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Optinly Feature Update: Meet Our Drag and Drop Popup Builder

Posted by Aadhithyan on  February 25, 2022  in Lead Generation, Popups, Product Blog

So, what’s new in Optinly? Our devs have come up with a brand new drag and drop popup builder, that’s what! 

The new builder is both your blank canvas and an editable tool for customizing any pop-up into any way your imagination leads you to. This article will guide you through starting with it.

If you are a regular Optinly user, this guide will help you. It will be just as easy if you are new to Optinly because the builder works like a charm with a minimal learning curve. No time like the present, so let’s get started. You’ve signed into your Optinly account; let’s start from there.

Campaign Creation

Go to Campaigns Menu and click on the Create Campaign button.

In the Create New Campaign section, set a title for your campaign and set your intent.

Drag and drop editor

Here you will find our new drag and drop editor, click on it, and get started with a popup builder where creativity is your only limit.

Now, you can create a popup with a blank canvas using the “Start From Scratch” template. Or you can use some use-case-based prebuilt templates, which you can customize to your need. Do you need more text or add an image, maybe an extra call to action button? Anything is possible with Optinly’s latest drag and drop pop-up builder.

After picking a template, you can set display rules on when the popup should appear, where and how often it should occur for recurring visitors or subscribers. These features are already present in Optinly. Now let’s get to the pop-up customization. Click customize in the pop-up editor screen, as shown below.

Building popups by content

You can build popups by blocks or individual content types to give you more flexibility. I am making my first popup with individual content types.

To show the versatility of the blank canvas template, I have picked it for the first example. As you can see, the canvas is for you to create as you choose, and there are nine types of content to build your popup from columns to images. Just drag the content and drop it in the template

I have added a Heading, an image, a text block, and a Call to Action button for the sample popup.

Now let’s head to customization. My pop-up campaign is a welcome offer, and I have added heading and text content accordingly. And I chose a picture from Pixabay to suit my use case. Pixabay is a royalty-free media website integrated with Optinly. I had no trouble finding a suitable image for my campaign from there. And finally, I added a call to action button.

 You can also use your images or add forms, menus, dividers, and more from the content section to further customize your popup.

Save the popup and set your campaign live, and now your popup is active on your website.

Building popups by blocks

Now again, a blank canvas, and this time I will build a pop-up by blocks.

I randomly picked three different types of blocks to build my second pop-up. The blocks even helpfully suggest that you add content in them. 

I obliged the blocks’ suggestion and added a heading to the first block, an image and a text to the second block, and a call to action button in the third block. I made this popup a lead capture in a newsletter sign-up offer and added content accordingly. 

Save and set live again; your newsletter subscription pop-up is now poppin on your website like below.

Make your popups in a breeze with the drag and drop pop-up builder from Optinly. Sit back and watch or take a vacation and come back to see your subscribers growing automatically!

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