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What is a Popup? Beginners Guide To Successful Popup Implementation

Posted by Sajitha Banu on  September 23, 2021  in Lead Generation, Popups

Are you a marketer or business owner? Then you surely know the importance of popups in the world of eCommerce. Many online businesses consider it annoying for users and never try this amazing strategy.

However, popups are one of the contentious tools which are great for all types of online businesses. Every WooCommerce or Shopify developer will agree with the benefits and suggest adding PopUps. If you’re not sure about implementing popups into action, read this article till the end.

What is a Popup?

What is a Popup

Popups are powerful displays that can grab the complete attention of your users. These little windows have the ability to block website visitor’s entire screens. The main goal is to get undivided attention and encourage users to take action. Hence, these popups are like a savior in online advertising to promote different offers.

For instance, you can make use of popups to offer free discounts or exclusive coupons. You can also add a popup to retain first-time visitors with newsletter subscriptions. There are many ways to convert your visitors into loyal customers. To achieve this conversion you need to provide beneficial things for users.

Here’s are few of the entertaining incentives you can offer to customers,

informative content
discount code
free shipping
free sample of your product, etc.

Why do most businesses use popups?

First, let’s discuss why few online businesses don’t implement website popups in their marketing. Ecommerce businesses are mostly apprehensive about website popups and fear users will abandon the site.

But there are other brands that use popups as a major marketing tool. Do you know why? Ecommerce experts say that popups are one of the effective ways to boost conversion.

Fortunately, popups are remarkably useful when creating an email list. As you can make a proposal to customers with the latest offerings. You can even get higher leads with help of this strategy.

How to create Popups?

When selecting a popup plugin for your website, you need to look for its effectiveness. If you are able to measure it then your task is not hideous anymore. You can create it using any of the best popup builders for your WordPress website. But it must satisfy all your digital marketing requirements.

Remember, it’s better to add a popup in the initial stages of your website development. By doing this, you can prepare for the best results in the upcoming days.

Optinly is the best popup plugin for any WordPress website. To know more about the step-by-step installation process, refer to this guide here.

How to Create a Popup Using Programming Languages?

First, you might be unsure that creating a popup using a programming language is a downside for you. If you’re not strong in programming languages like CSS, JS, or HTML. Then you might find it a little complex but you can give it a try.

So, let’s move into “How to Create a Popup with CSS and JavaScript”? Here are some of the universal codes that help businesses to create a popup using CSS and JS.

Popup with HTML

How to Create a Popup with HTML? To create a popup with HTML, just have a look at this code.

Different Types of “Good” Popups Beyond Classic

Exit-intent popups are one of the oldest and effective ways to increase sales. But there are many other user-friendly options to consider.

In this section, you will get to know the classic exit-intent popup and other “good” options available. You can implement well-timed popups based on your visitor’s behavior. This will help you to gain user attention instead of annoying them.

Let’s see the top four types of popups in detail here.

  1. Exit-intent

“Exit-intent” follows a behavioral approach, it describes visitor’s actions when they are about to exit your site. For instance, users may move their mouse point towards the exit or close button in their browser.

This kind of behavior tracking is detected as exit-intent and a popup is displayed here. As a result, the user will take up action before he/she leaves your website.

  1. Timed-based

These types of popups are displayed on the basis of the visitor’s average time spent on your site. You can even display based on the time which user is inactive on a particular page.

With these strategies, you can gain the attention of visitors and retain them. This will help businesses to increase the number of loyal customers.

  1. Scroll-based

Another option is scroll-based which calculates how a visitor has scrolled down a webpage. For example, you can display attractive popups at the end of pages.

This will direct users after they have scrolled down to the bottom. As a result, you can attract active visitors without annoying them while browsing or reading blogs.

  1. Onclick-based

You can display a popup on a specific part where a visitor clicks on your website. Most of this kind is a button, box, link, or banner. You can create a call to action that allows users to click into popups.

This type of popup is energy efficient and helps users to get details in a single tap.

The Top Notch Ways to Use Popups

Popups are really helpful to improve your website performance in different ways. However, creating well-timed popups is the most important thing to consider. Now, let’s have a look at a few best ways to use popups to make the most of it.

  1. Drive more sales
Drive more sales

Ecommerce businesses are looking for new opportunities to convert visitors into customers. As the ultimate goal of every website is to increase its revenue. Here comes a well-timed popup to attract visitors and gain your lost sales back.

You can use popups in different ways to increase sales. But the best option is to offer a discount, coupon code, or free shipping for your visitors. If you promote great deals using popups to visitors, they will redirect to a landing page immediately.

