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Top 20 B2B Affiliate Programs to Earn High Commissions

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  November 13, 2020  in Marketing

Affiliate program – An evergreen gold mine for many B2B and B2C marketers.

When it comes to B2B marketing, every product and service reaches the hungry audience through different means. Many lucrative affiliate drip campaign marketers have been taking advantage of the marketing world and are turning the strategy into a successful one. Unbelievably, many bucks are involved in the B2B affiliate programs.

When you come across an affiliate marketer for B2B, it is more likely that they would encourage the businesses to work through the affiliate program. It creates a constant cycle for your business and so are the affiliates for your business. When an affiliate benefits you, show your gratitude towards them with money. Believe me, affiliate marketing for beginners truly works in many phases!!

Affiliate marketing for beginners allows you to work together with multiple affiliate programs which in turn benefits more audiences. As things become easier now, the affiliate marketing crowd has been expanding a lot.

To tackle and join an amazing affiliate program that benefits your business, continue reading the article.

Effective tips for B2B affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing of late has bought an impactful means of lead generation within the B2B domain. Now, the affiliates have been getting paid once their referred customer reaches the destination or the desired action that leads to the conversion of the website.

The market today has been stuffed with multiple B2B affiliate programs. The marketers have to pick up the right affiliate program and employ the best to synchronize it with the marketing strategy.

So, without beating around the bush, let us peep into the effective tips that help several affiliate marketing beginners to choose the best affiliate program.

Choose the right affiliate programs

As discussed early, affiliate marketing has become a famous way to pay for leads and get more excess revenue than expected. Choosing the right affiliate program needs serious research. Once you end up with a good prospective affiliate program, undoubtedly, you will find yourselves in all sorts of hypes and so do not be afraid to be pushy at any means.

Be Transparent about Affiliate Relationships

In order to achieve success in affiliate marketing, it is necessary to know your audience. You can join any top B2B affiliate program. But, know about what your audience needs and their expectations from your blog/website.

Remember, you will only get paid when your audience decides to go a mile extra after your post or through your link.

For instance, if your audience is more interested in knowing technological updates and if some of them are business owners, you have to join the apt affiliate program. It helps you to promote it on your platform which attracts your audience too.

Choosing the right name for your business is crucial in this step, as it significantly impacts how your audience perceives and remembers your brand. Every affiliate marketing campaign requires a good deal of time and effort.

Every affiliate marketing campaign requires a good deal of time and effort.

Try Different Programs

As there are multiple affiliate programs available online, you can try multiple affiliate programs at the same time. Take the effective tips into consideration and try to sign up for several programs that add value to your passive income.

Though the tips sound great, it is important to keep your post understandable to your audience. It seems far better than getting stuck in the middle. It helps in providing great guidance to your audience.

Let us move in search of further information about B2B Affiliate marketing with real-time examples.

Top 20 B2B Affiliate program to earn high commissions

Every affiliate marketing differs in its own way. No matter how old your company is! When you pick up the right affiliate program, there are high chances of getting noticeable to your target audience. This is what most affiliate marketing companies earn out of the B2B Affiliate program which helps them to earn high commissions too.

When you indulge in searching for the best B2B affiliate program, you would get a heap full of companies with the best B2B affiliate programs. But, we have meticulously involved in the search and mouse-picked the below examples. Our pick will help you notice the difference and motivate you to pick a successful affiliate program for your passive earning.

Cut off your wait!! Let us dive into the examples now.

Best Affiliate Program – Expert’s Pick

Every business has its own uniqueness and visibility. The business reaches heights when the uniqueness has been correctly grabbed by its target audience. Our experts have hand-selected those affiliate program examples and have been enlisted here.


Half of the businesses have been making their passive income through their right affiliate program choice. Optinly’s Affiliate program is a pure jaw-dropping affiliate program for many affiliate marketers and other businesses.

Optinly Recursive Commission Payout Program

What’s unique in it?

