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34 Impressive Content Marketing Examples

Posted by S Sarath on  July 08, 2022  in Email Marketing, Marketing

   Hey! Are you the one, who is struggling in the post pandemic to get on with your ideas on Content Marketing and promote it to the next level?

 If yes, don’t worry, this blog is just for you!

Content Marketing – Using the content in the best way – attract visitors – retain them- eventually turning into customers.

Content Marketing involves expressing the content smartly, the way the visitors expect.

So to keep your ideas realistic and reliable with more consistency, you have to know what are the better ideas available to make your content outstanding.

This blog is mainly about the impressive examples that we have gathered from different B2C and B2B content marketing strategies which will not only inspire you but also will make you create your own. 

But before getting into the types and examples of content marketing, we have to get a holistic view of content marketing.

What is Content Marketing? 

     Content marketing is the deliberate creation and organizing of content with the goal of attracting new possibilities and nurturing them into leads.

     This is used to attract, engage and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters, e-books, discussion boards, webinars, social media, and through many other platforms.

This approach will make your brand stronger by promoting brand awareness and keep your business top, until when the time comes to sell.

 Content marketing at scale can feel like an exhausting, uphill battle that never ends. But, the prospect of attracting customers through high-quality content will make your products and services a commendable growth.

Content Marketing Stats to know 

         1. 90% of marketers are using content marketing plans to continue investing the same amount in the channel in 2022.

         2. 60% of marketers expect their 2022 content marketing budget to increase more than their 2021 budget. 

         3. Over 60% of marketers measure the success of their content marketing strategy through sales.

        4. Marketers primary goals for running marketing campaigns are brand awareness, increasing sales, and increasing engagement

        5. The top 3 goals marketers achieve through successful content marketing are generating brand awareness, building credibility and trust, and educating audiences.

         6. Video is the number 1 format marketers used in their content strategy in 2021. The top four formats marketers leverage in their content strategy are videos, blogs, images, and infographics.

B2B organizations used to supplement content marketing using analytics tools, social media publishing, and email marketing software.


  1. Traffic:  Content Marketing drives 

traffic from search engines, social media, people following email links/ article sharing sites.

  1. Sales:  Content Marketing is often

a great way to drive the right traffic(knowing what the people want),that is people who are more likely to become customers.

  1. Email Subscribers: Writing articles in 

the form of blogs could impress a lot of audiences,then you’ll be able to drive more 

people who will become your customers.

Now we know what content marketing is and how it’s beneficial for the growth of your business.

Let’s look at various content marketing examples.

34 Content Marketing Examples 

          Here is a list of content to help you know about the content marketing examples that could be useful for your business.

  • Blogging Examples
  • Social Media Marketing Examples
  • Tried and Workable Content Marketing Examples
  • Visual Content Marketing Examples
  • Video Marketing Examples
  • Evergreen Marketing Examples
  • Ebooks and Resources Examples
  • Other Content Marketing Examples
  • Interactive Content Marketing Examples

C’mon, let’s explore more!

Blogging Examples 

Blogging comes to me and to most of us in our mind at first instance, when we think about types of content marketing.

Blogging helps you attract visitors with helpful information and provides the content to flesh out your social media presence and fuel your SEO efforts too.

Here are a few examples of companies that’ll make you interested in knowing and starting blogging.

Blogging Content Marketing Examples :

1. Work Life by Atlassian

Atlassian’s inspiring work-life blog is full of real-time inspiring stories and advice designed to lead a team to greatness. 

Special features:

  •  The blog is well optimized and offers 

helpful insights on team building opens discussion on leadership style, draws on experience from inspirational leaders worldwide.

  •  One of its best blog posts, How to 

Write Smart Goals brings in roughly 60,000 organic visitors per month. 

The entire blog speaks about all facets of work life and teaches leaders, and employees how to feel aligned.

  • Inside each blog post is a real-life 

scenario as well as content that is easy to read, precise in its points, and valuable to the readers.

Atlassian gets straight to the point to satisfy the searcher’s intent. 

