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Optinly Feature Update – Introducing Teams

Posted by Aadhithyan on  May 12, 2022  in Product Blog

Here I am, with another Optinly feature update. And this time, our devs have cooked up the much-expected teams feature. Yes, now you can add your team members to your popup campaigns and develop new, creative ways to build intrusive and annoying popups together! Ahem, I am kidding, we are not supposed to say that, and we’ve always prescribed popup best practices to get the bad rep off popups.

Anyhoo, let’s get down to the purpose of this blog, how to use the Optinly Teams feature? It is relatively straightforward; let me walk you through it.

Sign in to your Optinly account. If you don’t already have one, you should sign up! Now we are in the Optinly dashboard, and yours should look like this.

Team page - Optinly

Click on the Invite Members button on the right for the member invitation menu.

Invite Member Menu - Optinly

Add the member’s name, email address, the website you want to give them access to, and the permissions you want them to have in your campaigns, and send your invite on the way.

You get a message that your invitation has been sent to the recipient, and Optinly will have sent an email to them.

Invitation Sent - Optinly

They are shown in the team members list but are pending until they accept it.

Pending Invitation - Optinly

After you have invited your team members and they have accepted and joined your team, your team menu should look something like this.

Functional Team - Optinly

Now your team is all set for a collaborative popup campaign management. Now, remember the permissions you gave to your team members? You can update them anytime you want by clicking the Manage Permissions button, or removing members from your team.

Updating permission - Optinly

Here I updated some of the permissions I had given to my team members and updated it and got the confirmation message for it, as you can see below.

Updating permissions alert - Optinly

So, that’s it. Running and managing popup campaigns gets easier with each update we roll out, and we keep doing it regularly.

In case you missed out on the drag and drop feature update, check it out in the Optinly app and you can read the feature update on the drag and drop popup builder here!

Get the most out of your Optinly account by checking our latest updates and following our blog. We regularly keep you posted with helpful feature updates, eCommerce, and other lead capture informational blogs.

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