  • Earn a 30% Recurring commission for every sale you make in one year
  • Comparatively high commissions (Just imagine, the minimum you earn is $50)
  • Exclusive Marketing Tool kit
  • Timely Payouts every month via PayPal
  • Cookie Period: 45 days

About Optinly

Optinly, the first goal-oriented popup plugin, has been backed up with several custom popup and gamification templates. Spicing up, Optinly’s Black Friday deals are premiering on the site. Don’t miss it!!
Other than the free version, the affiliates will start earning their commissions when their referrals purchased any of our product versions including,

  • Growth Plan (Monthly) – $25/month
  • Growth Plan (Annually) – $20/month

How to join Optinly’s Affiliate Program?

When you are aiming to start your affiliate program by partnering with a high commissioned program, Optinly’s Affiliate Program seems to be a better choice.

GoZen Growth

GoZen Growth is an outcome-based email marketing tool providing a complete solution for email marketers both old and new. GoZen Growth has over 700 industry-specific email templates, reducing the learning curve for email marketing and simplifying the whole process. The templates offer complete customization a comprehensive campaign dashboard also provides all the campaign metrics in one place.

What’s unique in it?

  • 30% Recurring commission for life as long as the user remains a subscriber.
  • $1 for every new lead created and $0.01 for every new sign-up.
  • $500 bonus for top-performing affiliates every month.


Hubspot has been helping millions of organizations to grow better through its award-winning growth platform. The tools help the businesses to manage the customer experience in all ways including the awareness phase to the advocacy phase.

Hubspot Affiliate Program

What’s unique in it?

Hubspot’s affiliate program has been detailed below.

  • The commission comes up with a flat rate up to $1000 /product purchase
  • The commission varies upon the product tire over the product purchase
  • Hubspot’s affiliate program allows you to enter into the large creative inventory
  • The cookie life is about 90 days

How to join Hubspot’s Affiliate program?

When you join as a Hubspot affiliate, the commission would be based on the product purchase as mentioned before. Additionally, you will get a one-on-one relationship with the Affiliate team of Hubspot.


SemRush’s affiliate program, (BeRush), specializes in SEO and competitive analysis tools for digital marketers. BeRush functions under the first cookie attribution model. The first cookie attribution model is nothing but when a referral wishes to cancel their subscription and sign up again in the future, you will get a commission for their sign up too.

SEMRush Affiliate Program

What’s unique in it?

SemRush’s Affiliate program has enlisted features.

  • Earn 40% recurring commission
  • SemRush’s promotional material is available in 5 languages
  • Automatic applicant approval leading to quick sign up
  • The cookie life is up to 10 years

Compared to the other cookie life, the cookie life of Be Rush is quite generous and has high longevity too.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a valuable tool to boost their SERP and drive more leads. Through its link building and easy social media connection, many influencers and bloggers have benefited from Ninja Outreach.

In the Ninja Outreach Affiliate program, you can promote two products namely NinjaOutreach and Ninja Academy. The affiliate program helps in gaining more leads and a passive income for the marketer. Many webmasters, bloggers, Internet marketers, and social media influencers can join NinjaOutreach’s affiliate program.

Ninja Outreach Affiliate Program

What’s unique in it?

Upcoming features will help you know more about NinjaOutreach’s affiliate program.

  • Earn 20% recurring commission
  • Affiliates can run PPC campaign for promotion
  • Sub affiliates commission are available
  • Timely payments

How to join NinjaOutreach Affiliate program?

The affiliates of NinjaOutreach will stick to the site for a longer period. With the four types of subscription plans, the affiliates can promote it and enjoy the recurring affiliate benefits.

eCommerce Affiliate Program

Making your product reach the target audience and generating sales seems a bit easier as the new eCommerce business believes in affiliate marketing.

Almost 81% of brands have been using affiliate marketing programs. Aside from organic eCommerce SEO, many eCommerce store owners have been jumping and promoting their brands through affiliates. Compared to the organic SEO process, store owners can reach their destination (increased sales) easily through affiliate marketing.

Let us have a close look at the examples of eCommerce B2B Affiliate programs.


Shopify, a self-proved market leader, has everything for an eCommerce store to start an online store. It includes website builders, shopping carts, web hosting, and store management tools. If your audience has an interest in the eCommerce field, then help them find more.

When you sign up with the Shopify Affiliate program, you will enjoy several benefits. When a referral signs up for a Shopify plus account, you would be paid with a flat of $2000 bounty payment.

Shopify Affiliate Program

More features of the Shopify affiliate program have been listed down.