Make your content useful, valuable, and easy for the user to digest. Use real-life scenarios like Atlassian which is appealing to your customers.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot blog content strategy is so simple.

Telling your business’s story-  attracts, engages, and delights your audience – each stage of the buyer’s journey -the customer.

 Hubspot is always on the list of top blogging content marketing that uses its growth hacking strategy by

  • Writing-depth blog posts about the issues their visitors are concerned about.
  • Addition of ebooks to their blog posts as content upgradation.
  • Creating an educational and content sharing hub, (which gets 321,000 visitors each month) that gives a greater opportunity to promote its certification and partnership programs.
  • Creating videos for social media platforms like Facebook and using LinkedIn to send traffic to those videos 2-inbound-traffic

3. Find your fungicide window

Find your fungicide blog page was seen at the Content Marketing Awards Finalist, and we will see how this happened?! 

Informative in helping farmers plan for their harvest, it also tells them how to use the fungicide (aka pesticides) window to their advantage.

Special features :

  • This blog is both visually appealing and easy to digest. 
  • It has well-designed graphics that you can interact with, well-utilized white space, and well-placed information that stands out. 
  • In addition, Climate Fieldview subtly mentions its data-driven technology to provide a visual perspective on the impact of knowing your fungicide window.
  • Being clear and concise with a topic as complex as this one is crucial. 

Providing visuals like before and after interactive designs can keep the user engaged and provide a useful strategy to yield a better product.

And, now you know why they were on the final list!

Social Media Marketing Examples

Social media marketing – creation of content for social media platforms – promote your products/ services – build community – drive traffic to your business. 

This social sharing not only helps in indirect SEO ratings but also helps with lead generation.

So it’s been the current trend used by many brands and companies to focus on social media content that would ultimately amaze their audiences.

4. GE

When we are in need of inspiring B2B content, GE is a great place to start.

We’re talking about wind turbines, jet engines, locomotives, and so on when we talk about GE business, in specific.

GE’s been known for taking what some might see as a dull business, and bringing it to life, and this Instagram content marketing campaign is a perfect example.

GE made a campaign with influencer marketing, getting six Instagram influencers and several superfans to do the #GEInstaWalk.

Touring their manufacturing facilities, taking, uploading, and hash-tagging pictures by the influencers made them reachable all around. That includes,

  • 8 million views of GE’s Instagram account
  • 3 million reaches per tour
  • 3,000 new followers
  • And it was done without any paid advertising.

Not only this you can also learn about how to grow your business with Instagram?! Interesting, right?

Check out the blog on how to make money on Instagram just by surfing.

5. Raffle press

Raffle press is the best online giveaway plugin for WordPress. 

It also works with Facebook to create an assertive presence, as the platform is a great way to increase pageviews for its blog.

And as a side bonus, they also get customer testimonials posted in the comments section of their posts:

  • Rafflepress content marketing example with a testimonial on Facebook.
  • This is a free social proof that helps other people either go to the blog/ head to their website to try the product, thereby attracting and gaining customers.

In the end, even something as simple like this, resharing blog posts on social media can be an excellent content marketing strategy as your business grows.

6. Apple’s Shot on an iPhone

Apple’s Shot on an iPhone campaign encourages iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Max users to share their very best photographs, using the phone’s macro function.

iPhone users captured images of every day, taking ordinary objects and making them into something extraordinary. 

Apple asked users to share their shots on social media using the hashtags ##shotoniPhone or #iPhonemacrochallenge. 

10 professional photographers and staff from Apple judged the online submissions and selected 10 winners.

The campaign was so simple yet powerful. 

It encouraged users to experiment with their new iPhones resulting in close to 60,000 posts on Instagram alone.

When releasing a new product, launching a campaign that encourages your customers to share their experience with the product is an engaging promotional tool with a high virality potential

7.MassMutual“Uncomfortable Truths” 

In July 2021, Mass mutual camp launched a sign that confronted the “uncomfortable truths” behind some of our biggest financial decisions—saving for college, preparing for the unexpected, and general financial planning.