  1. Build your email list
Build your email list

Email marketing is still one of the powerful ways to monetize your visitors. It’s subjective that users will not buy a product immediately, and that’s fine. If you’re able to capture many visitors then you can convince them for purchases easily.

Believe it or not, a website popup helps to build a perfect email list by offering incentives like eBooks or discounts. You can capture more subscribers by organizing contests and promoting products to them.

  1. Reduce cart abandonment
Reduce cart abandonment

The average eCommerce cart abandonment rate is around 70% across the globe. In simple words, you can come to the conclusion that 7 out of 10 visitors abandon their cart without buying.

But popups are effective to reduce cart abandonment and convince visitors to purchase. Simple popup notifications with incentives are helpful to complete your sales funnel. You can also create curiosity or urgency with a countdown timer that triggers customers to purchase.

  1. Upsell and cross-sell
Upsell and cross-sell

Are you thinking about how website Popups works with upselling and cross-selling techniques? Yes, popups can increase the average cart value and boost your revenue.

Intelligent product recommendation is an amazing trick that businesses can try out. By doing it, you’re more likely to reach the right customers with the right products.

  1. Improve customer experience
Improve customer experience

Don’t think popups are annoying or spammy, a well-timed popups can do the best work for you. Most businesses use popups to improve their customer experience.

For example, you can ask for customer feedback, this will indulge users to voice out their opinions.

Guide To Gain the Most from Popup Implementation

Now you got some insights on how popups are beneficial for online stores or websites. It’s time to take your strategy into the foremost important step.

Do you know how popups can achieve their purpose without annoying invaluable clients? Well, there are some best practices that work as a game-changer.

Let’s see one by one to garner results quickly.

  1. Don’t Greet your Visitors with a Popup

The pop-ups can be annoying for users when it appears right after their login. This type of popup is something that won’t benefit either the visitor or the business. If you display a popup in the first 10 -15 seconds, the user will not have a chance to discover your brand.

Instead of boosting your engagement strategy, you’re more likely to lose visitors.
Remember, if your popup obstructs the visitor, he/she will abandon your site and never come back.

On the positive side, if you display a popup after user engagement then be ready to receive more leads. Yes, you heard it right, popups can grab the attention of your target audience in a short duration.

  1. Offer Tailor-made Experience

There is no one strategy that fits all your business needs. If you need to obtain better results, try different kinds of strategies. The WooCommerce experts suggest every business offer a tailored experience for users. You can differentiate between prospects and existing customers easily. So, your popup must be different for returning customers and first-time visitors.

You can classify this strategy based on customer’s engagement on your website. And further, provide relevant experience for each customer based on their journey.

According to customer engagement, you can segment and use relevant strategies. Some popular ways to segment your customers and create popups are as follows:

  • Find the location of visitors
  • Look into their engagement level
  • Identify your user’s platform
  • Acknowledge your user names
  • Analyze user’s items in their cart
  1. Stop Demanding too much

Don’t create popups that collect more data from your visitors. Trust that “Less is more” and collect only minimum information from customers. If you ask for less information that is not time-consuming. Then customers will be ready to give the details you ask for without any second thought. Here’s is an example of it:

Stop Demanding too much

You can ask the customer’s name, email id, or phone number to welcome them. Also, understand that a popup with loaded information can make your visitors tired. An ideal popup must be short, attractive, and well-designed to capture more customers.

  1. Match With Your Brand Style

Create popups according to the business concept and theme of your website. Just to grab your customers’ eyes, don’t be incoherent with your popups. Your customers will think of irrelevant popups as an ad campaign of others.

Pro tip: Ensure the design of your popup is bright, bold, and clear. Popups should provide a distinct message without distracting your customers.

Hence the motive of the popup is achieved and customers can keep browsing or purchasing seamlessly.

  1. Let User Say No for an Answer

No matter how attractive you build popups, there are visitors who might find it irrelevant. In such cases, you need to have easy-to-exit popups to help users close it quickly. You need to know that once a visitor exits the popup, he/she won’t be interested to view that again.

Visitors find it annoying when you display pop-ups even after their exit. Make sure not to display a popup once it is closed by a visitor.

Wrapping it up!

Do you know how to create your first popup campaign? You can easily create one and implement popup strategies to see better results. Refer to the blog interlinked for more details.

Now you know how to use popups effectively in your marketing strategies. You can try any of the “good” popups given to increase your conversions and boost user experience.

However, the essential part is to create well-timed popups for businesses. Make sure you’ve created popups with relevant information for the target audience. If you’re missing any of these points then it’s time to make changes.

Keep your business on the right track with best popup practices. All these key points will drive amazing results and take your business to the next level.

Share your experience with us! How are popups useful for your brand? Have you used them before?

Grow your business with Popups, cheers!

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