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Posted by Akshy Anbu on 25 May, 2019 in wordpress

Honestly, I did want to explain only about Optinly, a goal-based WordPress popup plugin. But then, during the research, I came across a whole lot of WordPress popups related questions. And thought why not brush up the basics a bit. So, here you go

What are WordPress Popup Plugins?

WordPress Popup Plugins are lead capturing tools used on websites to build an email list. Lately, there are a lot of WordPress popup plugins in the market helping store owners to achieve their business goals. And a lot of new promising WordPress popup plugins come like the one we’ve got here - Optinly.

Why Should You Use WordPress Popup Plugins?

WordPress popup plugins help store owners/websites to create engagement, capture leads, drive conversions and grow loyal audience on their website. Also, WordPress popup plugins can help reduce the bounce rate on a website provided the WordPress popup is optimized and responsive.

So, that’s pretty much it - the most searched WordPress popup related questions. Now since you’ve got a basic idea of what a WordPress popup plugin can do, we’ll head to the most important part of this read.

The Reason Behind Optinly

A recent study showed that 84 out of 100 websites fail to make revenue/capture leads when potential visitors visit their website. Though 65% of these websites have a WordPress popup plugin installed, they find it difficult to achieve business goals it’s because either their popup maker is difficult to use or it isn’t that effective. And the remaining 35% of websites could not afford to buy a WordPress popup builder or the pricing doesn’t match with the features.

Taking into consideration all existing hardships website owners and eCommerce stores are facing, we thought why not come up with a WordPress popup maker that’s really cool and what one would exactly look for (we’ve got a few surprises under the sleeve).

What Makes Optinly Unique & Different from Other WordPress Popup Plugins?

World’s First Goal-Based WordPress Popup Plugin

Yes, you read that right. Optinly is the world’s first goal-based WordPress popup builder with 10+ marketing scenarios. It’s because marketers often find it difficult to create WordPress popups for a particular scenario.


Also, the process takes huge time and effort from their end. Which is why we’ve sorted out all popular marketing scenarios, accompanied with handcrafted WordPress popup templates so that the overall process gets simplified.

The marketer has to choose his/her goal and select the appropriate template, tweak if there’s a need to and run the campaign. Your campaigns are going to be live before you know - cool right?

Free Game Popups to Increase Engagement & Stickiness

It’s true !

Game popups are known to reduce bounce rate on your websites and increase engagement amidst website visitors. But, since most of the game popups are available only in the paid version, eCommerce stores or websites never get the chance to use them on their site. The reason was good enough for us to give game popups to Optinly users on our free version and guess what, they are just loving it.


And here’s the best part - we’ve planned to roll out 10+ different game popup=s to Optinly in our upcoming versions :)

Other Features of Optinly WordPress Popup Plugin

Below mentioned are a few other key features of Optinly you definitely wouldn’t want to miss

  • 50+ handcrafted goal-based ready to use WordPress popup templates.
  • 6 different types of popups to double your conversions and email list
  • Exit Intent popups
  • Floating Sidebars
  • Gamification popups
  • Notification popups
  • Fullscreen Overlay popups
  • Timed delay popups
  • Advanced popup triggering options to show WordPress popups to your visitors at the right time.
  • WordPress Popup templates to increase conversion rates, collect feedbacks, grab visitor’s attention, increase cart value and more.
  • Powerful targeting options to show popups to potential visitors based on their interests and activity.
  • Drag and drop popup builder to create WordPress popups from scratch, the way you like them.
  • Create personalized WordPress popups by using shortcodes. Greet your customers personally and increase repeat sales on your store.
  • Mobile responsive popups that work on all devices - mobiles, desktops and tablets. Also, you can target visitors on specific devices or on all devices.
  • Integrate with multiple email service providers like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign and more.
  • A forever free plan for people to try out and a growth plan for businesses who want to go huge.
Well, we could just jot down more features, but we want you to try it for yourself .

The Bottom Line

It’s pretty sure that if you are reading this, you would by now know what Optinly is all about. And is, even more the reason why should get started right away!

Remember, Optinly isn’t just another WordPress popup plugin out there. It’s one of the best WordPress popup plugins that helps websites and stores step up their game by growing their email list & conversions.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a WordPress popup plugin that’s feature-packed and the one that could drive results, then Optinly is the one for you (and, there’s a forever free plan)!

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