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10 Easy Content Upgrade Ideas to Help You Grow Your Email List

Posted by Tharani Asokan on  June 02, 2021  in Lead Generation

You have created blog posts to grow your email list and managed to get some traffic.
Even though you have delightful guest numbers, subscribing to the email list is another story.

You realize that building an email list is significant, and you have begun doing that. But your conversion rate is slow at around 1%. It is 2% on an incredible day.

Content upgrades are probably the big advancement that advertisers all over the business are ranting about, and they bring about a huge increase in subscribers.

What is a content upgrade?

A content upgrade is an extra piece of information that clients download by presenting their email addresses.

For instance, if you were looking for a DIY way to create home decor out of waste materials, just reading probably won’t be sufficient. You may be keen on watching a reward video that tells you the best way to create home decor out of waste materials. This way, you can understand it along with the video.

Blast. It’s an ideal content upgrade because the video telling you how to create home decor out of waste materials is valuable and precise to the article you are perusing.

Simply put, a content upgrade is an important offer made to get a guest’s email address. Or get them to promote you by requesting a Facebook share, a tweet, or an email to a mate.

Why is a content upgrade the best way to grow your email list?

Why is having an email list useful? Because you can segregate your email list by the kind of data individuals download (for instance: publishing content to a blog, business, independent). Afterward, move them into an automated email succession that furnishes more data and ends with a pitch to buy a product or service.

By now, you probably know that content upgrade is the most ideal approach to grow your email marketing list. As you can deliver value to your potential customers.

Imagine a scenario where you can get 10% of your site guests to subscribe using email. What about 20%?

Sounds unusual? Then how about developing your email list 10X quicker? Content upgrades are a pro in it.

Stay tuned to check out 10 easy email list ideas for your business. You can get as creative as you need. However, go ahead and take these types of content upgrade examples and change them to make them your own.

10 easy email opt-in ideas using content upgrade (with content upgrade examples)

1. PDF Blog Post

Beyond question, this is the most effortless upgrade to offer. You should simply save your last draft as a PDF and give it as a redesign.

It truly is really that straightforward. Since, in such a case that your substance is really significant, your perusers will need to return to it on numerous occasions.
Just duplicate the content of your blog post, glue them into a Google Doc, and afterward, pick Export a PDF File from the File menu.
A large number of your perusers will need to save your blog. So, they can check it later. This allows them an opportunity to do that precisely.

2. Video or Audio Recording

A few groups are visual learners.

They simply don’t prefer to read.

The best thought could be recording a blog post as a sound file. Individuals unexpectedly digest data. Giving a video or audio narrative of you talking through the content with extra pieces of data could be genuinely interesting to those that learn better through sound. And will likewise grow your mailing list.

This works well for How-To articles. Rather than clarifying the concept with screenshots, you can direct your readers to a video.

If you have online training sessions, instructive recordings, or meetings. It is valuable to offer a recording as an extra reward.

3. Transcripts

While the majority of your audience members will not need a Transcript, some of them will need to peruse your scene like an article if they are in a circumstance where they can’t connect the earphones.
When highlighting interviews, webcasts, or recordings in your substance, offer a record of the audio as an upgrade.

It requires some investment to do, and you can even recruit a transcriber if you don’t fancy doing it without anyone else’s help. Fiverr can help find a transcriber.

4. Quick Start Guide

When you’re instructing something complicated, it merits improving on it. Individuals simply need to begin swiftly and effectively while having a go at something new.

So if your post is showing your readers how to make, advance and lift SEO for an online shop. Why not make the initial steps of setting the store up and spread them out? Assist them with getting that first hindrance so they can really get rolling!

If you have composed a nitty-gritty how-to manual that clarifies a lot of things, your perusers would need 30 minutes to go through the entire article before they can execute your recommendation.
Offering them a fast beginning aide will make their life significantly simpler.
Strip every one of the subtleties from your blog post and make it a simple guide that individuals can go through surprisingly fast, not minutes.

5. Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is another pretty basic content upgrade to offer. Utilized in the correct setting, it can likewise be a genuinely successful one. It contains all the crucial data related to a post in one convenient bundle.

For example, if your blog post is about expanding blog traffic. You could make a one-page sheet flooded with blog title formats to optimize SEO and gain audience attention.

If your post is telling your crowd how to cook a dish, your checklist could be a progression of steps that they can print out and refer to at any point in time.

6. Rundown of Resources

If your blog post has a spotlight on tools and assets, making a master rundown linking straightforwardly to every one of them. This implies that readers don’t need to look out for each instrument all alone.

Perhaps your post is a registry of the best destinations with the expectation of complimentary stock photographs. Your PDF download master rundown could take your reader to every individual website.

7. Checklist

Checklists are perfect for “how-to” or more (4,000+ words) posts that can be chopped down into simpler portions.

This could be a bit-by-bit printable rundown, a bunch of materials required for a venture, or even some top tips taken from a big guide.

8. Full Guide

Assuming you need to offer something other than a starter control, assemble a complete one that takes the peruser through each and every progression.

It’s ideal for a complex post. For instance, if your post is about starting a new blog, the guide could understandably fragment each progression.

