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9 Creative Ways for Lead Generation Using a WordPress Popup Plugin

Posted by Monisha Thangavel on  July 30, 2020  in Lead Generation

“A pop-up!! Oh, man!! It wastes my users’ time” has now changed into, “A pop-up, yes, it increases my sales. Thank God!!

Will an individual resist to take advantage of pop-ups when it greatly helps in lead generation for their site?

Pop-ups are a touchy subject. When you question about a pop-up to a marketing pro, any webmaster or digital marketers, their ultimate answer will be, “YES, it works!!”

Why sudden hype for pop-ups?

In the digital world, content bombardment is high, which includes ads, multimedia, etc. all day long. So, popup also commands attention amongst the noise.

Pop-ups have snapped us out like a zombie state when you jump from one website to another. Clicking and succumbing to the marketers will be known as “banner blindness.”

If you are not optimising or neglecting your popup, some visitors land on your website, look around, and leave without any prompts for action. It means you have been leaving money on the table. The lead generation website template in WordPress will catch up with the attention of your customers and increase sales to 10x leaving rest unbelievable.

Why are pop-ups necessary for a business?

According to the recent survey by Sumo, it is evident that a common pop-up of around 2 billion has converted from 3.09% to 9.28%.

Though so many people complain WordPress lead generation templates are annoying, their results matter most in the business development!!

Few key reasons have lined up to solve your doubt. Here it is,

  • Pop-ups are visible to everyone. So, the probability of grabbing customers is high
  • Pop-ups deliver a valuable message when the site visitors have already engaged
  • Well used and relevant pop-ups will provide value to the visitors and your customers indeed
  • Luckily, no one can escape from glancing at the pop-up. It covers every visitors of the site

Many WordPress lead generation plugins have been into the marketing realm to boost the number of leads generated for the specified period.

Fascinating ways to use pop-ups to increase your lead count

Grabbing the customer’s attention within seconds is way more attractive than chasing them via email follow-ups. Use free email subscription popup WordPress effectively, which never lets your sales curve down. Focusing on the enlisted pop-up plugins will also help you increase your lead count.

Add fun to their shopping/visit using gamification popups

Since childhood, the grace over the fortune wheel never fades. Marketers have now been implementing the discount wheel pop-ups in the websites too. Availing the wheel popup plugins and rewarding your first-time buyers will put forth a beneficial track.

Gamification Popup Example

Discount pop-up plugins for WordPress are fun opt-in forms that excite the visitors to have a try through their emails. The spin wheel will land on the aimed track that provides either a discount percentage or a witnessed gift. Using the best WordPress mailing list plugin, you can send them invites to participate in your future sales.

Sounds pretty, right?A plethora of gamification or discount wheel popup plugins revolves around the WordPress realm. Here are the examples of some gamification popups.

  • OptiMonster
  • Optinly
  • WP Optin Time
  • Crazy Rocket
  • OptinSpin

Offer a content upgrade or ebook

Content upgrade pop-up plugins add value to the list of plugins triggering your lead generation process. It is a unique sort of WordPress email signup opt-in used prevalently.

Offer Free Books or Content Upgrades

You can add a few content upgrade supplements to your site namely,

  • Ebooks
  • Free spreadsheets
  • Checklists
  • Cheatsheets
  • White papers
  • Reports
  • Infographics

The content upgrade is much simpler!! It expands or supplements the specific information on the website. Supplementary tactics always go well in marketing!! Use content upgrade and WordPress lead generation plugin in your WordPress to provide supplements to your site.

Note: If you’re looking for more plugins/tools to collect leads, you can find them here !

You might have come across many sites offering a free demo popup when you try to exit the page. It purely gives an alternate chance for the customers to try it further. Rushing them with a timed WordPress email sign up or free email subscription pop up for a free demo would leave them in hassle. So, keep an eye on it.

Advertise Free Demo Using Popups

Almost 92% of the visitors do not visit the site to buy. That doesn’t mean they are not interested in purchase.

Still, you can convince them through a free demo pop up that catches the visitor’s eyes once they wish to bounce back. Prompting a chat to discuss the cost/benefits of the software is a great way to handle popups effectively. It hits out of the park in growing up your leads as well. You can also take a look at the list building plugins for WordPress to expand your ideas.

Remind visitors of a limited time offer through the countdown popups

Like scarcity and urgency, limited time offers have proven track recording in converting visitors into customers. Before stepping in the limited time offers, make your customers aware that there is a limited time offer prevailing in your site. It helps in boosting the conversion rate.

You can take a look at WordPress email signup popups to get an idea.

Example for Countdown Timer Popup

To achieve the sales goal, you can start a countdown pop up or a calendar popup to make sure that the deal ends within the specified time. Going alongside with the count down pop-ups, the customers will leave an extra hype on your sales graph.