MassMutual shared  

  • 30-second videos across Facebook and other mediums encouraging their customers to face those uncomfortable truths.
  • MassMutual helps educate customers on navigating their finances responsibly through storytelling. 
  • This strategy places the customer first and helps put those uncomfortable feelings around finances to rest. 

Besides, the short-form video is one of the key content marketing trends in 2022, according to the industry experts.

A genuine approach to address the audience’s vulnerabilities can help them feel closer to the brand.

If they can trust the experts to share uncomfortable discussions, perhaps they will become loyal customers. 

8. NRMA Insurance Stories of Help (Instagram)

NRMA responded to the disappointment of Australian people faced in the wake of a Royal Commission investigation into insurance companies.

To help restore faith in the industry, the brand launched stories of campaigns on Instagram.

It shared stories of selfless acts of help to make people reach out to the brand.

But, the brand also championed local heroes who are making huge impacts on the community.

The 150 videos drew inspiration from the popular Facebook page Humans of New York, bringing that human element to their marketing efforts.  

Their campaign paid off with data showing which had doubled their social engagement rate.

While the data is important, the best thing about the campaign is that it helped Australians feel deeply connected to their community, especially in times of crisis. 

This is another great example of using brand storytelling to reach your audience.

Tried and Workable Content Marketing Examples

Next, we have a few content marketing examples that don’t rely on social media at all.

9. John Deere

The Furrow, which is generally called the magazine that went on to become one of the first examples of content marketing, was first published by John Deere in 1895.

This aimed to help the company’s customers with the issues they faced, and show the company’s expertise at the same time.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The amazing thing is that more than 120 years later, the publication’s still going, and is now also available online.

The goal of the furrow remains the same – to tell stories that people enjoy reading and provide them with the knowledge that they can apply in their operations.

The furrow is one of the world’s oldest content marketing examples.

10. AARP

While composed of different legal entities, AARP speaks with one voice — all united by a common motto, “To serve, not be served.”

which made it reach to millions of Americans.

The AARP The Magazine has won awards for the quality of its content, design, and photography, but there’s nothing mysterious about its success.

They listen to their readers, who reach them by email, letter, and social media, and use that information to determine the topics that will resonate with them most.

It’s America’s biggest consumer magazine, going to 22 million households.

In addition, more than half of its 37 million readers have read three of the last four issues.

Visual Content Marketing Examples

Images/Pictures are the lifeblood of social media. They easily connect you with your audience and give potential leads an engaging way to interact with your brand.

Need some proof that visual content marketing works?

Check out the 85 Content Marketing Statistics to Make You a Marketing Genius.

Now let’s look at some visual content marketing strategies that have been shown to work. 

11. Target’s Pinterest :

Target is a great brand that provides us with an excellent look at how businesses and brands can use sites like Pinterest to stand out.

 They have several boards and use different strategies for each board. Target is a good example of a brand that is “doing it right.”

Pinterest can provide a never-ending supply of inspiration for visual content marketing.

For brands on Pinterest, it can be easy to come off very generic and typical. 

Most brands simply post images of their products, which can work, but that method isn’t always as engaging as a graphic that combines images and text. 

Target’s Party with Pinners board does an especially good job of sharing images that are fresh, fun, and engaging.

12. Rolex

Just because you’re an iconic brand, it doesn’t mean you can’t totally rock content marketing.

Rolex proves this by conveying the quality and timelessness of its brand through excellent photography which radiates quality.

And the fans love it. Rolex has more than 7 million Instagram followers and around 6.6 million followers on Facebook.

Video Content Marketing Examples

An engaging video series is a powerful way to reach a target audience who prefers video content. Remember, not everyone appreciates blogging or wants to download in-depth digital marketing materials, or subscribes to email marketing campaigns.

13. Mayo Clinic

 In an age where misinformation runs rampant, experts must do their best to educate the public.

Mayo Clinic has created a series of YouTube videos with scientific evidence to help combat misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

During a period that has developed in unprecedented ways, Mayo Clinic goes to the experts to educate people. 

