especially when combined with our first trick, in which you provide a referral code with a discount purchased for podcast listeners.

Also, with the popularity of streaming sites, another cycle of this lead generation strategy is creating video ads that can fill “business spaces” on streaming houses or YouTube. While this may seem like any basic advertising strategy, you can better target the customers you are looking for, the ones who are most interested in your product or service, by preferring an explicit podcast or program based on the audience.

Optimize your website and use CTAs

There were times when only digitally-focused businesses, media companies, and tech organizations demanded to impress with compelling websites. Even if you run a brick-and-mortar shop, you should have a website that will provide a sleek, smart design with speed and efficiency.

However, your website should give visitors who, what, where, why behind your company and force them to take some sort of action. Once you get to your website, you need to think about what customers want to do and how you get them to perceive that action.

If customers want to visit your store in person, you can create a call to action or CTA that will take you to the “Contact Us” page. In contradiction, if you want a customer to make a purchase on your website, you may want to create a CTA that directs them to certain product pages, or there may even be a discount landing page for first-time buyers.

Drive visitors to complete CTAs using Optinly, which acts effectively for CTAs along with providing more additional options.

Rethink deals and discounts

You may have placed sales or promotions to encourage new customers to make a purchase. However, if no one recognizes your business and the big deals you offer, it will be of no use.

So, if you want to get creative with your discount strategy, you can try to work with sites dedicated to deals and discounts and use them as an exclusive lead generation strategy.
Similarly, you may also see deals merging into a package with other complementary businesses familiar with the area. Since these sites are all about getting new clients, they will do a job of finding the eyes to get ahead of your product or service.

While the margins on contract sites may not be very large, this is the best lead generation strategy for startups; who simply want to get their name and brand out in the market. In addition, by offering better deals now, you will transform leads into loyal customers over time.

Again, working with Optinly Exit Intent Popups is a perfect lead generation strategic example here. With Optinly, you have the opportunity to list your product or service at a discount, offer gifts & coupon codes and gain access to stop visitors from abandoning your website.

Create and publish top-notch content

Like SEO, investing in content for your website is a great lead generation strategy.

In reality, content-based lead generation marketing strategies enable you to maximize your proximity in the search engine when your content is well-optimized. The higher the quality content you create, the better you will be rewarded by search engines.

In addition, search engines prioritize websites that help them answer questions quickly and easily. For example, if your company creates an expert who, what, where, and why blog post, you will be rewarded by getting the best place in the search.

Additionally, as the search becomes more local, you will benefit from lead generation tricks that link your content to your location. Then, you can go on the path of dominating local online marketing.

Example: If you do a Google search for “Kraft Beer in New York City,” you’ll find content-based sites such as Eater and Timeout that have produced the best (non-advertising) round posts of the best craft beer. Bars in NYC as opposed to the actual liquor or restaurant website. In this case, those websites use content marketing to promote their businesses and gain access.

Create the irresistible lead magnets

You need to understand that the lead generation process is the trade of information between your company and the website visitors – you provide information about your offerings in exchange for their contact information.

It should be a win-win condition for both parties because getting your audience from the business builds trust and credibility with your company.

This is where lead magnets get into action. These are useful resources that can allow you to exchange their contact details, such as email addresses.

To produce an effective lead magnet, you must focus on your buyer’s personalities and develop the resources to meet the challenges they face at different touch points throughout the journey within your company’s ecosystem.

An efficient lead magnet can use your expectations within your organization. Some of the most interchangeable lead magnets –

  1. Webinars
  2. Detailed “how” guides
  3. Research reports
  4. Case studies

You can make use of Optinly, which acts very elegant and easy to create lead magnets around your ecosystem. Any businesses looking forward to building their leads list will find Optinly as the best plugin option out there.

Start a business newsletter

As with content and social media lead generation strategies, you can try email marketing as a tactic for your small business.

You might think of your email marketing strategy as a content strategy combined with community lead capture techniques. If it works, you have a plan to deliver captive visitors with a stream of updates from your company or industry. They get updates in the inbox, and you don’t fight for attention in a sea of ​​social media updates.

It is important to provide compelling reasons for people to register, to use newsletter lead generation strategies. Exclusive sales, the promise of experiences or knowledge are all great attractions. But, it’s essential to keep those newsletters coming—the rewards of targeting captive visitors can drive directly to the acquisition of valuable leads.

Review your website visitors

This is another classic B2B demand generation funnel that one can use to stay connected with opportunities at every marketing funnel stage. This strategy helps to change the 50% of visitors who leave the website without leaving their contact details.

Now, reviewing lost visitors and customers on other channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn allows you to keep in touch with them and provide something relevant to get them back on your site for a change. You can also use Google ads to target your audience through visual ads.