9. Report

If you are a specialist in a subject and have completed a broad examination of it, your content upgrade could be a report that will instruct readers.

Perhaps your subject matter is online media advertising. Your report could show veritable realities and details about its impact on organizations and brand awareness. Giving these reports will likewise help concrete your situation as an industry expert.

10. Printable

You need to give something that your reader can print and stick on their cupboard, keep in their notepad, or pin to a noticeboard. Something moving that will remind them to remain “in the zone.”

This could be anything identified with your blog entry, from graphs, moving pictures, work area foundations, or persuasive statements.

For instance, if your blog post is about painting home yourself, you could incorporate a printable list of to-do’s and don’t do’s like a content upgrade.

How to come up with an effective content upgrade?

Prepared to begin making your first content upgrades?

Let these questions prick your brain before you make one:

How might you help the reader venture out?
Think about the quick start guide. You may be explaining a complex topic, or it very well may be a convoluted framework. Make a reward that strolls the reader through the initial steps, so they don’t need to do any brainstorming. That may mean giving fill-in-the-blanks format or disclosing to them the specific things to verify.

What’s the most significant challenge?
What’s the most significant challenge readers may have with applying the information you’re offering to them? How could you beat that challenge? Make an offer that will help them get through that boundary.

How might you make the data simpler to process?
Once again, simplify. If there is a 3,000 words blog post, Use a one-pager or an infographic to convey the key takeaways or a video clarifying a similar idea.

What’s happening with different bloggers?
Probably, there is similar content available online like yours. While you shouldn’t duplicate, you can take motivation from other similar content. Check out the offer rewards that you can enhance. Are there parts of their blog entries that can be tweaked into a reward offer? What are their perusers requesting in the remarks segment?

How’s your mind doing? Are the wheels turning? You may have many stunning thoughts for content upgrades now and are all set to make them. Here are not many tips for an overpowering content upgrade.

Hints for effective content upgrades

1. Figure out how to compose a damn great headline

An amazing headline is critical to getting the peruser to download your content upgrade. Your headline ought to convey the quick worth of the offer.

2. A button that stands out

You don’t need to test each tone and get the ideal shade of blue. Simply ensure the shade of the button is not lost in the rest of your site. You need it to stick out.

3. Quality oversize

The offer doesn’t need to be an enormous 100-page digital book. Interestingly, it is sufficient if it is relevant to the article they were perusing and offers quick value. Indeed, a 100-page digital book may even be a poorly crafted idea because the reader should finish 100 pages. So this does not deliver prompt value.

4. Offer your reader various chances to pick in

Introduce the offer at the start, center, and end of the intended blog posts to grow your email list. Want to see it yourself? Run an A/B test on one of your blog posts by introducing the offer at three different positions in your blog. See it yourself and choose accordingly. Not giving the reader a chance to miss.

5. Use each blog posts

Make a content upgrade for each blog post so that it’s explicit in every case. If you don’t have sufficient data, you can use a notable content upgrade for various blog posts.

6. Shares matter!

Use Click to Tweet to make it simpler for readers to share your content upgrade once they download it. Let the tweet point to your unique blog post (not your content upgrade).

7. An evergreen content upgrade

No matter when a visitor will find it. The content upgrade should consistently be relevant to them.

8. That yellow button!

Offer the content upgrade in a magical yellow box. So your offer stands out from the rest of the blog (considering your site does not have a yellow theme).

9. Onboard new visitors

Get new visitors to your blog by creating relevant guest posts in different online journals and point back to one of your blog posts that offer a content upgrade.

How exactly to begin with content upgrades to grow your email marketing list?

Content upgrades are additional work. There is no uncertainty about that. In any case, they can possibly produce results for you (maybe even in the triple digits).

They are speculations that will assist you with developing your email list and, eventually, your business.

While execution may differ for each content upgrade, as long as you center around offering genuine value, you’ll see that content upgrade will merit the venture.

Do you want to kickstart content upgrades for your website?
To begin with, follow the simple five-stage measure:

Stage 1: Look for and pick a high-traffic page on your website

Stage 2: Figure out the resource type relevant to the web page and offer value to visitors.

Stage 3: Create the content upgrade resource.

Stage 4: Add the resource to your site utilizing tools.

Stage 5: Gain more subscribers and grow your email marketing list.

Your turn!

Gaining organic traffic and growing your email list is primary for a business. But never forget to add value to the bonus content you provide website visitors.

Now that you know the nook and corners of content upgrades. All you have to do is set up the content upgrade.

Well, there are a lot of ways to set up content upgrades. The best and easiest way to offer a content upgrade is to trigger popups.

So the next time you opt for a content relaunch or want to upgrade your blog post, create an image using an image editor like Canva and use the Optinly plugin in your website to create a click-triggered popup.

Author Bio
Tharani Asokan 
Tharani Asokan
Tharani is a blogger and round-the-clock learner. Apart from blogging, she has years of experience writing content for social media promotion, explainer video scripts, project case studies, and various forms of content. When not busy writing, you can find her exploring movies, cooking, and of late discovering the amateur voice artist in her.

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