They speak about COVID-19’s effects, how to prevent the virus, statistics, its impact, and regular COVID-19 updates.

Backing up your content with valuable resources and comments from the experts can make it solid.  

Moreover, it can make your content reputable and credible.

14. Apple Watch Help Stories

 Apple in their watch help stories emphasizes us  how 7 smartwatch can potentially save lives. 

Over a series of videos, Apple introduces real-life scenarios of people stuck at sea, in a car accident, or in other distress. 

They also demonstrate how the Apple Watch Series 7 got those in danger the emergency help they needed.

Apple plays on customers’ fears, using events which we all never wanted to experience. At the same time, they provide a solution.    

If customers could believe that a small device can get them help when they need it, it puts their minds at ease.

Calming real, normal fears we all face as part of your content marketing strategies makes for a strong campaign.

But, it also brings in that human element by tugging on our heartstrings. 

Evergreen Marketing Examples

Some kinds of content marketing are always evergreen and they truly never go out of style. Evergreen content marketing doesn’t involve a ton of statistics, news stories, holiday shopping guides, or anything else that will expire. Instead, evergreen content includes things like:

  • Best tips 
  • Listicles 
  • Reviews of products and services
  • “How to” blog posts
  • Video guides

Here are few examples of everlasting, compelling content marketing

15. Neutrogena’s Creator Studio

In 2020, Neutrogena (a Johnson & Johnson company) announced that they had created a user-generated video content studio that focuses on skin health. 

Filmmakers can submit content – educational, informative, and focuses on the health and wellness of skin.

This campaign puts the customer in the driver’s seat. 

Although a board of advisors oversees video posting activity, for the most part, this brand awareness strategy is on autopilot. 

This is an excellent piece of beauty content marketing that will live in perpetuity in the studio. 

It’s also a fantastic example of utilizing brand loyalists and creatives to spread your message.

16. Byrdie’s educational content 

Byrdie is a beauty industry publisher that integrates all kinds of great content marketing.

In fact, the brand performs so well in organic search that it edges out major retailers for Google’s market share.

What’s the secret? Long-form evergreen blog content.

Byrdie offers many “Top X” content that drills down to a niche product or particular audience.

These posts don’t have to be updated by an editor because they are designed to be educational and are often brand-agnostic.

It’s an excellent way for customers at the very top of the purchasing funnel to better understand their problem and how to solve it. 

Byrdie wins out in organic search because their content marketing strategy is highly focused and includes a ton of evergreen, educational content.

17. MINDBODY Education Content Hub

Mindbody is a wildly popular SaaS company that provides business management services to brands of every size. 

In addition, they created an educational content hub that is full of helpful webinars, blogs, and events that help businesses achieve their retention and revenue goals.

Content hubs are almost guaranteed to live in perpetuity, and creating one for brand decision-makers is incredibly forward-thinking. It’s also categorized by industry. 

It focuses on B2B or B2C users. 

Brand loyalty is gained by helping customers achieve their own goals.

This is an incredible example of utilizing content marketing to be a real partner to your customer.

18. MOS student finance content hub

One more excellent example of content marketing comes from MOS, the financial technology company for students. 

They created an evergreen content hub to educate students on the topics they care most about. 

For instance, they cover topics like FAFSA, scholarships, work-study programs, and whether student loans can be counted as income.

Ebooks and Resources Examples

Ebooks and resources are a great way to raise awareness of your brand. Here are a couple of examples for this type of content marketing.


Do you know how to use LinkedIn effectively? 

Nobody can guide you more smarter and expert than LinkedIn itself.

 The company has launched its own ebook on its own approach to marketing with LinkedIn being such a winner.

The landing page whets customers’ appetites with a series of tips and stats, and most LinkedIn users will want to opt-in immediately.

LinkedIn has continued to use this strategy by producing more marketing guides, so it’s a sure bet it’s working for them.

Not sure if LinkedIn is for your business?

Check out how (and why) you should create a LinkedIn business page.