Re-marketing campaigns on other channels help you create multiple touchpoints for the future at multiple steps of the funnel to hold them engaged with your brand until your site is ready to take a desirable action.

Get creative with social media

Using social media by default is one of the best lead generation strategies for startups, especially in local markets, as there are ways to get creative with these sites that work best for your business.

Most importantly, you can invest in a paid social media marketplace that is much cheaper and usually goes higher than organic posts, which usually only reach a few followers. At this point, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram allow you to target the most specific audience with their paid advertising solutions and the audience previously associated with your business.

Many of these sites offer one-click email submission – which allows users to submit their information at the click of a button and provides a simple way for businesses to gather information about potential tracks with minimal hassle.

Also, if you really want to get creative, you may decide to build relationships with influencer people who can help attract the attention of your company as a trusted third-party voice. Influencer marketing is one of the biggest markets for digital advertising – and 67% of respondents to a recent survey said that Influencer marketing campaigns help them reach a more specific target audience.

Learn search engine optimization

Interestingly, only 10% of search users skip over the first page of search results when it’s challenging for any business to get their website ahead of potential means, no matter how well designed or informed.

This is why SEO remains one of the most powerful lead generation strategies, especially for B2B businesses and even B2C businesses. Of course, understanding and designing the right SEO strategy is not always easy; however, the first step is to use the tools at your disposal (most web developers include On Page SEO optimization tools) and keep search engine visibility in mind.

So, on a basic level, you can start by confirming your website:

  • Provides good information
  • Provides answers to frequently asked questions
  • Contains clear and concise writing

Learning SEO best practices for yourself is free – but investing in the advice of SEO experts will add value to your business, especially if your business is in a competitive market. However, investing in content marketing and SEO-interested writers should be good enough to provide you with a clear edge. You can use pop-ups which would be the best option helping at its best in economic development lead generation. And for the best pop-up ideas, don’t miss to check out Optinly.

Develop a live chat feature for your website

Ultimately, you may want to consider adding the live chat feature as one of the best online lead generation strategies. In recent days, respondents considered the real-time chat function of a website to be one of the prime features of an eCommerce page.

Live chat is a great lead generation trick for your business to stimulate interest from new customers and promote the business again and again with real-time access.

Live chat functionality allows site visitors to access you directly without picking up the phone or writing an email. New customers will always benefit by asking questions, which can then help you answer questions directly and close new sales. In this case, “Chat now!” Such a small touch. The button of a business website can go a long way in building relationships with new customers and means and generally improving customer service on your site.

More and more websites out there are implementing live chat on their websites. In most cases, live chat is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, and you can reach a chatbot or live agent about your queries. You can get great assistance on this from Optinly, where you will get the best plugin that suits your requirement.

Use exit-intent pop-ups

Instant pop-ups will keep web viewers trembling, but strategically placed exit-oriented pop-up opportunities will keep them warm. If you are going to implement this type of pop-up, be sure to use proven techniques such as:

The exit-intent pop-ups will pop up when a visitor leaves your site, that is, when the user leaves the cursor browser window, then click the button or change the browser tab.

An Exit-intent pop-up should not appear to every visitor, because in the end, they should depart your website, and not every visitor is your potential customer.

You need to be very strategic with whom to pop up and with what message – highly customize your site based on their interactions.

For example, if a viewer has already completed the lead generation cycle, you do not need to display the pop-up intended to exit. Conversely, suppose a visitor spends more than a certain amount of time exploring product pages. In that case, a pop-up with a case study download may be more effective than a regular newsletter subscription.

Remember that the last chance to turn an attractive visitor into a lead should be exit pop-ups. For a better rate of conversion, you can use an outgoing pop-up for visitors who:

  • Abandoned lead generation form
  • No form was submitted despite spending a lot of time on the site
  • Viewed many pages but did not converted

You can use Optinly exit-intent pop-ups to target visitors with customized exit-intent, which helps businesses build better pop-ups. You have so many options with Optinly exit-intent pop-ups such as:

  • Stop visitors from abandoning your website
  • Offer discounts, gifts & coupon codes for the visitors
  • Engage potential leads by directing them to your target page

The final word

Eventually, there are several successful lead generation strategies, including the ones we discussed here. However, what is important is that your business will be successful. So, when you start developing your small business advertising and marketing strategies, keep the following b2b lead generation tips in mind:

One size will not fit all, so if one trick doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to try something else. The best lead generation strategies for startups will not be the same for established businesses.

Old strategies may still work – but be sure to update them with a new twist for better success.

Try to spend at least a little money; however, lead generation tactics don’t have to be expensive.

Get creative – because you never know what might work for your business.

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Dhana Lakshmi
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