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5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins You Should Use

Posted by Akshy Anbu on  June 01, 2019  in WordPress

What are WordPress Popup Plugins?

Long story short, WordPress popup plugins are lead capturing tools that are used to display popups on your website. This helps you to build your email list, drive sales/conversions and increase site traffic & engagement.

Before we rush down to the WordPress popup plugins listicle, let’s take a minute and know how WordPress popups can be used on your website (and how you can be benefitted).

Benefits of Using WordPress Popup Plugins and WordPress Popups

  • WordPress popup builders can help increase sales by giving away free promotions.
  • Popup plugins help reduce the bounce rate by making visitors stick on to your website.
  • You get to convert visitors into loyal brand advocates by giving promotional discount offers or a gift with every purchase.
  • Conduct contests and grow your email list using WordPress popups.
  • Increase traffic & engagement to specific pages/blogs using WordPress popup plugins.
  • Use WordPress popups to promote your products by giving free product trials.

Mentioned above are some of the scenarios where you can use popups. Whilst there are many other scenarios, we’ll get to the point for now.

You’re here looking for some of the best WordPress popup plugins. And, it’s nice to know that you are one of the very few people who have understood how inevitable WordPress popup plugins have become for business growth. So, here you go…

5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins

There are a lot of WordPress popup plugins out there. But we had to come up with the best so that your business could benefit maximum. Below mentioned are the 5 best WordPress popup plugins, handpicked

  • OptinMonster
  • Optinly
  • WisePops
  • Bloom
  • Privy

1. OptinMonster – WordPress Popup Builder

OptinMonster WordPress Popup Plugin

OptinMonster has a long history when it comes to WordPress popup plugins. Also, OptinMonster is considered as one of the best WordPress popup plugins to date. Websites that have used OptinMonster claimed to have witnessed improved conversion rates and engagement.

Introduced in the year 2013, OptinMonster has since then come up with a wide range of features to help businesses grow their sales and revenue. Below mentioned are some of the features of OptinMonster.


  • Powerful Exit Intent targeting options to stop visitors from leaving your website.
  • Advanced targeting options like Geolocation targeting, Inactivity sensor and scroll popups.
  • Multiple popup campaign options to choose the one that suits best.
  • Integrated A/B testing so that you can automatically display popups that are performing well.
  • Advanced features like smart tags, list segmentation, lead sharing and more.
  • Drag and drop popup builder to create popups the way you like.
  • Multiple Email service provider integrations like Drip, MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot and more.


OptinMonster does have a lot of features but unfortunately, most of its advanced features are available only in the higher-end version. And this costs businesses a hefty $49 per month! Also, there is no free version to date.


OptinMonster comes with four pricing plans.

  • Basic – $9/month
  • Plus – $19/month
  • Pro – $29/month
  • Growth – $49/month

2. Optinly – WordPress Popup Plugin

Optinly WordPress Popup Plugin

Unlike the normal WordPress Popups Plugins, Optinly is completely a goal oriented popup plugin that makes it stand apart from other WordPress popup plugins. Also, Optinly has with it a dedicated gamification popups section which allows you to engage website visitors and drive even more conversions.

With a plugin that’s easy to install and manage, you’ll get started and be all set to engage website visitors and create WordPress popups in no time.

That’s cool right?

Go on, take a look at a few more features of Optinly listed below for you!


  • 10+ distinct growth goals that have 30+ pre-built popup templates – run campaigns within minutes.
  • Pre-built gamification popup templates like spin the wheel, find the ball and more.
  • A visual drag and drop popup builder that allows you to create WordPress popups on your own.
  • Advanced popup triggering options like exit intent triggers, timed delay triggers and more
  • Shortcodes to address customers by names to enhance the personalization factor.
  • Integrate with multiple Email marketing service providers like MailChimp, Intercom, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor and more.,


Optinly is a WordPress popup plugin that has been launched recently – a popup plugin that primarily focuses on marketing goals, making it easy for businesses. Also, the plugin is clean, easy to use and has some of the most advanced features. Since this is the initial version, one can expect more features to roll out very soon.

Bonus: Optinly is expected to have more gamification popups soon.


  • Free – $0
  • Growth – $25
  • Premium – $25+$25 (One Time Installation & On Boarding Fee)

3. WisePops

WisePops WordPress Popup Plugin

WisePops is one of the most loved WordPress popup plugins out there, all because of its easy to use interface and its compatibility to work on any website. Wisepops WordPress popup plugin allows store owners to grow their email list, boost video views, send coupons & offers, collect feedback and do more.