  • The commission rate is 200%
  • Shopify’s Cookie life is 30 days
  • You will get free Shopify content to promote to your audience
  • You will also get priority support for your own Shopify store

Joining the Shopify affiliate program is free. What are you waiting for?

eBay Partner Network

eBay is a huge platform with a wide range of product categories. eBay’s affiliate program shares a lot of advantages similar to the top eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Using eBay’s partner network, one can earn up to 50% to 70% depending on the product category.

eBay Partner Affiliate Program

eBay’s affiliate program has several benefits.

  • For each item sold, eBay will cut by charging the seller through an auction rate.
  • Using eBay’s affiliate program, every affiliate would be earning more commission as like the revenue earned by eBay from a particular purchase.
  • The cookie life is 24 hours for items under “buy it now” and other things comes under 10 days


BigCommerce, an online store builder, has the power of thousands of eCommerce stores in all over 150 countries. BigCommerce has been serving multiple industries including fashion, automotive, manufacturing, etc.

BigCommerce eBay Partner Affiliate Program

BigCommerce’s Affiliate Program provides its affiliates with multiple features enlisted below.

  • Earn commission around 200% or $1500/customer
  • Once your affiliate has been approved, you will receive access to support, tracking, and reporting
  • You will have your own unique affiliate link for tracking
  • The cookie life is 90 days

Marketing and Business Affiliate Program

Compared to the other affiliate program, the business and marketing affiliate program brings a huge response from your audience. Here are examples of marketing and business affiliate programs to look at.


Fiver, a freelancer marketplace, has an amazing affiliate program that drives many digital services including Fiverr Pro and Fiverr Learn. You can sign in as a Fiverr affiliate and enjoy the affiliate benefits given by Fiverr.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr affiliate program benefits have been listed below.

  • Commission ranges from $15-50 for Fiverr CPA and $10 CPA +10% RevShare for Fiverr Hybrid. On the other end, the affiliate program also provides 30% of every Fiverr Learn course order
  • A separate affiliate dashboard to manage and monitor campaigns
  • The commission varies depending on the product purchased by the referrals
  • The cookie life is around 30 days


Sendinblue, an all-in-one digital marketing platform, has been helping businesses to connect with their customers. It helps the connection through email marketing, SMS, chat, marketing automation, CRM, etc.

SendInBlue Affiliate Program

Through the user-friendly tool, the user list has been rapidly growing. So is the list of affiliates in the Sendinblue affiliate program.

  • Earn a commission of about 5 Euro when a referral creates a free account
  • The affiliate program has two different streams including agencies and bloggers
  • With the affordable pricing plans, generating revenue through Sendinblue is high
  • The cookie life is 90 days

Even though the payout is in Euro, the affiliate program has been open to multiple countries including the United States.

Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Web hosting is an incredibly lucrative and competitive field. Here, there are numerous top B2B affiliate programs. But, when you indulge in picking up the best, half of the high-paying affiliate programs may have a hole in it. So, here is the list of the best web hosting affiliate programs which seem to be the best among the rest.


BlueHost, a web hosting platform, has been supporting more than 2 million websites. It offers a phenomenal affiliate program in order to monetize the blog or website. There are many of BlueHost’s products and services on your own blog or website.

BlueHost Affiliate Program

Earning in the BlueHost affiliate program is quite easier. You can earn anywhere with BlueHost products. BlueHost affiliate program features have been enlisted here.

  • Commission ranges from $65/scale
  • Reliable tracking to ensure the credits for each lead
  • BlueHost’s affiliate manager helps in providing personalized advice
  • The cookie life is 45 days


GreenGeeks, as the name indicates, an eco-friendly and secured web hosting platform, helps you to earn around $100/sale. They also have a tiered program that helps in bringing generous outputs to the affiliates.

GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

GreenGeeks Affiliate program brings you the benefits listed below.

  • The commission includes $50 for just one sale and $100 for six or more
  • GreenGeeks also promote eco-friendly alternatives to give a “green message” to your visitors
  • The cookie life is 30 days

The company also provides you with a selection of creatives, content, and banners. It also ensures you provide the link or banner to your website or blog.

WP Engine

As per the popular phrase, 30% of them have been built on WordPress. WP Engine provides super-fast web hosting for the WordPress websites around. WP Engine’s affiliate program has been running a ShareASale network.

