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How Social Media helps in Growth Marketing? Examples & Tips To Fuel Your Strategy.

Posted by Divya Rajendran on  July 12, 2022  in Marketing

147 minutes OR 2 hours 27 minutes.

That’s the window you get to reach out to your customer. 

Because that’s the average time spent by a person on social media DAILY. 

Still a better window than what you see in heist movies, right?

And that’s why every strategy doesn’t work, but when it does, it’s extremely gratifying. 

Growth marketing is the same as planning a heist. It depends on- When and How you plan and for Whom?

Many plan and execute it perfectly, while only the former works well for many. In the digital age, strategies can revolve around endless tools, and Social Media is one of them. 

Social media is a data-driven, analytical, concept-based, and creative tool that can be expanded endlessly to achieve our business goals. In today’s age, Growth Marketing strategies are heavily inclined toward a well-curated Social Media strategy. 

But before we give you tips on how to plan a heist with Social Media, let’s take you through the factors which fuel Growth Marketing. It’ll give you insights into why you should have the perfect Social Media Marketing Plan to achieve those desired numbers. 

What fuels Growth Marketing? 

Growth Marketing can be best described as an omnichannel marketing approach that relies heavily on setting attainable goals and strategizing for the same. It’s a process wherein you have to continuously experiment to achieve your goals. 

So, it’s very important to define your experiments as these processes involve an ample amount of resources. Moreover, it revolves around specific targeting, which makes it all the more important to plan it strategically. 

Here are a few growth marketing tips that you can use as a starter pack to fuel your strategy: 

– Set the right objective for your campaign, which can include brand awareness, deriving sales, or engagement. The objective should predominantly focus on generating growth across all marketing funnels. 

– Track your campaign against the required parameters to foresee the outcome. It will help you gain actionable insights that can be used to tweak the current campaign or use in future campaigns.  

– Always keep track of market fluctuations and trends to gain qualitative insights into what your customers need. 

– Do a hypothesis of your campaign to observe what’s working and what’s not. It will allow you to determine factors such as Action, Outcome, and Reason. An important process in Growth Marketing will help you keep your campaign on the right track. 

– You should be able to derive results or instincts from the current campaign that can be implemented in your campaigns going forward. 

– Always go by numbers and sure your Growth Marketing strategy is dominated by well-structured experiments and not by any sort of emotional quotient. 

Remember ideas never bear fruit unless and until they are executed well. Since growth marketing focuses on all portions of the marketing funnel, Social Media helps to strategize it better. 

How does Social Media play an important part in your Growth Marketing strategy?

Social Media marketing satiates the 3 major goals of Growth Marketing, which are:

  • Retaining Existing Customers
  • Acquiring New Customers
  • Boosting Profits

Social media, as a tool, is a very approachable channel which can be easily blended into our experimental strategies. 

Following are a few reasons why social media marketing acts as a catalyst for all growth marketing strategies:

  • Boosts Brand Awareness:

Social media gives you the space to tell a story that can be amplified across your target audience in just a few minutes. The platform gives you the space to explore and experiment more than any other marketing tool. 

  • Inculcates Social Listening:

One of the biggest aspects of brand building or growth marketing is listening to our customers and catering to their needs. It gives a window for brand improvement and aligning services or products according to our target audience’s needs. 

Improved social listening is one of the focus points of social media marketing as it allows a business to act on aspects that resonate with the people. 

  • Builds Brand Authenticity:

Brands have the chance to develop trust with potential customers, partners, and talent/employees by engaging on social media. It is possible that other people are spreading the word about your company’s name, products, or services. Official brand channels are trusted over other sources due to the legitimacy of the information. 

  • Easy Access to Actionable Insights: 

Reach, engagement, lead conversion, and Earned Media Value (EMV) are among a few of the Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) of any growth marketing strategy. Social media allows you to measure these metrics with detailed insights. It allows you to strategize and implement plans that can be futuristic or ad-hoc. 

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, social media allows you to build a like-minded community for your business. It gives you a better insight into the user journey and plans unique user-generated content. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Tips to Fuel Growth Marketing:

Social media marketing requires baby steps to make it the perfect launchpad for your growth marketing plans. Let’s dive deep into it. 

To start with them, you need to build hygiene strategies that would define your brand identity, communication, and mission. They include: 

– Curate content buckets that would align with the brand proposition.

– Defining guidelines, both communication and visual, to make your brand stand out from the rest. It helps people to connect with your brand in a better manner. 