  • Build 100% customizable popups using drag and drop popup builder.
  • Ready to use popup templates that are mobile responsive.
  • Multiple popup triggering options to display popups to visitors at the right time.
  • Clear insights with a highly sophisticated dashboard.
  • Integrate with multiple Email marketing service providers like Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor etc.,


Although Wisepops is quite good and has all the necessary features, it takes a beat when it comes to the pricing factor. Also considering the fact that Wisepops charges users based on page views, one should think twice before choosing Wisepops.


  • Basic – $41/month
  • Pro – $83/month
  • Expert – $166/month

4. Bloom – Email Optin Plugin for WordPress

Bloom WordPress Popup Plugin

Bloom is a WordPress Popup plugin from Elegant themes known for its powerful dashboard which gives easy access to all your elegant theme accounts, conversion rates, and data in one place. Bloom is not only known for allowing you to create easy opt-in forms but also has more than it meets the eye. Below listed are the features of Bloom email optin plugin.


  • Pre-built responsive popup templates to choose from.
  • Multiple popup types like sidebars, inline popups and more.
  • Basic triggering options like timed delay, inactivity sensor etc,
  • Powerful dashboard that lets you export/import data, add/modify/track accounts and more.
  • Multiple email markering service integrations like Constant Contact, Mail Poet, Infusion Soft, Active Campaign and more.


Though the templates are of high quality and the dashboard is quite powerful, lack of advanced features like exit-intent popups, visual customizer questions the efficient usage of Bloom.

Purchasing an Elegant theme subscription is mandatory if one wants to access Bloom.


You can choose from any two of the available pricing plans.

  • Yearly Access – $89/year (Includes all Elegant Theme plugins)
  • Lifetime Access – $249 – One Time Payment (Includes all Elegant Theme Plugins)

5. Privy

Privy Popup Plugin

Privy is a popup plugin that’s exclusively designed for eCommerce stores. This popup plugin comes with the promise that store owners can grow their email list, capture visitors from abandoning their website and do a lot more. Below mentioned are the few features of the Privy WordPress popup plugin.


  • Enables store owners to grow their email list using sign up displays, cart saver displays, upsell displays and more.
  • Exit Intent popups to save customers from leaving your website.
  • A/B testing feature to see which campaign performs well on your site.
  • Custom On-site timers to drive urgency amidst customers and more
  • Works on platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Weebly and more


Privy is a highly sophisticated popup plugin that is solely built for the purpose of eCommerce stores. But it’s best suited only for small and mid-sized eCommerce stores. Also, since Privy charges users based on page views, businesses should be giving a second thought before they choose to go with Privy WordPress popup plugin.


  • 5000 Page Views/month – $20
  • 500000+ Page Views/month – $500

The Bottomline

A stat or two should be persuasive now!

  • More than 60% of visitors who abandon your website never come back! (And wouldn’t it be nice if you could retain and convert at least half of them)?
  • A number of online stores revealed that they were able to increase their conversion rates when they started using a WordPress popup builder!

On the other hand, you might come across claims & statements that say WordPress popups could be extremely harmful to your business growth.

Maybe, maybe not. But businesses who were able to drive optimistic results were careful enough to plan and display their WordPress popups strategically in a way that visitors would not be annoyed. Instead, love what they are shown!

Decisions were made on what their business exactly needed and how much one could afford?

Questions like “A WordPress popup plugin that could drive conversions and be goal-oriented or a popup that would drill a hole in one’s wallet?” were asked and the best WordPress popup builder was then chosen.

Maybe, you should ask yourself the same question and choose from one of the best WordPress Popup Plugins above.

Now, start displaying WordPress popups to your visitors! Because it’s never too late to start driving conversions!


What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems used by over 60 million websites today. One reason why WordPress is extremely popular is, it’s flexibility and low cost of development. Also, WordPress websites are fully customizable and easy to configure & get started.

What is a WordPress Popup Plugin?

WordPress popup plugins are tools used to display lead capturing forms on your website. With a WordPress popup plugin you can grow your email list, drive conversions & sales, increase engagement on your website and do more. Lately, there are a lot of WordPress popup plugins in the industry. Some of them are OptinMonster, WisePops, Privy, Bloom and more.

What is the best WordPress Popup Builder?

WordPress Popup Builder, in other words, a WordPress Popup Plugin should help you gather leads, build audience, drive conversions and increase engagement on your website with ease. Going a step further, WordPress popup builders that allow you to create your own popup templates are considered best. Also, a WordPress popup builder should be affordable and at the same time have advanced features like exit intent popups, gamification popups and more.

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