WP Engine Affiliate Program

When you promote WP Engine plans, here are the benefits an affiliate would get through the WP Engine affiliate program.

  • The commission may start from $200/signup
  • Affiliates will also gain exclusive affiliate discounts
  • When an affiliate promotes StudioPress themes, the affiliate will earn 35% of the sales
  • The cookie life is about 180 days


Wix, the most popular web hosting platform, has an interesting affiliate program that offers a $100 premium referral with no limit on the number of people. If you are interested in unlimited payouts with less effort, then the Wix affiliate program could be your ultimate option.

Wix Affiliate Program

What’s more about Wix?

  • Wix provides links, creatives, and banners in multiple languages
  • You can easily link those to your landing page
  • It is easy to reach $300/month as a commission through the Wix affiliate program
  • It offers $100/premium user irrespective of the plan
  • The cookie period is 30 days for the Wix affiliate program

Your payment will be still in the account until you reach the benchmark. On the contrary, reaching the sales target of the Wix affiliate program is quite easier. If you feel your website or social channel has been visited regularly through prospects, then it would be a good program for you.

Fashion Affiliate Program

Both eCommerce affiliate programs and fashion affiliate programs go hand in hand. As there are a plethora of fashion affiliate programs available, when chosen right, the affiliates will generate income even when they fall asleep.

Let us glance at more Fashion affiliate program examples.


NewChic, the best fashion affiliate program, provides you an opportunity to gain more than 50 commissions of the total sales. It also offers you a free subscription and membership too. During the first month of affiliate marketing with NewChic, an affiliate can earn 18 percent of the sales commission.

NewChic Affiliate Program

Other benefits of the NewChic Affiliate program has enlisted below.

  • The entire affiliate program has been well structured and has the highest rates of commission
  • An easy and flexible affiliate program that is self-explanatory for anyone
  • An affiliate can avail resources and convert them from passive clicks to active sales.
  • Cookie period is 30 days


RewardStyle, the top fashion affiliate program, aims to fulfilling the needs of the finest content curators and influencers prevailing in different niches. If an influencer wishes to hold hands with the RewardStyle affiliate program, there are specific parameters to look ahead. They are as follows.

  • Influencers’ history
  • The brand mission of the influencer
  • Level of the audience and the scale of social media
  • Business goals and ambitions of the influencer
RewardStyle Affiliate Program

Added, there are many advantages to joining the RewardStyle Affiliate program.

  • RewardStyle affiliate program wishes to assist the content creators with well-planned hands
  • Commission ranges from 5 to 15%
  • It aims to increase the level of monetization and establish long-lasting connections
  • It has a distinct community with a widespread range of fashion content
  • Cookie Life is 30 days

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer, the finest quality of clothing, accessories, and fashion fear, has been designed to complement the current and outdoor style. It offers a complete range of clothes that comes under the perfect fit for casual clothing.

Eddie Bauer Affiliate Program

To become a partner for the affiliate program, the user has to go through Eddie Bauer’s affiliate network – Impact Radius. The affiliates can sign up free of cost. Here are the added benefits of the Eddie Bauer affiliate program.

  • The company has exceptional customer care that brings more affiliates to the site
  • The innovative styles and designs attract a broad audience with a lot of traffic
  • Affiliate program helps you to earn commissions on the fixed percentage with the referral codes and links.
  • The commission rate may differ for each product

ShopStyle Collective

Shopstyle Affiliate Program

ShopStyle Collective, an opportunity to grow the brand, helps in getting better reach with increased social media engagement. ShopStyle Collective’s affiliate program will help the individuals to earn a large percentage of the sales.

The organization has been providing the user with better analytics to help the user in every possible way. The profitable fashion affiliate program has been coming up with good payout programs. ShopStyle affiliate network’s benefits have been listed below.

  • The comprehensive ShopStyle affiliate network has been discarding all the questions with affiliated earnings.
  • The complete transparency with the affiliated earnings gives complete insight to create shoppable content
  • Through trustworthy monetization tools, the organization offers more opportunities
  • After signup, you can enhance the commission rates and cookie duration

Recurring Affiliate Program

Not all B2B affiliate programs have been created equal. Some are great and some are more than that!! In that case, a recurring affiliate program is pure bliss to the affiliate marketer. Recurring affiliate programs are nothing but the simple mechanism behind the referral’s purchase.