20. Anne Hadley On Newsletter:

Can a PDF be a party?

“Everybody Writes,” author Ann Handley says, “YES, IT CAN” in her ebook on How to Newsletter. 

When she started her newsletter, she had only 2,100 subscribers. 

According to the data included in her ebook, 43,000 people are opening emails three years and 100 issues later.

So what led to a sudden 2,000% increase? 

In “How to Newsletter,” ebook Handley shares what worked, what didn’t, how she keeps her subscribers engaged, and the “weird metrics” she chooses to follow.

Handley provides practical advice for writing engaging letters, keeping her love and desire to write at the forefront. 

She touches upon the use of white space, letting the words breathe in her ebook. 

At only 14 pages long, “How to Newsletter” is very digestible and also includes a checklist to help you navigate building your own newsletter.

So the point is,

Take your time, utilize white space, offer practical advice, and don’t overwhelm readers with information when building your thought leadership in the industry.

21. Comic Book School Creator Connections: 

Panel one is an anthology of 16 creator-owned stories collected from talented writers, artists, editors, and comic nerds. 

This ebook was created and published to contain their work and give honor to the talented comic book creators who showed up at Comic Cons but still hadn’t broken into the industry.

The project started before the pandemic. 

Yet, everyone got charged through the challenging times to hone their skills despite it all.

The anthology won the Independent Creator Award for Best Anthology and the Content Marketing Award for Best Use of eBook in Distribution.

22. Content Marketing Institute

TopRank worked with CMI’s event, Content Marketing World to create a clever, eye-catching eBook to help promote the largest content marketing conference in the world. 

The eBook included

  • Tips and tactics from speakers at the event, many of which 

represent the top content marketing experts and companies (aka Content Marketing Secret Agents) on the web. 

  • With 85,000 views, it’s clear that TopRank knocked this one out of the park.
  • Marketing content to industry peers is not an easy task. 
  • TopRank crafted compelling content by leveraging a well-loved “Mission Impossible” theme. 

Who wouldn’t want to identify with Secret Agents?

  • The content was clever without sacrificing its overall message, Gain a competitive advantage when you read these tips.

Displaying a clear call to action in both the opening and the closing slides worked beautifully with nearly 35,000 marketers viewing the eBook from an embedded link.

Other Content Marketing Examples

23. Coca-Cola

Do you want to customize your own bottle?

Yes, you can, but before that let’s dive into coca cola.

Coca cola used personalization techniques to get everybody talking about their brand by attracting people.

They kicked off their share campaign in Australia by putting the most common names on bottles, which led them to encourage people to share a Coke with people with those names.

Campaign went viral, resulting in a huge sale of around 250 millions bottles and cans across the continent /equivalent to just over 10 for every person in Australia in summer.

Amazingly, the campaign soon rolled out to other locations in different parts of the world. 

That’s the great success marketing strategy of coca cola

24. Grant Thornton

Data analytics, Accounting is another area that could be seen as dry, but when Grant Thornton recognized they’re not in a fun or glamourous industry. 

They knew they were a necessary service. 

Competing with the heavyweights in the financial sector was not easy, so Grant Thornton positioned themselves as an easily accessible advisory firm.

They targeted companies seeking out their own growth opportunities and thereby creating a brand together with a content marketing strategy that offers up advice, assistance, and insights.

The company took people behind the scenes at the Tony Awards, showing exclusive content on YouTube and Twitter by launching an access granted campaign.

Results brought in 3.7 million Twitter impressions, increased Facebook reach, and beat their YouTube goals by 115%.

25. Charmin

This content marketing example from Charmin is perfect for its customers. 

The brand’s always had a sense of humor in its TV ads, and that’s carried through to the Sit or Squat app.

” Please don’t squeeze the Charmin,” slogan  helped propel the Procter & Gamble toilet paper brand to the top of the heap in 1969.

This app aims to help people find clean bathrooms when they need them, so it’s also pretty practical. 