– Define long-term and short-term plans to engage with your audience accordingly and fuel your community-building strategy. 

– Give ample time to social media analytics (i,e) competitor analysis and target audience research to set targets for your metrics. 

– Build an actionable and engaging hashtag strategy as they are the building blocks of any social media action plan. 

– Distinguish between your organic and paid activities to demarcate the respective social media ideas that you want to focus on. It will also help you build a social media calendar that aligns with all perspectives. 

– Give importance to content themes as they will be engaging and help you reach out to a wider audience. 

Stressing on the last point mentioned above, let’s look at the recent content themes or social media trends that you can use while strategizing for your brand. 

Nothing but pure social media marketing tips based on things that gain the maximum LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE.

The 3 Golden Words in the world of Social Media, though other terms are also replacing any of the 3 quite often. 

– #ReelItFeelIt: 

Instagram’s pandemic launch is still the most-engaging format on the platform, and including it in your strategy is always a win-win situation. Reels on any trending music or any situation rank high in terms of reach and engagement. Since reels have been included on Facebook, they serve as a popular platform to talk about brand awareness and launch campaigns. 

– Stories:

24-hour stories have become a format which is easily approachable by your audience. It’s something which your audience is always hooked onto. You can talk about various topics on stories, ranging from brand awareness to conducting polls and quizzes. Instagram is constantly coming up with new features on its stories which are becoming popular among followers. 

Hence, as a brand, you need to ideate and come up with creative content pieces to engage with your audience through this medium. 

– Show a human element in the post: 

Social media has become an inevitable part of our life as we’re on it anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days when brands could post random content for the sake of engagement. Audiences now want content pieces to which they can connect easily. It needs to have some human elements or some relevant events with which they can resonate easily. 

This increases the likeability of the brand and boosts the relatability quotient, which is a must when it comes to cracking the growth marketing code. 

– Strong Visuals: 

Unlike other forms of media, social media is more visually focused, especially Instagram. Hence, your brand needs to have strong visual language that captures your audience’s attention on the first go. 

– Focus on Topical Posts:

Topics such as Independence Day, Diwali, Holi, and others trend days are celebrated, and creating posts around these propel the engagement massively. 

– Being in the moment with Moment Marketing: 

The success factor on social media depends on being ahead of others and that’s where moment marketing takes the centre stage. Moment marketing is all about turning a trending topic and relating it to your brand. Examples of such events include Neeraj Chopra winning the Olympic Gold Medal, Dhoni’s Retirement, Movie Releases, and others. These events are fresh in the minds of your audience, and pushing your brand proposition along these lines helps the brand gain the necessary traction. 

– User-generated Campaigns: 

Deriving maximum engagement is one of the topmost goals of any social media marketing strategy, and user-generate campaigns or UGCs are the best way to do it. UGC campaigns can be done in the form of contests, using different features on stories and reposting the good stuff done by the followers. 

– Use AR Filters: 

Almost every social media platform has introduced AR filters. You can use these filters to create engaging brand-related content to boost reach and engagement. 

– Influencer Integration: 

One of the biggest industries created by social media is the Influencer Industry. Brands are focusing on influencer marketing as it helps them reach out to a niche set of audiences. Influencer collaborations give brands massive reach and allow them to rake up numbers. 

– Twitter Threads: 

Twitter analytics show that Twitter threads wherein brands interact with their followers boost brand connectivity and relatability. You can connect with Twitterati or go for brand banters to trend on the micro-blogging site. 

TikTok Videos:

The key to a successful TikTok marketing strategy is to create content that resonates with the younger generations and aligns with your brand. 

As the platform continues evolving, businesses must stay up-to-date on the latest TikTok trends and techniques to keep their marketing strategy relevant and effective.

The Final Shot: 

As mentioned in the beginning, Growth Marketing is nothing but writing a heist movie. You might not have the right strategy at first but will find it anyhow. 

Social media can be that character in your movie who, if you use it strategically, can turn out to be the hero. 

So don’t wait for the perfect time to come, because the right plot can be taken by someone else. 

Use mankind’s favourite pass time tool to fuel your growth marketing strategy and earn your projected numbers. 

Author Bio
Divya Rajendran 
Divya Rajendran
Divya is a marketer, nature lover, and startup enthusiast. She loves doing SEO outreach for SaaS websites. She always follows 3 principles in life “happy with what you have”, “Respect everyone’s thoughts”, and “Avoid comparison”.

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