It improves the effectiveness of the limited-time discounts with the help of the count down popups. And, be sure to highlight the enlisted factors in your pop-up.

  • Benefit of purchasing under the specified time
  • Steps to redeem the code before the offer ends

Combat shopping abandoned cart

Unfortunately, 69.57% of the shopping carts have been abandoned by the customers. Now, it is essential to grab the customers from forgetting their abandoned cart.

Example for Shopping Cart Abandonment Popup

Progressive buyers can bounce back to their cart when we use popups at the right time when they are about to leave the site. Not all the buyers will intentionally leave items in their cart. Stirring their thoughts about the items in their cart will push them to move further.

Adding a prompt popup like free email subscription popup will address the list of complicated checkouts, trusts, total costs, payment info, etc.

Place sales notification pop-ups

Placing the sales notification pop-ups in your site is a great way to convince visitors of your website. Many pretty sobering statistics will leave you confused and urge you to take action against the inactive visitors.

Sales Notification Popup

Recent sales pop-ups use social proof as an aid towards FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). You can change visitors into regular customers to take action on your site. Many eCommerce sites have been using the sales notification popups and thereby increasing their sales to 3x times the existing one.

Capture newsletter subscribers with a value-packed popups

When customised properly, popups will bring you more email newsletters. Subsequently, it gets converted into sales.

Some visitors have no idea how to buy products from the site as of now. Still, they wish to get updates from the website about the current sales, big notifications, etc. While they are in such an idea, bringing promising content popup before their eyes will work.

Popup to Increase Newsletter Subscribers

Cleverly, you will also be on top of their minds whenever they wish to grasp some shopping experience. Marketers have been collecting the emails of their customers and are using popup newsletter plugin WordPress effectively to lift their sales curve.

Increase customers’ first time purchase with an adorable pop-up

You may never get a second chance to improve your first impression. As per the saying, in eCommerce, you will never find a second chance to surprise your customers. The first purchase will leave a promising impression between you and the customers.

Example of a Popup to Increase Customer Cart Value

The good news is that you can increase your attractiveness through spontaneous purchase plans and using other popup plugins. You can increase your likelihood of sales through the first-time purchase pop-up.

Who neglects to get incentives for their first purchase? Grab your customers with an attractive offer they never dreamt off!!

Grab your customers before they leave using exit-intent popups

The harsh reality is that many of your first-time customers will visit, browse, and leave without purchasing. Though it sounds awful, this is the bitter truth faced by a couple of eCommerce sites.

Exit Intent Popup Example

Thankfully, you can create exit-intent popups to convince them even when they are about to leave the site. Using exit-intent popups, many customers may bounce back to their search and complete their purchase successfully.Moreover, exit-intent popups have the potential to reduce the abandonment rate of the carts. You can also capture the visitors’ email id to nurture and make them your regular customers at no time.


Many businesses consider popups as a valuable venue for growth. It is necessary to keep an eye at the stubbornness!!

If your email list management is not working well, why not try A/B testing? Once you confirm with the popup to increase your sales and customer satisfaction simultaneously, try it first before implementing. Armed with the knowledge, tweak the popups necessarily and get the benefits in turn.

So, essential plugin information has settled now!! Now, it is your time to iterate and come up with really-amazing and result-giving lead generation template ideas. Mainly, keep checking the performance of the pop-ups once in a while to get attention when the response downfalls.


What is a lead generation?

Lead Generation compiles the conversion of strangers into customers of their site. Lead generation generally involves the process of showcasing the uniqueness of the product/service and convincing them to buy products on your company page.

How to create lead generation in WordPress?

You can create a lead generation in WordPress in either way using contact forms or popup plugins available. These are the most common ways to generate leads without any hassle.

What are the most common lead generation practices professionals use?

Email is the most prevalent and successive channel that most B2B marketers prefer to. Nurturing and effective conversion is easier with emails. Undoubtedly, many popup plugins focus on collecting customers’ email addresses.

How to optimize your WordPress lead generation website?

Optimizing the site for lead generation is quite simple. Most necessarily, focusing on a clear theme, and installing successful popup plugins. You can also use responsive popups and non-distracting popups that never trouble the visitors.

Can I embed videos to my lead generation forms?

Yes, you can embed any sort of videos to your WordPress lead generation form. It helps you build trust among your audience.

How to troubleshoot a non-working lead generation opt-in in WordPress?

Solving the problem of non-working lead generation opt-in is simple. Keep an eye on the enlisted ones.

  • Ensure you have enabled the opt-in campaign.
  • Ensure you have not created any display rule.
  • Updated Plugins and WordPress latest versions will help you to troubleshoot the issues
  • You can also gain support from the technical support team of the respective product for instant help

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