The country song “Don’ Squeeze My Sharmon”, which was a minor hit for Charlie Walker in 1967, was inspired by the ad campaign for Charmin, which people will never forget.

So far, the app’s been downloaded more than 1,00,000 times, and nobody’s going to forget the brand.

26. Burberry

Burberry is one of the most iconic brands of all time.

It’s most distinctive and its trademark check pattern makes it instantly recognizable. 

Burberry’s most outstanding content marketing campaign was Burberry Kisses, blending mobile technology with the human wish to connect with others.

The brand has defined elegance and class for decades, although its history goes back quite a bit further than most people know.

Through the app, users could press their lips to the screen and send a digital kiss to anyone. 

The campaign allowed people to use Google Street View and Google Maps to see the journey those digital kisses took.

27. Buzzstream

BuzzStream is an end-to-end outreach platform that helps you stay organized and grow your link building results, whether you’re a team of one or twenty.

Discovers metrics and contact information for prospects, while helping you build a database of past promoters to get dramatically more links and traffic.

The 9th content campaign was hugely successful, resulting in a record-breaking number of new signups.

28. Lush

Lush uses a range of content marketing techniques to reach its audience that is why it is hard to categorize it under a single type of content marketing.

From its peculiar product names to its well-known ethical values, the brand already resonates with its core audience.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

Its videos go behind the scenes of the making of its products, while on social media, Lush encourages users to share and hashtag photos of its products in use. 

Instagram is one of its key platforms, with the main Lush account attracting 4 million followers.

29. The Joe Rogan Experience 

Have you listened to one of the widely used podcasts in the world with over 8 million subscribers!?

Yeah, what you thought is right, I’m talking about Joe Rogan!

And whether you like him/not, you have to know that he has an amazing team of content marketing geniuses.

That’s because Joe Rogan doesn’t just do an audible version of the podcast, he streams each recording, too.

Which means, he can promote 2 pieces of content with a single shot.

For every podcast he produces, he also has a video to share on YouTube.

And his channel has MORE subscribers than his podcast, with 10+ million subscribers. 

With a growing audience everyday, he’s able to promote upcoming comedy shows, new guests, affiliate products, and more.

Interactive Content Marketing Examples

 30. Copyhackers

Joanna Weibe, founder of Copyhackers is a person who could completely tell us in and out about content marketing.

And while she provides us with TONS of content marketing examples, there’s another aspect to the website that’s really cool to note.

What is that?

Joanna made a video slide which guides her users to the right section of the website depending on whether they’re new or returning visitors.

Also by personalizing the user experience (UX), Copyhackers are getting the right content by getting into the right hands.

As a result, they can get higher conversions and drive more sales from their website.

31. Canva’s Design Challenge Campaign

Canvas well-known graphic design platform makes content creation easier for businesses, influencers, and content creators everywhere.

In 2022, it had launched an ongoing weekly contest for users in turn for some sweet prizes, like a paid annual membership to Canva.

The Canva Design Challenge calls for unique, original, and sometimes “out there” images, which are then placed before a group of Canva staff. 

At the end of the week, they choose the top five.

This is a perfect example of cultivating user-generated content (UGC).

Since launching, Canva has created 36,000 posts under the hashtag Canva Design Challenge. 

Now, it’s team can choose which content to share on Instagram by barely lifting a finger. 

Moreover, Canva —a leader in creativity —gives its users a chance to be the experts.

Canva challenges content creators to think outside the box and craft something new. 

It’s also building a community of creators excited to use the tool and show off their skills.

To know more about Canva, Check out past weekly winners on Canva’s Instagram page/ view one of their weekly challenges.

32. MailChimp’s All in a Day’s Work Series

MailChimp is a popular, easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for small and medium-sized businesses.

It excels at helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build subscriber lists and nurture new leads. 

MailChimp is known for creating its own interesting and relevant contents, always. 

In January 2021, it launched a mini-series called All in a Day’s Work, which speaks about the triumphs and challenges of smaller businesses.

The appealing stop-motion videos show that MailChimp understands the struggles and triumphs that small businesses and entrepreneurs undergo.

