5 Best Pop-Up Plugins for WordPress

5 Best Pop-Up Plugins for WordPress

So, you’re here at last!

It’s nice, having to know you are one of the very few who have understood how inevitable pop-ups have become for business growth!

And you’ve started off with the ultimate quest to find out the one best WordPress pop-up plugin for your website! (Don’t you worry! You’ve landed at the right page).

Before we rush down to the listicle you’ve been waiting to look, let’s take a minute to ask why do you need a Pop-up Plugin after all for your website?

Well, there could be two definitive reasons:

  • You have enough traffic already but your conversion rates are not up to the mark. That’s sad! But on the brighter side, you’ve got good traffic! So, just sit back and relax because all you have to do is choose one best WordPress Pop-up Plugin from this blog, implement some of your strategic planning skills and boom, you are all set to witness high conversion rates!

  • (or)

  • You are a newbie to the eCommerce game and you immediately want to roll up your sleeves and get into the playing field. Appreciative and definitely thoughtful!
  • But have you ever given second thoughts about what possibly could this small hyphenated word “Pop-Up” do to your website and business?


    Okay then, below listed are a few must-know uses of Pop-ups for you:

    • Increase sales by giving away free promotions.
    • Convert visitors into loyal brand advocates by offering a gift with every purchase.
    • Reduce bounce rate by making visitors stick on to your website.
    • Conduct contests to grow your email list.
    • Increase site engagement by redirecting traffic.
    • Promote products by giving free product trials.
    • Welcome visitors and give them a reason to stay and more.,

    As the words “and more.,” says, there’s still a lot one could do and accomplish by using Pop-ups but let’s get down to the part where you actually get what you’ve come looking for!

    Top 5 Pop-Up Plugins for WordPress

    Let’s not beat around the bush and get down to the point directly. Shall we?

    So, here’s the first WordPress Pop-Up Plugin!

    1. OptinMonster

    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Sure it does! OptinMonster has a long history in the industry and is often quoted and considered as one of the best WordPress Pop-up Plugins. Websites that have used OptinMonster claimed to have improved conversion rates, all thanks to its power packed features (listed below for you).


    • Geolocation Targeting
    • Powerful Exit Intent Popups
    • Behavior Automation
    • Countdown Timers
    • Integrated A/B Testing
    • Drag and Drop Builder


  • OptinMonster sure does have a lot of features but unfortunately, most of its advanced features are available only in the higher end version. This costs a hefty USD 99 per month which makes people think! And, there is no free version to date.
  • 2. Optinly

    Optinly is the first of its kind. Unlike the normal WordPress Pop-ups Plugins, Optinly has with it one out of the box feature that makes it stand apart from its rivalries.

    You get to create funsational meme popups that allow you to rule out the constantly feared annoyance factor and induce more engagement with visitors.

    With Optinly, you get to create unlimited popups that are fun, engaging and versatile. With a plugin that’s easy to install and manage, you’ll get started and be all set to create popups in a couple of minutes.

    Now, that’s cool isn’t it?

    Go on, take a look at few more features of Uber Pop-ups listed below for you!


    • 100+ Pre-Designed Meme and Normal Templates
    • Visual Pop-Up Editor
    • Popular Email Platform Integrations
    • Mobile Responsive Popups
    • Segment and Target Audience
    • Pop-up Display Frequency
    • Excellent Compatibility
    • Control Pop-Up Display (Where & When - Timed Delay)
    • Live Preview Feature & more.,

    The best part is yet to come.

    “As of now, Uber Pop-ups is free and you don’t need to shell out even a single penny!”


  • Despite being innovative and convincing, Uber Pop-ups does not have Exit Intent Pop-Ups. Sources say that Uber Pop-ups might roll out this particular feature sooner or later. With or without Exit Intent Pop-ups, this free WordPress Pop-up Plugin has what it takes to be one of the best Popup makers in the industry.
  • 3. Popup Maker

    Popup Maker without a doubt will ring bells in the minds of obsessed WordPress techies. The WordPress Pop-Up Plugin helps online stores and businesses create some nice popups and grab attention with its easy popup creator. Popup Maker has with it the numbers (a huge loyal audience base) and the features to constantly thrive in the market.


    • Impressive Support Forum
    • Visual Theme Builder
    • Mobile Responsive Popups
    • Exit Intent Popups
    • Scroll Trigger
    • User Targeting & more.,


  • For a plugin that’s free, Popup Maker has good features but again, advanced features like user targeting, exit-intent popups, and other features come only at a paid price - USD 192 (inclusive of all extensions).
  • 4. Bloom

    Bloom, a WordPress Popup plugin from Elegant themes is in particular known for its powerful dashboard which gives instant and easy access to all your Bloom accounts, conversion rates, and data all in one place. Speak of the devil, features of Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin has been listed out for you!


    • 100+ Templates to Choose From
    • Easy Popup Customization Options
    • Timed Delay Popups
    • Basic Page Targeting
    • Unique Triggering Options etc.,


  • Though the templates are of high quality and the dashboard is quite powerful, lack of advanced features like exit-intent popups, visual customizer questions the efficient usage of Bloom.
  • Purchasing an Elegant Theme Subscription is mandatory if one wants to access Bloom. Subscription costs USD 89 per year. Lifetime support and updates come at USD 249 per year.
  • 5. Popups

    Popups is another WordPress Popup Plugin that won’t fail you. And has some serious features that one cannot leave unnoticed. Show popups on specific pages or posts, filter users based on set criteria, display multiple popups and do more!


    • Fully Customizable Optin Forms
    • Background Opacity Customization
    • Advanced Filters
    • A/B Popup Testing
    • Pop-up Animations


    While Popups allows you to do some effective conversion, most of its premium features are available only in the paid version (USD 39 for a single site).

    The Bottomline

    A stat or two should be more persuasive at this moment!

  • More than 60% of visitors who abandon your website never come back! Shocking but true! (Wouldn’t it be nice if you could retain and convert at least half of them)?
  • A number of online stores revealed that they were able to increase their conversion rates when they started using popups!
  • On the other side (embrace yourself), you might come across stats that hound you saying pop-ups could be extremely harmful to your business growth.

    Again, It’s true (Relax! Read what’s next).

    Businesses who were able to drive optimistic results were careful enough to plan their popups strategically in a way that visitors would not be annoyed, instead, love what they are being shown!

    Decisions were made on what their business exactly needed and what one could afford?

    Questions like “A popup that could drive conversions, be more fun and engaging to visitors or a popup that would drill a hole in one’s wallet?” were asked repeatedly and the best WordPress popup plugin was chosen then.

    Maybe, you should be doing the same too! Ask yourself and choose the best WordPress Popup Plugin.

    Finally, it’s not about …. That’s enough! This should end!

    So, again, what were we talking about?

    Yes, The 5 Best Pop-up Plugins for WordPress! (has been mentioned above).

    Start Popping Your Visitors Peeps! It’s never too late to start converting!