Let me take an example. If you join a product’s affiliate program through my link, then I will get a 5% commission from all your affiliates. Say, if your referral purchases the same product through your referral link, you will get 50% and I will get 5%. This is a clear difference and a good deal too!

The examples of recurring affiliate programs have been enlisted.


Stencil, an image creation tool, has been greatly used by social media marketers, influencers, and other brands. It has indulged in creating high-converting images for social media. Users can make use of the images from scratch to increase engagement.

Stencil Affiliate Program

Stencil’s affiliate program seems easy to navigate option the affiliate marketers. Let us dig deeper.

  • Stencil’s affiliate program provides a lifetime recurring commission of around 30%
  • A completely featured dashboard for tracking commissions
  • Monthly payouts
  • The cookie life is 60 days


ConvertKit, a growing email marketing platform, helps greatly in the growth of the customers through landing pages, forms, and email drip campaigns. ConvertKit’s affiliate program addresses the existing ConvertKit users to get benefits out of the email marketing products.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit Affiliate Program is one of the easiest recurring affiliate programs. However, the program does not offer any discounts or offers on its products. Instead, something is interesting. Go down to know it.

  • ConvertKit’s Affiliate Program offers a lifelong recurring commission of around 30% for every paying customer
  • Irrespective of the plans, the affiliate can earn around $29/month that is quite attractive
  • ConvertKit also provides banners and creative images to the affiliate marketers for promotion
  • Cookie period is 60 days


Cloudways, a popular web hosting platform, has become the need of the hour for many businesses. Everyone wants a high website loading speed. Cloudways provides average joe access to superfast web hosting for greater prices.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways Affiliate Program is highly a lucrative option to move upon. Here are the features.

  • Cloudways affiliate program comes up with a two-factor authentication
  • Cloudways Products start at $10 that makes it super easy to sell
  • Recurring Commission starts from $30/sale


Pixpa is an all-in-one website builder platform that simplifies website building for photographers, creators, and business owners. If you are a website owner, blogger or influencer then the Pixpa affiliate program is perfect for you. This affiliate program has one of the highest payouts in the industry and allows you to earn up to $144 per referral!

What’s unique in it?

Pixpa’s affiliate program has the following benefits –

  • 50% share of the first year revenue generated for each referral. Earn up to $144 per referral
  • No limits on the number of referrals or your earnings!
  • Request a payout any time you want through the affiliate control panel.
  • Tracking cookies remain active for 30 days.

How to join Pixpa’s affiliate program?
You can become a Pixpa affiliate by filling up and submitting Pixpa’s affiliate partner application form. Each application is reviewed and approved by the Pixpa team after which partners get access to the affiliate control panel and can start promoting Pixpa and getting payments.

Final Thoughts

Picking up the right B2B Affiliate program becomes a part of your business growth. It has even become an effective strategy for Revenue Marketing. Apart from picking the available one, go for the best that suits your company. You can also narrow down the list based on your convenience and the payment model.

Do not forget to know who your customers are and what their interests are. Consider your niche before entering into the B2B affiliate program. Set back all the essentials and indulge in the finalized affiliate program and earn the benefits.


How can I improve affiliate marketing?

Many strategies take you on the right road in affiliate marketing. You can make use of your CTAs, exit-intent popups, and use discount codes to improve your affiliate marketing.

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

Starting your affiliate marketing needs no money. You can sign up for the free affiliate marketing programs mentioned in the blog and start earning. Just a blog or website is enough to start your affiliate marketing.

How to join the Optinly affiliate program?

Joining the Optinly affiliate program is much easier. Optinly’s affiliate program provides passive income for both the beginner and the experienced affiliate marketers. Here is the form to count you in for Optinly’s affiliate program.

What is a B2B affiliate?

B2B affiliate is nothing but the business that becomes an affiliate for another business. Businesses encouraging other businesses as affiliates is the concept of B2B affiliate marketing.

Can you become a millionaire from affiliate marketing?

Why not? Affiliate marketing turns out to be a golden duck when the individual has persistence and continuing nature. Research more about the particular affiliate program before you sign up. There are people with skyrocketing earnings through affiliate marketing overnight.

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