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15 Innovative Ways Popups Can Help Businesses

Posted by Aadhithyan on  April 12, 2022  in eCommerce, Marketing, Popups

Website pop-ups are more than a mere tool to make your website interesting. It’s a way to increase conversion, improve traffic quality, reduce cart abandonment rate, and do many more things, provided you know how to do it correctly. 

Sadly, one’s imagination doesn’t go beyond notification, order updates, and ad pop-ups. There are many innovative ways to bring pop-ups into action and churn lucrative results.

Let us give you an example. 

Thedotstore once used to send its buyers to a merchant’s page for plugin purchase payment. The overall process required hopping between pages and, thus, had a high abandonment rate. The WooCommerce store then opted for a checkout pop-up. The pop-up allowed users to complete the purchase through just one form, multiplying the conversion rate.

Like thedotstore, many businesses and websites worldwide are using pop-ups in multiple innovative ways. 

In case you’re lacking insight on this front, we’re here to help. The post features some of the most exciting and inventive ways to use popups on a website and make it better than before.

Website Popups – A Real Game Changer

Before we come to the point, let’s show you the power of popups. These are the statistics we have collected from various reliable sources:

  • As per Optimonk, Cart abandonment popups generally have a 17.12% conversion rate
  • Gamified pop-ups have more than a 13% conversion rate.
  • Sumo users were able to collect 23,645,948 email addresses with the help of List Builder pop-ups.
  • Context-based pop-ups have a conversion rate as high as 40%
  • A pop-up that appears within 15 seconds after a visitor shows up has a conversion rate of 38.04%
  • A pop-up with a countdown timer improves the conversation rate by 8.07%

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you know the art and science of using a pop-up, you have the chance to improve things on every front. A good drag-n-drop popup builder can be your savior in this scenario.

15 Interesting Ways To Use Popups To Improve Website and Business Performance

The above stats have made it clear that the magic of popups is not dead. They are still result-driven and will always be. All you need is a fresh and inventive approach to bring them into action. Here we’re presenting some interesting ways to use popups. 

#1 – Exit-Intent popups for reduced cart abandonment ratio 

Struggling hard to reduce the cart abandonment rate? Try using an exit-intent popup for your e-commerce website and improve your sales. 

An impressive exit-intent popup holds power to change the customers’ minds at the last moment and help a business to grab an order. It will help a company retain customers once and for all. Try adding a discount or coupon in the popup with a timestamp to make it more impactful. 

#2 – Use email Pop-ups to expand the marketing list and revenue

Email pop-ups are amazing and hold the power to increase marketing data and revenue astonishingly. A diligently created email popup will convert a website visitor into a potential customer in a blink of an eye. Some high-end email pop-ups tools provide pre-built templates and 100% customization for an impactful email popup. 

#3 – On-click popups for higher conversion

On-click popups are awesome as they help a business find out the actual needs of a business and get ultra-welcoming leads. These popups can also be used to provide extra information about your product or service on demand. 

For example, you may load product size charts as popups on click. It won’t only help you keep your landing pages clean and optimized but let the buyer focus on limited information at the time while keeping all information available for them as and when they prefer to see it.

#4 – Fullscreen overlays for undivided attention

In case you have some specific message to pass on to the customers, then use a full-screen overlay pop-up. As it blacks out the rest of the screen and forces customers to converge their attention at one point, customer engagement is also better than before. Of course, message delivery is to the point. 

#5 – Count-down timer popups for quick action

FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is a real thing and can be helpful for businesses with the help of a count-down popup. It creates a sense of urgency and drives quick sales. For festive seasons, it’s very impactful.

#6 – Floating bar popups for impressive promotion 

A floating bar is a great popup option to grab the attention of customers when there is no product launch, an urgent message to pass on, and drive traffic to a particular page. Without consuming too much space, the floating bar does the job perfectly. 

#7 – Slide-in pop-ups for subtle promotion

Just want to pass a message without much distraction caused? Try slide-in popups. You can share deal/coupon reminders with the customers using this popup.

#8 – Scroll-triggered popup for blogs 

This popup is used to keep the reader engaged and offer lucrative offers. Generally, it’s offered when more than 70% of blog content is absorbed by the reader.

#9 – Yes/No popup to know your customers better 

Knowing customers better is the first step toward brand success. The deeper understanding business will have about customers’ needs and wants, improved and to-the-point will be the service delivery. To make the job easier than before, you can have the help of a Yes/No popup. 

#10 – Click-Me popups for conservative businesses 

So, you want to use a popup without making it too evident. The ideal choice here to make is a Click-Me popup that won’t show up until the customer wants it to show up. It’s associated with a link and will only display if a customer clicks on that link or visits the suggested page.

#11 – Product recommendation popup for higher average order value

Customers of today’s era love recommendations and businesses can increase the average spend worth with the help of product recommendation popup. When displayed on the final checkout page or below the cart page, this popup will certainly force your customers to buy more stuff. 

#12 – Tripwire popup for subtle pushing

With the tripwire popup, you can make a pricey deal lucrative for customers. For instance, if you charge for your shipping and ensure that your customers don’t ditch just because of this, use a tripwire popup to offer goodies or a deal that’s hard to ignore. Try giving a book free with the shipping.

#13 – Recent activity notification popup for keeping everything on the tip of your finger

A great social presence pays off well to a customer. Businesses can use the recent activity notification popup to collect the social proof of a business. Using the popup, one can find the real-time online interaction of a business and customer. These popups are great for trust-building as well.

#14 – Pre-order signup for a successful launch

Don’t think that you can only start selling when your product is ready. You can make huge money with pre-booking. Just use a pre-order signup popup and allow your customers to do hassle-free pre-registration.

#15 – Try Spin-the-wheel popup for better engagement 

A higher customer engagement ratio is a sign of growth and you can make this happen with a spin-the-wheel popup. It excites the customers and keeps them hooked for a longer time.

Ending Notes

Popups can do wonders if you know how to use them constructively and are using the right kind of popups. While you seek effective utilization of this tool, there is no need to get involved in tedious popup development as there are many trusted resources offering pre-build, professionals, and easy-to-customize popups. Just choose the right template, enter the details, and your popup is ready to serve.

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