So what did you get from this?

Take the opportunity to show that you understand your audience in ways others might not, like Mail chimp.

This can help the customer feel closer to you and your brand. 

33. Burger King’s VMA Immersive Sweepstakes

At the end of 2020, Burger King’s mascot teamed up with rapper Lil Yachty to create videos that introduced sweepstakes for a 2021 VMA awards immersive experience.

 In a series of commercials, Lil Yachty and The King prepare for the performance of Lil Yachty’s “Top Down,” while also encouraging viewers to download their app.

The app provides a unique VMA Augmented Reality (AR) experience for loyal Burger King customers while offering them a slew of prizes and discounts if they interact with the app.

Perhaps, two of their biggest incentives were winning a year’s worth of Whoppers or tickets to the 2021 VMA Awards.

Lil Yachty and The King’s bond was relatable to people during the pandemic. 

At the same time, they subtly mention their product—a QR code to download the Burger King App—by disguising it as artwork on the wall or designs on the back of a jacket.

Viewers could also immerse themselves in the VMAs by scanning the QR code. From there, they could take a front seat, AR experience style, to watch the VMAs.

The immersive experience allowed viewers to escape pandemic isolation, even if it’s for a moment. 

Burger King took advantage of the reliance on food delivery and ordering apps to help boost download rates without forcing the ads in the customer’s face. 

To know more, read about the Burger King Immersive Sweepstakes and its launch in their official page.

34. Virtual Craft Beer Tasting by Ballast Point Brewing Company

Lovers of craft beer festivals who couldn’t attend one during the pandemic, need not worry. 

This is for you, just you !

Their ongoing virtual craft beer tastings helped the craft beer community come together with hearty laughter and drink.

Even with beer festivals operating again, Ballast Point Brewing Company continues to host virtual craft beer tastings for enthusiasts across the United States.

Guests experienced a virtual tasting and brewery tour, then played trivia—all without leaving their couch. 

Attendees also had the luxury of ordering items they would typically find at beer fests shipped right to their door.

For breweries that thrive on human interaction and events to promote their product, the pandemic took away a crucial part of their marketing strategy and revenue. 

However, Ballast Point kept the craft beer community together by creating a virtual tasting, and consumers felt like they weren’t missing out on their favorite beer fest.

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses had to adapt digitally to stay afloat. 

And while shifting from brick and mortar to full-on digital was a challenge to all of us, businesses should try something new and find creative ways to reach people.


So, we’ve seen the types of content marketing available to brands are virtually limitless. 

  • The real challenge is picking the right kind of content marketing that will align with your customers’ needs and concerns.

Among all the great content marketing examples we explored, there was a wide variety of themes, brands, and formats. 

  • Yet, there was one common thread that made them all noteworthy. Namely, they are all connected with an end-user at their level and addressed their needs.
  • In other words, if you want your content to be successful,you must know your customers better than they know themselves.

Amplify your content marketing

       Let’s assume that you take inspiration from the brilliant content marketing strategy examples above and develop your own content. You get the budget and create your landing pages. 

Then, you develop multiple targeted pieces of content, including podcasts, infographics, templates, case studies, or white papers. You even brainstormed creative hashtags.

But, how will you promote all this high-quality content you invested in?

  • Many of the online content marketing examples above were successful because they were backed by a  powerful SEO strategy in addition to paid advertising. 
  • Organic search also allows brands to measure campaign success in terms of actions rather than fuzzy metrics such as impressions.
  • The more consumers embrace digital experiences, the more they turn to the Google search bar for answers. So, it’s vital to leverage SEO to amplify your content marketing efforts.

As a result, you’ll improve qualified traffic, boost conversions, and increase marketing ROI (Return on investment)

That’s it for the day, hope you’ll find this article great to use in your corresponding content marketing.

Grow your ideas by making this blog workable to you.

Let us know in the comments, which suits you and what is your favourite content marketing strategy ?! 

Author Bio
S Sarath 
S Sarath
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